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title: Shichahai


Are you planning your exotic trip of the East. In Beijing, there still exist some places where you can see the old streets, typical Northern Chinese buildings and authentic Beijing folk culture despite of the fast pace of life, urbanization and modernisation. Shichahai is a place where modernity meets tradition – historical ...

title: Tea Tasting centre and store   set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

Tea Tasting centre and store - set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

title: Chinese landscape painting

Chinese landscape painting

Chinese paintings are among the top most Chinese crafts which are available in varied range and are created on varied subjects. Chinese paintings are categorized in different categories including Chinese landscape paintings, Chinese paintings of birds and flowers, figure paintings, fish paintings, animal paintings, Chinese calligraphy and so on. Paintings were also created of popular personalities of China who made their contributions in the history of ...

title: Beijing people 5

Beijing people 5

It's a wonderful and appealing perspective of one of the prominent site of the city. Here in this picture you can see two lovely women strolling around the Great Wall of China. Beijing is not just a best place to joint for untouchables yet for the Beijing people too. Definitely, Beijing is the social point of convergence of China. Beijing has favored an overabundance of aims for ...

title: Beijing Tianzhu Free Trade Zone

Beijing Tianzhu Free Trade Zone

The Beijing Tianzhu Free Trade Zone was made under the inspiration of the numerous other free ports around the world. Beijing Tianzhu Joined Free Trade Zone is the first airport-based trading zone. It has a highly effective mixture of logistics park, free trade zone and export processing zone which help in carrying out the functions of each in ...

title: Royal Phoenix Hotel   cigar lounge   Beijing   you can enjoy a drink or a dinner and smoke a cigar

Royal Phoenix Hotel - cigar lounge - Beijing - you can enjoy a drink or a dinner and smoke a cigar

title: beijing transportation

beijing transportation

Beijing, capital of China, is a very big city . The transportation in Beijing is very convenient and relatively cheap. One can easily roam there without any such guidance . There are stations where tourists can find signage with both the languages Chinese as well as English. On a bus stop board, you can find information such as the number of the bus, departures, terminus, first runs, last runs, and the name of the current stop.There is always a ...

title: Culinary delights in Beijing

Culinary delights in Beijing

Beijing is well regarded as a political and historical city along with being the cultural capital of China. However, you cannot ignore the fact that along with all these, Beijing is also the culinary hub of the country. This is one of the best places in Asia where you can experiment with your taste buds. One of the most ...



In the palace meseum exhibits of Buddha statues. In total, 262 Tibetans and Han Buddha statues are on display here, most of which are shown to the public for the first time. You will learn the history of development and revolution Buddha statues' in Tibetan regions and in regions of Han It also exhibits of porcelain wares. Porcelain wares exhibited here were excavated or delivered when the city was the capital in the historical period. The ...

title: Tea Tasting centre and store   set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

Tea Tasting centre and store - set of tea pots with oriental style and mood



The Chinese work of art is the traditional pictorial art practiced in chinese civilization for more than thousand years. Deep rooted artistic work is an original way of thinking and expressing stress on the unity of the man and universe and the undisturbed dynamism of this universe. Chinese painting looks to express the heart, the internal movement of the beings. Chinese painting is comprises of one or more poems, ...

title: Lama Temple

Lama Temple

This is a surprising snap exhibiting the delightful market around the lama Temple. Here in this city you will see many lovely street which will make you excited. Lama Temple or Yong He Gong is prestigious as one of the surely understood milestones in Beijing as well as China. The religious site has risen as a standout amongst the most went to visitor puts in the capital that draws a decent ...

title: Beijing 129

Beijing 129

Here in this image you can see the cars are moving on the road of Beijing, China. China is one of the top most destinations for travelling. The climate is portrayed by its reasonable qualification of four seasons - short blustery spring, long hot summer, cool charming pre-winter and long cold winter. The most smoking month is July and the coldest is January. September and October with their wonderful and cool climate are viewed as the ...

title: Xidan shopping district  Beijing

Xidan shopping district -Beijing

When one realise that Silk Market, Yashow Market and HongQiao Market all have the same supplies, then they try out the locals' own shopping districts. This is where the inhabitants of Beijing gather to pick up their gear.In the northern parts of the "Xidan Beidajie" street there are lots of small shops. The area also has several markets and malls. We know from experience that it's very possible to spend whole days here and still have ground left to cover. ...

title: Beijing


It’s an amazing picture of street food stall in the local market of Beijing. As Beijing is the capital of china this place is very famous for its street food from all over the world. There are so many eateries near the street where people go and enjoy their meal with their family and friends. While walking on the street visitors also see some street food ...

title: Beautiful Restaurant

Beautiful Restaurant

This is the image of Beautiful Restaurant which is located at the very famous market of the Beijing city, the Lotus Market. In that image clearly shows that this Beautiful Restaurant is decorated with some ancient and traditional designs. The glass work which is done in that Beautiful Restaurant is also attracting anyone easily. ...

title: Walk through Nature

Walk through Nature!

Peaceful and methodical Confucius designs a tranquil oasis in a busiest civic landscape of China, 267 hectares Tiantan Park is absolutely unique. The vast stage role of emperor's who it plays the time at first dignified divine service execution regarding (son who is called heaven), to be good to harvest to pray here, and seeks for the elimination and compensation of god. On strict said that it was an altar, but was not temple -, incense and candle or adorer who therefore do ...

title: Celebrated Lotus market

Celebrated Lotus market

In this picture you can see the Celebrated Lotus market of the Beijing, where people are purchasing some products of their daily use. There is a rich supply of food in China. In the seaside urban areas, you will find out cutting edge Celebrated Lotus market and modest supermarkets. In China, each area has its own particular nominal vegetable and meat market - like the one underneath - and this is the place most Chinese want to shop. ...

title: Beijing travel

Beijing travel

Beijing is great place that suits the most luxury seeking traveler as well the most stingy budget tourist. Beijing travel presents opportunities galore for one and all. This city serves those who love to chill out in a nice air-conditioned shopping mall while buying the best of branded stuff or catching a ...

title: typical passage in Beijing between old houses

typical passage in Beijing between old houses

title: Tea Tasting centre and store   set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

Tea Tasting centre and store - set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

In teahouses throughout the province, men, women and children have been gathering over the years, often sitting on bamboo stools or reclining chairs, with small tables scattered about, tea cups and teapots mixed among clutches of locals, visitors and passers-by. Amidst the clatter and the long, slow sipping of tea, people discuss matters pertaining to 'All-Under-Heaven' . Although the Internet has become the ...

title: Beijing


This is an amazing view of local residential area of Beijing. There are enormous amounts of tight parkways including the Beijing city. Prior in local, courtyards were created. In this manner thin back avenues helped in going around the plots furthermore joining the entryways. At first the width of the back lanes did not vacillate and was around 9.3 meters or 3.5 ft. wide. This allowed the sunshine to come in as the year advanced. More tiny roads were certain the present ...



The many attractions and activities in Beijing for people of all backgrounds embodies the fact that it is a friendly city full of history and culture. As one of the major metropolitan centers of the world, however, the levels of pollution in Beijing are also characteristic and, in many cases, expatriates have trouble ...

title: Beijing 72

Beijing 72

This is a lovely view of Beijing structure where people are enjoying their evening in Beijing. Beijing is the best destination for travelers with their family and friends. Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China and is the political and social focal point of the nation. A quickly developing and cutting edge city that joins the old and the new, Beijing offers an entrancing ...

title: Royal Phoenix Hotel   Beijing

Royal Phoenix Hotel - Beijing

title: Yonghegong Lama Temple

Yonghegong Lama Temple

Yonghegong Lama Temple is one of the largest and most important Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in the world. The building and the artworks of YongHeGong combine Han Chinese and Tibetan styles (and some Mongolian motifs).The YongHeGong Lama Temple (YongHe Temple), also known as the 'Palace of Peace and Harmony Lama Temple ...

title: China


This is a group scene gathered along the sanctuaries and Imperial College in Beijing. In these lanes there are incalculable Chinese voyagers, youthful and old. The youthful Chinese visit the Confucius Temple to find out about the life and times of one of the best scholar thinker and educator of antiquated China. For the more established individuals, this is an indication of the past period. This is a decent place to grab a quiet time far from the occupied city life. Beijing, the ...

title: Market in Beijing

Market in Beijing

This is an amazing and attractive picture of market in Beijing. Here in this image you can see a market with some wall paintings regarding the beauty of the city. This is the lovely market of the city and thousands of visitor love to do shopping from such market spots. Shopping is the best method to connect with the pasts of the city and you can easily knew about the histories of the city. This picture adds beauty to the city of China as clear in this image. There are many attractions ion ...

title: beautiful metal structure design

beautiful metal structure design

title: Beijing People 33

Beijing People 33

It is a stunning perspective of the city of Beijing People. Here in this picture you can see a man is remaining on the focal point of the road wearing white dress of hand to hand fighting. Hand to hand fighting is one of the acclaimed craft of China. Chinese Kung Fu is a movement of fighting styles which has made over a long irrefutable period in China. Nowadays, ...

title: China


Its primary body comprises of walls, mount tracks, and guard towers. Shelters on the wall incorporates posts and goes along the wall. It is an exceptional sample of compelling military building design, innovation and craft of antiquated China. The wall was really taking shape irregularly from the ...

title: Beijing 113

Beijing 113

Here in this image you can see a sea food in Beijing market. Seafood is an extraordinary dish in east and south piece of China. It is very much preferred around the nation with its new and unique flavor. There are heaps of enormous eateries serving veritable fish of Dalian, Qingdao, Zhejiang and Guangdong. But the ...

title: Shopping malls in Beijing

Shopping malls in Beijing

Beijing is a shopping paradise.There are various shopping malls in Beijing.The Malls occupies a total area of 130,000 sq. m. and is an integral part of Oriental Plaza – one of the largest commercial complexes in Asia. Situated in the heart of Beijing, the complex is located between Gold Street (Wangfujing Street) and Silver Street (North Dongdan Street). The Malls is a popular shopping destination for both local residents and visitors alike.If ...

title: old chinese home entrance

old chinese home entrance

this home entrance used to be a sign of a high military rank in the chinese army in the ancient chinese empire-

title: Two Buddhist nun from Tibet visiting

Two Buddhist nun from Tibet visiting

title: The great wall of China

The great wall of China

The most memorable landmark of People’s Republic of China, The Great Wall of China was listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987. This outstandingly great landmark outstandingly reflects the hard efforts, skill and talent of Chinese people that results in formation of such a great tribute. Unlike other Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites, the Great ...

title: Royal Phoenix Hotel   cigar lounge   Beijing   you can enjoy a drink or a dinner and smoke a cigar

Royal Phoenix Hotel - cigar lounge - Beijing - you can enjoy a drink or a dinner and smoke a cigar

title: old chinese architecture was related to society rank

old chinese architecture was related to society rank

according to my chinese guide this home entrance used to be a sign of a high military rank in the chinese army in the ancient chinese empire-

title: Beijing tour

Beijing tour

Planning your Beijing tour? In Beijing, there still exist some places where you can see the old streets, typical Northern Chinese buildings and authentic Beijing folk culture despite of the fast pace of the modernisation and urbanization. On your Beijing tour, one of the most fun filled place not to be missed is surely Shichahai. This consists ...

title: Joy of Chinese festivals

Joy of Chinese festivals

Among the various interesting and auspicious festivals celebrated in Beijing, the Duan Wu Jie or the Dragon Boat Festival is the most amazing one that no one should miss. The literal meaning of the name of this festival is ‘holiday on the fifth day of the fifth month’ and this festival was created in the honor of poet Qu Yuan. As part of the tradition related with this festival, people eat zongzi - a triangular glutinous rice dumpling and take part in the dramatic ...

title: Tourism in Beijing

Tourism in Beijing

Beijing undoubtedly has emerged as a very popular tourist destination. Not just Asians but people from all over the globe are enjoying their sojourn in Beijing. The beautiful attractions and the places of interest in and around Beijing have worked as magnet to pull travelers from all over the world. Moreover, the tourist friendly people and a safe city tag are other guiding factors that lure people to enjoy vacation in Beijing. Beijing ...

title: Beijing ChangLing Mausoleum 1

Beijing ChangLing Mausoleum 1

It’s a lovely perspective of a beautiful and historical painting hanged on the wall of the Ming tomb of the Beijing city. The Beijing ChangLing Mausoleum world legacy, China is filled amazing and impressive painting, also antique pieces are spread around at the amazing sites. Beijing is the only city in all over china ...

title: Beijing cultural tips

Beijing cultural tips

Although a trip to Beijing is a great idea to explore and experience the historical, religious and cultural heritage of China, but it is equally important to know and imply some of the significant tips on culture that is being expected here. So, you must learn the important Beijing cultural tips before heading for this city. While in Beijing, ...

title: Beijing 85

Beijing 85

This is a view where people are enjoying with their friends and family in Beijing during their vacations. Everyone wish to go for a place which should be perfect for the great fun with best buddies. If you also wish to plan a trip with your friends and family then you should start searching for the best place. ...

title: Traditional Chinese paintings

Traditional Chinese paintings

The traditional Chinese paintings have always been enticing people all over the world. You can see these paintings in different objects such as crockery, attire, pots, paper lanterns and much more. Some such designs can also be seen in the walls of people’s home. The traditional Chinese paintings have a unique thing about them and that pulls people towards it. They are very attractive and interesting. These traditional Chinese paintings are done on paper ...

title: China


Chinese hand works, for example, ivory, carvings, jade, finish, and cloisonné are sought after. There are likewise knick-knacks, counterfeit blooms, silks, pearl, and snuff containers with pictures inside in these frivolous stalls in china. There were numerous talented skilled workers amid time long past times in China. These artisans have gone on their aptitudes to their offspring era to era. Starting in the thirteenth century, the convention of painting basic subjects-a ...

title: Beijing


A Chinese visitor is most presumably attempting to find herself through Google mapping or perusing some history on her phone. Beijing is the capital city of China. It is likewise an imperative chronicled spot. The old parts of the city have numerous sanctuaries and cloisters delineating the religious convictions and life of the Chinese individuals. The two ...

title: Attractions


Beijing is vibrant with amazing attractions, Forbidden City, the most magnificent palace in China; Ming Tombs, an imperial tomb cluster for thirteen emperors of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644); Great Wall, one of the seven wonders of the world; Temple of Heaven, the worshipping site for the emperors; Summer Palace, the grandest imperial garden in China; ...