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title: Shopping in Beijing  Herbal Heaven

Shopping in Beijing- Herbal Heaven

Shopping in Beijing-Herbal Heaven offers some great finds in between the Jesus sandals and shoes. This quintessential leather shop stocks everything that could possibly be bound in leather. In recent times, there have been a lot of leather shops mushrooming all over the city, but Herbal Heaven is the granddaddy of them all. This is undoubtedly the ...

title: Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven Park is located in the Chongwen District, Beijing. Originally, this was the place where emperors of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) and Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911) held the Heaven Worship Ceremony. It is China's largest and most representative existing masterpiece among China’s ancient sacrificial buildings. Originally built in 1420, the 18th year of the ...

title: Lama Temple

Lama Temple

It’s a beautiful picture of an entry of Lama Temple and you can also see two women in this picture standing on the entry way of Lama Temple. It is the biggest and best-safeguarded lamasery in Beijing. It was inherent 1694 amid the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) as the living arrangement of the Emperor Yongzheng (the third ruler of the Qing Dynasty) ...

title: Beijing Biliardo entertainment

Beijing Biliardo entertainment

Here in this photo you can see a beautiful and attractive point of view of indoor tennis court in the city of Beijing. There are many Beijing Biliardo entertainment in Beijing. It is one of the best hang out game for adult people. In the beginning of snooker, it was for the most part acknowledged that the session of snooker started in the British Army battalions of India as a blend of the different billiard ...

title: Beijing City

Beijing City

Without a doubt, Beijing is the social focal point of China. Beijing has invested an excess of undertones for society. Beijing is much the same as the thickest reference book, containing the social legacy of 5,000 history of China, retaining the blasting learning of the current society, and foreseeing the ...

title: Trip to Temple of Heaven

Trip to Temple of Heaven

Among various places of attraction in Beijing, the Temple of Heaven is a prime spot that attracts every visitor coming to the city. The Temple of Heaven is an ancient monument that served as a place of worship for Ming and Qing dynasties during their rule. In fact, the Temple of Heaven was used by emperors for organizing the Heaven Worship Ceremony. The ...

title: Tea Tasting centre and store   set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

Tea Tasting centre and store - set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

title: Beijing


Here in this image you can see a superb image of god inside the Younghe Lama Temple of Beijing, where Buddhist pilgrims are worshiping of their god. This is the best temple in the Beijing for Buddhists. Here we can see that how much faith pilgrims have in Lord Buddha. Temple is standing in south direction. The building is exceptionally fantastic and has a special character and its Buddhist statues are valuable. It comprises of a passage and five thousand corridors with ...

title: Shichahai 18

Shichahai 18

Old Shichahai Lake visited by thousands of tourists every year. The above image shows the sight freezing view of the old Shichahai Lake of Beijing. Old Shichahai Lake is the mixture of three Lakes. Basically the word Shichahai means the Ten Temple Lake. Old Shichahai Lake attracts each and every tourist who visit Beijing. Beijing also reside in the ...

title: Beijing


This is the view of a market near to the lama temple in Beijing. In image you can see a lady exploring the Beijing map. Yonghe Lama Temple, in the upper east corner of downtown Beijing, has more than 300 years of rich magnificent and Buddhist history. Many visitors came here to explore the historical site and construction spread around in the city. If you are here in ...

title: Beautiful Chinese Music Stand at WTM London

Beautiful Chinese Music Stand at WTM London

Enjoy the traditional Chinese Music



Beijing jade sculpture can be traced back to the Neolithic Age, and known as one of the "eight great crafts Beijing." There are many types of jade stones, including white jade, jasper, celadon jade, crystal, amethyst quartz, etc. These stones, however, can be a treasure trove of priceless art only after a good design and masterful work. Jade is believed to bring happiness and luck for the people, keeps away evil and good for health. With its qualities of clear jadeite, Hotan ...

title: beautiful metal structure design

beautiful metal structure design

title: Fascinating Chinese paintings

Fascinating Chinese paintings

Chinese painting is one of the oldest forms of art in the world. The fascinating Chinese painting done in the traditional style is called as guóhuà in Chinese. The word guóhuà means ‘native’ painting and this is an ancient art as compared to western style of art, which came into being in the 20th century. The traditional painting is done through the same procedure as calligraphy and it is done with the help of a brush ...

title: Beijing souvenir market 4

Beijing souvenir market 4

Here in this picture you can see a Beijing souvenir market near the Great Wall of China. Markets of Beijing are famous for amazing attractions. The greater part of Beijing's populace lives in rural ranges where open administrations are in relative short supply, city powers said for the current week, underscoring the difficulties city organizers confront in ...

title: Tea Tasting centre and store   set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

Tea Tasting centre and store - set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

In teahouses throughout the province, men, women and children have been gathering over the years, often sitting on bamboo stools or reclining chairs, with small tables scattered about, tea cups and teapots mixed among clutches of locals, visitors and passers-by. Amidst the clatter and the long, slow sipping of tea, people discuss matters pertaining to 'All-Under-Heaven' . Although the Internet has become the virtual space of choice for the movement of idle chatter in ...

title: Beijing


This is one of the characterizing posts at the base of Great Wall of China in Beijing. The street at Matianyu base camp is not all that very much put. The rough territory in this part makes trekking somewhat troublesome yet thrilling. A historical center is situated in the region for visitors to test China stones. It is a social piece of Chinese history to gather ...

title: Beijing


Here in this image you can see the beautiful and attractive display window of the shop in the local market of Beijing. Here you see some antique pieces display in the shop. Beijing is a heaven for shopaholics. There is an extensive mixture of things from somewhere else in China and abroad. Numerous emporiums and assigned traveler malls have outside cash trade counters and acknowledge significant Visas. This city has a lot of nearby items as well. There are eight inimitable nearby ...

title: Beijing City

Beijing City

Some a large portion of a million years prior, Peking man lived in Zhoukoudian, in the southwestern rural areas of Beijing. The atmosphere of that time was hotter and more muggy than it is today. Woodlands and lakes in the range bolstered extensive quantities of living animals. The fossil stays of Peking man, his stone apparatuses and confirmation of utilization of flame, and also later devices of 18,000 years back, bone needles and article of embellishment from the time of Upper Cave Man ...

title: Hutong


This is a tight road called hutong in Chinese. This is a piece of old Beijing where the trees lined avenues highlights tranquil and sylvan environment close to the Confucius and Lama Temple. Each block recounts to its own story and the guests are both voyagers and nearby people. The cool climate is a rest from the modest of ...

title: Lotus Market Beijing

Lotus Market Beijing

This is an amazing image of one of the Food Junction of eminent Lotus Market Beijing. The image shows the crowd of the visitors at the part of the Lotus Market Beijing. Beijing is the political and cultural center of China, and obviously the Chinese cooking styles focus also. Any of the individuals who knew Beijing better would have the inclination that Beijing is really a city of eateries: From modest neighborhood dishes to lavish contemporary cooking, from Beijing supreme food, Sichuan or ...

title: Beijing town       47

Beijing town 47

It’s a picture of traffic in china surrounded by houses. Beijing town, as it creates, is step by step characterized by loads of tall structures, extensive manors and shopping boulevards. The cutting edge Chang'an Avenue, Qianmen person on foot shopping centers and Wangfujing Street present to the world a prosperous and clamoring capital. Be that as it may, none of them ...

title: Shops of Lotus Market

Shops of Lotus Market

This is the image of Shop of Lotus Market taken from center of the market. Above image also shows that the tourists enjoy the beauty of Shops of Lotus Market. Shops of Lotus Market puts some more stars in the beauty of market. Lotus market is full of small shops and restaurants surrounding a beautiful lake. Beijing is the capital city of People's Republic of China. Beijing is also ...

title: Great Wall of China 13

Great Wall of China 13

This is the photo of the foot of the Great Wall of China. In this picture you can see guests appreciate here with their friends and family. And some of them sitting and relaxing around the great wall. This is one of the major and most visited site of the city, visited by countless visitors every year. Trek along the Great Wall, you can visit the Forbidden City in Beijing and the conduit town of Suzhou, and can encounter an ...

title: Beijing


This is the image of Beijing it shows us the dressing sense of Beijing people. In Beijing you find the combination of both the Chinese traditional and Chinese western dress. This is a road scene brimming with individuals in the old parts of Beijing. Beijing is one of the greatest and most developed urban communities in Asia. The advanced way of life of a Beijing is exceptionally occupied and ...

title: China


This is the ticket booking office for the Great Wall of China. Its primary body comprises of dividers, steed tracks, and watch towers. Safe houses on the great wall incorporate posts and goes along the wall. The magnificent development is a magnum work in structural engineering, innovation and arts. The Great Wall was initially inherent the spring and autumn, and Warring States Periods as a protective fortress by the three states: Yan, Zhao and Qin. It experienced consistent augmentations ...

title: Architecture of Lama Temple

Architecture of Lama Temple

Lama temple in northern Beijing is fairly touristy, but it’s the most amazing touristing religious site in the city after the Temple of Heaven and well worth a visit. It has colorful, 17th-century architecture and is an active Tibetan Buddhist center. The architecture of Lama Temple is arranged along a north-south central axis, which has a length of 480m. The whole temple ...

title: China post

China post

This is the image of the beautiful road of the stunning lotus market of the Beijing city of china. The image also shows the local cars of the Beijing city and also a truck of famous china post. China post is the nation’s postal service. The owner of China post is the State Post Bureau of the People's Republic of China. China post is located at the heart state of Beijing, ...

title: Beijing


This is an image of a shop selling bags and other Chinese stuff are additionally accessible here. This is a part of the Beijing road which somewhat clear and simple to meander. Do purchase a bit of memorabilia and different things from these shops of Beijing. Expanded introduction to outside business sectors and the appearance of industrialization significantly influenced the standardizing division of work in ...

title: Dongsi Station 1

Dongsi Station 1

This is the image of a young people standing at the Beijing Dongsi station. The Beijing Dongsi station is looking amazing. It is one of the largest metro station in the city of Beijing. The city of Beijing is the center point of astonishing landmark, normal magnificence and structural manufacturing. The city of Beijing is one of the development ...

title: Beijing town       42

Beijing town 42

It's a photo of a shop in china. Urban Beijing town is prevailed by significant three fundamental sorts of building structural planning. Most importantly is the customary building design of magnificent Beijing town. This sort of structural planning can be best exemplified by trademarks of Beijing, for example, the Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Lama Temple and any Siheyuan and hutongs in Beijing. The Forbidden City ...

title: China


These are pavement shops close to the base of the Great Wall of China. Moves of silk fabrics, publications, toys, veils and numerous more are in plain view. Several visitors visit The Great Wall consistently. Do convey a bit of China with you through these gifts. As per an old Chinese legend, the Silkworm Goddess appeared to the Yellow Emperor, the fanciful precursor of the Chinese individuals, after he vanquished his foe Chi You. She gave him silk filaments spun from her own particular ...

title: Tea Tasting centre and store   set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

Tea Tasting centre and store - set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

title: friendly Chinese girls posing for a photo souvenir

friendly Chinese girls posing for a photo souvenir

Beijing, the heart of China, is always the archetypal choice of travelers and the friendly Chinese girls posing for a photo souvenir who are willing to know a time-honored and developed city of China.As the capital city of the Five Dynasties of China, Beijing has a history of over thousands of years. It was known as a metropolis with developed businesses and a prosperous economy since ancient times. Many skillful craftsmen settled the ...

title: Beijing


She is a youthful visitor in Guozijan. This is a well-known road in old Beijing prompting verifiable landmarks. Vacationers visit Lama Temple of Tibetan Buddhism and Temple of Confucius. There are numerous guests to this spot who are youthful Chinese keen on their old past. Guozijian Street is a standout amongst the most well-known Hutongs in Beijing and is a critical recorded site. Guozijian Street is in the city's Dongcheng District, the second biggest region in the ...

title: Tea Tasting centre and store   set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

Tea Tasting centre and store - set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

title: Beijing People  guitar artist   one man show singing in a pub

Beijing People, guitar artist - one man show singing in a pub

title: Souvenir market of Beijing 4

Souvenir market of Beijing 4

This is a beautiful view of souvenir market of Beijing, China. Here in this image you can see some beautiful Chinese wall painting placed on the store for sale. All the wall painting you may see in the above image is related to the Chinese art and culture. This is an image of Beijing market in china. This picture of Beijing market predict the ...

title: Royal Phoenix Hotel   cigar lounge   Beijing   you can enjoy a drink or a dinner and smoke a cigar

Royal Phoenix Hotel - cigar lounge - Beijing - you can enjoy a drink or a dinner and smoke a cigar

title: Bars and clubs in Beijing

Bars and clubs in Beijing

Beijing offers wide opportunity for enjoying great nightlife with an array of popular bars and clubs in the city. Sanlitun is the most popular district for night lovers, where people can indulge in boozing and drinking in the bars and clubs in Beijing till the wee hours in the morning. The Sanlitun district has a famous ‘Bar Street, which is commonly ...

title: area around Lama Temple

area around Lama Temple

This is the beautiful architectural style of the Orient. The temples in China follow these sloping frilly roofs. The elaborate and intricate carving is beautiful. This is the roof of the Confucian Temple in Beijing. It is located in the quaint and sylvan surroundings in the older part of Beijing. Both the Confucian Temple and Lama Temple of the Tibetan Buddhist follow this architectural style.

title: Lotus commercial market

Lotus commercial market

The picture demonstrates the astounding Side perspective of the Lotus Market arranged at Beijing, China. Voyagers Enjoys the colossal night perspective of Lotus commercial market. The picture of the Side perspective of the Lotus Market is taken from the Bridge over the Shichahai Lake. The Lotus business sector is encompassed by the delightful Shichahai Lake. Lotus commercial ...

title: Beijing souvenir market 5

Beijing souvenir market 5

Here in this photo you can see a Beijing souvenir market close to the Great Wall of China. Markets of Beijing are celebrated for stunning attractions. Most of Beijing's people lives in rustic extents where open organizations are in relative short supply, city forces said for the present week, underscoring the challenges city coordinators defy in regulating movement streams into the Chinese capital. More than an ...

title: Beijing People   kiosk before arriving to the great wall

Beijing People - kiosk before arriving to the great wall

title: Beijing City 6

Beijing City 6

This is a perfect photo of a sign driving gathering of a surely understood restaurant in the Beijing city. With approximately 55,000 eateries spreading over the city, Beijing's feasting scene is humming, exciting and overwhelming. On the off chance that you grow up with the cliché picture of Chinese sustenance in the West the genuine Chinese foods in the Chinese capital will come as bit of a stun, in a ...

title: China


This is a photo of the famous Great Wall of China. This is the most identifiable landmark of China. Interestingly it is the main landmark to be seen from the space as well. The divider is a progression of strongholds made of stone, block, altered earth, wood and other materials. The Great Wall of China is a progression of fortresses made of stone, block, packed earth, wood, and different materials, by and large assembled along an east-to-west line over the verifiable northern fringes of ...

title: Beijing City

Beijing City

In spite of the fact that Chinese arrangements for war quickened, Mao declined to give the green light, maybe kept down by the reservations communicated by a portion of alternate individuals from the Politburo. As Mao contemplated his choices, in any case, he closed the explanations behind entering the war exceeded the purposes behind entering the war exceeded the explanations behind staying unbiased. Significantly wary of the United States, Mao accepted ...

title: Beijing City

Beijing City

Head Gaodi (247-195BC) The author of the Han tradition is mainstream among Chinese for having brought a gentler manifestation of government than his Qin forerunners. He had an extremely extraordinary affection for liquor and kept four courtesans. Sovereign Wu (625-706) Wu turned into a lesser courtesan at twelve years old. When her Emperor passed on, she turned into the mistress of his successor, and ...