title: Forbidden City   The Palace Museum
Forbidden City - The Palace Museum
Forbidden City - The Palace Museum is located in the centre of Beijing, China and was the Chinese imperial palace from the mid-Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty in 1912. It has been a museum since 1925. It was built from 1406 to 1420. Forbidden City - The Palace Museum complex has undergone many changes. After serving as the imperial palace for some 500 ...
title: Royal Phoenix Hotel   Beijing
Royal Phoenix Hotel - Beijing
title: Tea Tasting centre and store   set of tea pots with oriental style and mood
Tea Tasting centre and store - set of tea pots with oriental style and mood
Qianmen Street is one of Beijing’s most distinctive marks and has an unshakable position in respect of commercial and cultural values in all times. After repair, the Qianmen Street was reopened in the 60th anniversary of National Day. It sets traditional culture exhibition, tourism & shopping center at an organic whole and makes the city development and culture protection being inherited and ...
title: Car clubs in Beijing
Car clubs in Beijing
Super (Sports) Car Club (SCC) was launched in Beijing in August 2009. The club has now expanded to 15 branches around the country including Chongqing, Yunnan, Zhejiang and Fujian. It has about 500 registered members from ages 18 to 60, with women comprising about 10 percent, and 700 registered super cars that include Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Paganis and Aston Martins. The club also organizes members to attend big ...
title: Beijing
Here in this photo you can see a tricycle on the road of Beijing. In Beijing today, there are more than 5,000 open transports, around 600 trolley transports, and 60,000 taxis. Regardless, they have not totally taken the spot of tricycle. There are more than 500,000 enrolled Pedi taxis in the Capital City ...
title: Beijing Roast Duck Restaurant
Beijing Roast Duck Restaurant
Beijing Roast Duck Restaurant specializes in the Peking Duck or the Roast Duck as some people call it. Full Peking Ducks can be ordered, “to go”. The ducks can be heated again at home with the help of an oven, a grill or in a pan of boiling oil. When an oven is used, the duck is roasted at a temperature of 150 °C (300 °F) for 20-22 minutes , and then again at 160 °C (325 °F) for a further 10-12 minutes. The grilling method is ...
title: Beijing
If you are thinking to plan a trip to an awesome destination with your loved ones then you can search about Beijing. Because Beijing is one of that destinations which is more than amazing as well as more than your imaginations. In this picture you can see a girl which is enjoying on the road of Beijing, China. Beijing locale has a total zone of 16,800 sq km (6552 sq mi). As one of the world's extraordinary old capitals, Beijing is an obvious necessity find in light of the way that it is home ...
title: Tea Tasting centre and store   set of tea pots with oriental style and mood
Tea Tasting centre and store - set of tea pots with oriental style and mood
title: Beijing People 32
Beijing People 32
It’s a lovely perspective of Beijing city. Here in this image you can see a lovely girl walking around the street of Beijing. And you may see some Beijing people behind the girl on the famous site of Beijing. Beijing is a popular city with more than 3,000 years of authentic and social advancement. It had served as the capital for five lines all through the ...
title: Houhai
Any trip to Beijing shall remain incomplete without a quick tour of the Lotus Market. Situated in the vicinity of the Houhai Lake, the market has a elaborate and intersting arched gateway. This is the decorated archway ( Pailou), the south entry into the market street. The Lotus Market was named ...
title: Beijing bike sharing
Beijing bike sharing
title: Beijing bike sharing
Beijing bike sharing
title: The Fascinating Gateways in Lama Temple  Beijing
The Fascinating Gateways in Lama Temple, Beijing
Lama Temple in Beijing, the modern capital of China is home to the most popular Tibetan Buddhist temple outside Tibet. It was constructed in 1694 as a residence of Prince Yin Zhen, later known as Emperor Yong Zheng and was converted to a monastery of Buddhist monks from Tibet and Inner Mongolia. Today, it is visited by a great deal of pilgrims from all over the world. The fourth hall from the entrance features a bronze statue of a smiling Tsong Khapa (1357–1419), the ...
title: Tourist
The image of a tourist is so annoying. Always clogging up the pavements and looking so clueless on buses. In every big metropolis worth its name, be it Singapore, New York or London, you see them helplessly clinging to their guidebooks. Everywhere they are led like sheep to Times Square, New York or Leicester Square, London, where they loiter pointlessly breathing in hot-dog ...
title: Beijing
This is an image of a typical shop in the Temple Street; Beijing. Buddhist travelers and different guests to fume incense sticks in this sanctuary; Beijing. The shop shows gigantic stock of them. Different obsolescent, talismans, Buddhist charms are additionally accessible in these street side stands. There are stream of guests to the sanctuary regular. The vast majority ...
title: Beijing People 12
Beijing People 12
The snap you may see of one of Beijing people in the city. Here in this image you can see is beautiful lady smile on the face posing for the picture. Beijing is one of the famous tourist destinations on the planet and the Beijing people are also very sweet and polite hearted. Beijing is the city which is full of amazing sites ...
title: Beijing 20
Beijing 20
In this photo we can see the Beijing graphics advertising. It is looking so beautiful and unique. Fashioners in China will be the first to concede that the financial titan is as yet 'making up for the lost time toward the West' where the contemporary outline is worried, with Shanghai 'copy culture' - still predominant all through the nation. Be that as it may, things are evolving rapidly, with a blossoming imaginative scene that is ...
title: Beijing City
Beijing City
Notwithstanding their brutal history, the three nations are nearly connected monetarily, with China the greatest exchanging accomplice for both South Korea and Japan. They are additionally individuals from now-stalled provincial demilitarization talks went for closure North Korea's atomic weapons programs. South Korea and Japan are both imperative U.S. partners that host a huge number of ...
title: Beijing
Here in the image you can see a local people standing around on the small road. As the capital city of the Five Dynasties of China, Beijing has a background marked by over a large number of years. It was known as a city with created organizations and a prosperous economy since antiquated times. Numerous capable specialists settled the territory long prior, and went down their astounding abilities era by era. We can even now locate the conventional handcrafts with ...
title: Beauty of the building
Beauty of the building
To expand the important milestone East, South, West and North Streets, connecting the tower to the East, South, West and North gates of the city wall of the Ming Dynasty. The wooden tower, which is the largest and best preserved of its kind in China, is 36 meters (118 feet) high. It stands on a brick pedestal 35.5 meters (116.4 feet) long ...
title: Tea Tasting centre and store   set of tea pots with oriental style and mood
Tea Tasting centre and store - set of tea pots with oriental style and mood
title: Beijing 107
Beijing 107
It’s a lovely view of Beijing road near a river and people are enjoying here with their friends and family. Beijing is an amazing place for the fun of travelers. Everyone loves to do fun with their best buddies and also they need an allure place for their fun. Beijing is that much amazing which you are searching for your trip with best buddies. Beijing is the country's political, monetary, social and instructive focus and also China's most imperative place for ...
title: Beijing Roast Duck Restaurant
Beijing Roast Duck Restaurant
A tourist should never miss the opportunity of tasting the Roast Duck when in Beijing. This dish is a prized possession of the capital and is a treat to the residents. Method and style of preparations vary from person to person. Condiments are of essence in roast duck since there isn’t any salty taste in a roast duck. There are other interesting facts to know about the roast duck prepared at the Beijing Roast Restaurant. One of such facts is that Roast duck must be ...
title: fruits
Many of us arrive with the fixed view that you can get anything and everything in China, but that did not seem to relate to the fruits and vegetables Fruit is an eternal topic for most people, no matter when and where. straddling a wide latitude of nearly 50 degrees between the Torrid Zone and the North Temperate Zone, China especially South China area is endowed with much advantage in ...
Sacrificial and religious character looks better in pieces have called 琀 that is shaped like a cicada and placed in the mouth (media have 含 "containing") of a deceased person. The other is a hollow cylinder called cong 琮. It symbolized the sky (the inner hole and back) and earth (the outer quadrilateral). Jade objects belonged to the symbols that the ruling elite use to ...
title: Beijing Transportation 12
Beijing Transportation 12
This is the picture of a road of Beijing where a bus is travelling. Bus transport is available for local people as well as outsiders of the city. There are many places of Beijing which attract outsiders and travelers easily can enjoy these beauties by Bus. Bus transportation is one of the best transportations which makes you feel relaxed at reasonable costs. And you also can buy a public Beijing transportation card which charges you opening price of forty cents per trip. You have to give ...
title: Beijing Passages
Beijing Passages
Here in the image one can see a Beijing Passage between building nab 133 and 135. Beijing Passages are many in Beijing. It is a stone wall of historical building in the city of Beijing. The structure of the building is old however the construction modeling is stunning. Along the edge of the section there is a shop hanging paper light close to the entryway is looking conventional. Here in the city of Beijing you will see distinctive enthralling arrangement and ...
title: Shops in the lovely city Beijing
Shops in the lovely city Beijing
This is an astounding snap showing the lovely perspective of the Shops in the lovely city Beijing. Shopping is the activity which will fresh mind of anyone due to this reasont there are lots of Shops in the lovely city Beijing. There are many beautiful markets in Beijing where you always find a lot of crowd. One who visit in the Beijing he/she never miss the chance the miss the chance of shopping. Today there are shops and stores scattered in each side of Beijing. Beijing has more than ...
title: Jade museum and store
Jade museum and store
Having a wonderful tour of the Great Wall is a must for your trip to China. On the way to the Great Wall of China, we find things as majestic as the pure essence of fresh nature. Trees lose all their leaves at certain times of the year and that's what we see in this picture. Splendid Fauna naturally arranged in lines are in the path of the great wall of China.The Great Wall as we see today was built mainly during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). It extends from Hushan in the east to Jiayuguan ...
title: Tiananmen Square
Tiananmen Square
The solemn and respectful Tiananmen Square is the largest central city square in the world, which serves not only as the symbol of the city but also the whole of China. Tiananmen Square, literally the "Gate of Heavenly Peace" Square, is named after the eponymous gate that sits at the square's north end. At present, the ...
title: Beijing 103
Beijing 103
In this picture you can see a street food shop in Beijing. Beijing Quanjude roast duck is an unquestionable requirement be-tasted dish for vacationers to Beijing, however when you are walking the lanes of Beijing consider gnawing into some road snacks. Particularly attempt territories around schools and colleges, where you are prone to go over a few merchants or little shops offering different road snacks. Visitors may be advised to stay away ...
title: Beijing
Here in this picture you can see a stunning perspective of local area of Beijing. In this picture you can see a nearby young woman of Beijing is riding on the cycle close to the local roads of Beijing. The cycle outing will take you to draw near perspective of the chronicled relics, old society destinations and additionally cutting edge building and gardens in the eastern piece of the city. In the event that you take the bicycle trip ...
title: Jade Museum 3
Jade Museum 3
Here in the image you can see a piece of famous cabbage in the Jade Museum of Beijing. Jade Museum is one of the famous Museums of Beijing. Jade has had otherworldly criticalness since the Neolithic Age which started 10,000 years back. Most refined Neolithic settlements date to 3000 BC. Different societies started to grow around the Yellow and Yangtze streams. Compensations in the north were meager, however seem to have had contact with both remarkable northern ...
title: Religious attractions in Beijing
Religious attractions in Beijing
Beijing remained the capital of many emperors for over a thousand years, which made the city a centre of political and cultural activity in China. Many empires ruled the country from Beijing and in the course created massive structures and monuments for the kingdom. Some of these were meant specifically for the royals to use for their accommodation and receation, while others were created different purposes like security, religion and for living and ...
title: Beijing Roast Duck Restaurant
Beijing Roast Duck Restaurant
Beijing roast duck restaurant is approachably located in the heart of the city. It has a footfall of more than hundred people coming in every day so enjoy the delicacies it has to offer. The look of the restaurant also attracts onlookers and tourists into coming in and tasting the mouth-watering dishes of Chinese cuisine prepared by able chefs. The ...
title: Jade museum 27
Jade museum 27
It's a wonderful picture of an appealing statue and is by all accounts exceptionally dazzling. There are numerous Jade Museums in Beijing which are really astonishing and alluring. The city of China is amazing and full with various attractions like Buildings, motels, Museums and so forth. Jade Museum is one of the surprising Museums of the city. There are exceptional gatherings of past histories of China which pull in explorers. Jade Museum has had well known ...
title: People
Ren Tai Duo – is an idiom one is accustomed to hearing in China. It literally means “Too Many People” but its sub-context implies to a feeling of frustration expressed by a person who lives in the most populated country in the world. For any traveler to Beijing the city's history and culture can be daunting. The Chinese capital is brimming with more sights, eats and treats than most ...
title: Amazing crafts of Beijing
Amazing crafts of Beijing
Beijing is abundant in arts and crafts. Among the various amazing crafts of Beijing, the prominent ones include good selection of jade ware, pearl items, ceramics, vases, ivory carving, filigree work and carpets. Then there are glass paintings and calligraphy, woodcarvings, cloisonnéé, silk flowers, drawn work, rugs, lacquer ware, and other silk fabrics. Besides, glassware, theater props, clay sculptures, ...
title: Beijing
Here in this picture you can see the alluring interior of a house in Beijing. As in the west, homes in Beijing, China have places where individuals eat and rest. Bedrooms in colder parts of Beijing, China are commanded by raised stages known as kang. Amid the winter, the kang gives a warmed region that is warmed by hot air vents associated with adjoining stoves. The kang and the stoves were the main wellsprings of warmth all through the chilly months. In the ...
title: Beijing
The city's history dates back three millennia. As the last of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China, Beijing has been the political center of the country for much of the past eight centuries. Beijing, sometimes romanized as Peking is the capital of the People's Republic of China and one of the most populous cities in the world. The population as of 2013 was 21,150,000. The city proper is the 3rd largest in the world. The metropolis, located in northern China, is governed as a ...
title: Beijing 88
Beijing 88
This is a lovely view of Beijing where people are enjoying their holidays with best buddies. Everyone love to enjoy with loved ones for some sweet memories and happiness and Beijing is one of the best travelling places. Beijing city, as the capital of People's Republic of China is one of the four government domains (Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongqing) in China. As the second biggest city all through China, Beijing is the focal center point for transportation ...
title: Tea Tasting centre and store   set of tea pots with oriental style and mood
Tea Tasting centre and store - set of tea pots with oriental style and mood
title: Beijing in General
Beijing in General
Talking about Beijing in general, the city was instituted and urbanized with the joint efforts of all the Chinese nationalities from generations. The city serves as a melting pot of long-established Oriental Civilization and the heritage of Chinese culture. The city witnessed prosperity throughout centuries as a capital during various dynasties such as ...
In Beijing, you can easily find local products in large supermarkets or caled centers and wholesale markets. They offer the most authentic and best local products that make the best gifts for your friends and family. The candied fruit in Beijing is made of fresh fruit traditional secret recipes inherited from ancient royal kitchens. In ancient times, to ensure that the ...
title: Beijing and its people
Beijing and its people
Unlike Shanghai, which is more of a commerce and fashion hub, Beijing is the political and cultural destination of China. Rather than cosmopolitan area Beijing is more of a historical center where people lead normal life managing and following their daily chores. On one hand there is the old city surrounded by temples and historical places, while on the other, there are bustling city limits spread across. The old ...
title: Beijing 49
Beijing 49
This is a beautiful image of a beautiful arts in Beijing restaurant. It is looking so unique and antique. . Enjoy this stunning Beijing gastronomy enterprise that you will clearly recall. As the heart and capital of China, Beijing's food is naturally reflects a mind blowing blend of impacts from different nationalities and tribes, for ...
title: Kung Fu show in Beijing
Kung Fu show in Beijing
Kung Fu show in Beijing in a very mysterious land known as the Middle Kingdom, many of legends were created, martial arts was one of them made famous by its name Kung Fu. In an ancient temple priched high on the side of a mountain, they encounter a little boy, through practicing Zen Buddhism and Kong Fu, our little monk eventually grows and finally reaches the sacred goal of enlightenment. ...