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title: Tea Tasting centre and store   set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

Tea Tasting centre and store - set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

title: Climate of Beijing

Climate of Beijing

Beijing weather is characterized by its clear distinction of four seasons - short windy spring, long hot summer, cool pleasant autumn and long chilly winter. The hottest month is July and the coldest is January. September and October with their pleasant and cool weather are considered the best time for visiting Beijing.To visit Beijing in spring ...

title: Forbidden city   The palace museum

Forbidden city - The palace museum

Forbidden City - The Palace Museum begins in the 15th century when it was built as the palace of the Ming emperors of China. It is located in the centre of Beijing, China and was the Chinese imperial palace from the mid-Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty in 1912. It has been a museum since 1925. It was built from 1406 to 1420. Forbidden City - The Palace Museum complex has undergone many changes. After serving as the imperial palace ...

title: Beijing 5

Beijing 5

In this picture you can see the wonderful really looks so stunning and alluring. The third greatest city in China after Hong Kong and Shanghai, Beijing is the capital of the world's most populated country besides identifies with its social, enlightening and political core interest. With a history spreading more than two centuries, the city has ...

title: Spending leisure time in Beijing

Spending leisure time in Beijing

A day off for the locals in Beijing is the perfect time to spend with family. Normally the elderly people head for the park early in the morning. Be it a warm sunny day or a freezing cold morning, you will find the parks in Beijing surrounded by locals on any season. Beijingers are a bunch of happy people who love to enjoy and recreate ...

title: Souvenir market 10

Souvenir market 10

This is an amazing perspective of Beijing souvenir market on the way to Great Wall of China. Here in this image you can see some beautiful and colorful clothes on the display and a cute child sitting outside the shop. The view of the market is eye catching and attract numerous shopping lovers to it. Here in this site you ...

title: Houhai


The name Houhai literally “the back sea” in English, often confuses people, as Beijing is an inland city. The reason could be traced back to Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), which was founded by the Mongolians and became the first Chinese feudal dynasty ruled by Chinese ethnic minority groups in its history. Before Kublai Khan (1215-1294) decided on Beijing as the capital ...

title: House Of God

House Of God

The House of God is a quiet oasis of calm and methodical Confucian design in one of China's busiest urban landscapes, the 267 -acre Temple of Heaven Park is unique. It was originally a large stage for solemn rites by the emperor of the time here prayed for good harvests and sought divine freedom and Reconciliation ...

title: Jade Museum 8

Jade Museum 8

It’s a lovely picture of Jade Museum and seems to be very attractive. Here in this image you can see a laughing marble Buddha statue in the Museum. There is a history behind Buddha culture. There are many other places near this Museum which are so attractive like shops, hotels and so on. An advanced Chinese city encysting a contracting Uighur old town. Aside from a shopping strip along one edge you need to pay 30 Yuan to get the best bits of ...

title: Beijing Roast Duck Restaurant

Beijing Roast Duck Restaurant

The origin of the Peking Duck happened in the Ming Dynasty. About a 600 years back, Cooks from across China traveled to the capital of China, Beijing to cook for the Emperor. It was a prized occupation since only the best chefs could enter the kitchens of the palace. A chef with premium qualities could also reach the place of a minister! Peking Duck was first created and crafted to perfection in these kitchens. However, the evil of smuggling of recipes of such foods of the Emperor ...

title: Beijing 69

Beijing 69

If you really love to do fun with your friends and family then you should plan a trip with them. And for a trip you need a lovely destination where you can enjoy each and every moment of your vacation with your loved ones. There are many amazing charms in Beijing which are unique and every traveler to Beijing wish to go for those ...

title: Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square

Tian'anmen Square is a Place of great historical significance. Tiananmen Square features in Chinese history several times. Although it is basically a huge city square, it is surrounded by important places. You can visit the mausoleum of Chairman Mao Zedong, photograph the Great Hall of the People - the site of numerous episodes of high drama in recent Chinese history and see the entrance to the ...

title: yonghegong Lama Temple   Buddhist temple

yonghegong Lama Temple - Buddhist temple

title: ChinaGreat Wall of China 7

ChinaGreat Wall of China 7

It’s a beautiful scenery of China and seems to be very attractive and lovely. This picture adds beauty to the city of China and thousands of visitor there every day and enjoys a lot with their closed ones. You can imagine the attractions of this wall from the picture. This place is known as The Great Wall of China, a place full of remarkable arts and histories. The Great Wall is a China symbol. It demonstrates to us not just China's way of life of national pride, great ventures, ...

title: Tea Tasting centre and store   set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

Tea Tasting centre and store - set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

title: The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City- the Palace Museum is responsible for the preservation and restoration of the Forbidden City. Also as part of the project, some derelict or destroyed sections are being rebuilt. The gardens of the Palace of Establishing Prosperity, destroyed by fire in 1923, were rebuilt in 2005, but remain closed to the public. Building heights around the Forbidden City are ...

title: Beijing


Here in this picture you can see a fabulous collection of pictures in Beijing. The pictures in the composition looks truly appealing. Beijing is a major transportation center, with many railroads, streets and motorways going through the city. It is likewise the destination of numerous worldwide flights landing in China. This city is viewed as the political, instructive, and social central point of China. With a background marked by over 3,000 ...

title: Beijing People

Beijing People

title: Beijing People 6

Beijing People 6

Here in this image you can see a beautiful and young lady standing on the major attraction of the city. There are numerous outsider and Beijing people as well on this eminent site of the city. Beijing is the city which never disappoint anyone’s wish in any manner. The city always has to offer something for everyone. Whether you are going alone with family or kids or even ...

title: Tourists in Beijing

Tourists in Beijing

Beijing is one among the six ancient cities in China and is one of the most popular too. This city has been a huge attraction among tourists and is a frequently visited city in China. Not just Beijing boast of heritage, culture and concrete history, but it is also an emerging metropolitan city. The primary attractions that draw tourists in ...

title: Beijing basics

Beijing basics

To understand the Beijing basics, first thing to know is that the capital of China is located at North China Plain’s north edge. Towards its northwest lies the vast Inner Mongolian Plateau, whereas the Bohai Sea lies hundred kilometers towards the east. Beijng is also bordered by the Taihang Mountains to its west and the alluvial plain to its south. Besides, Beijing is located in the North Temperate ...

title: Beijing People 17

Beijing People 17

It’s a lovely perspective of one of famous Beijing eatery. Here in this image you can see a beautiful young waiters serving wines to the guests of the hotel. Beijing people are very sweet in nature and cute in look as well as you may see in the above image. The waiters you may see in the above image is wearing the ...

title: Wall of China 39

Wall of China 39

It’s a stunning view of the Great Wall of China, many visitors enjoy here with their loved ones. Trek along the Great Wall, you can visit the Forbidden City in Beijing and the channel town of Suzhou, can encounter an area dinner and the Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an, can enjoy a trapeze artist show in Shanghai. China's most ...

title: Nanchizi to Beichizi Street

Nanchizi to Beichizi Street

From the names of some of the tracks, as rail silks and satins and rail porcelain, you can tell what is stored here then. The layout of 31 yards still maintains the style of the Qing Dynasty, and there are many hidden lanes historic sites. Heading north along the street Nanchizi to Beichizi Street, and ...



As ancient capital of six dynasties, the shopping streets of Beijing are powerful evidence to define the development of its economy. Especially in modern times, Wangfujing, Xidan, Qianmen and Longfusi are the busiest streets of the city, considered the symbol of trade in Beijing. In Beijing, you can easily find local products in supermarkets and large wholesalemarkets or ...

title: Tea Tasting centre and store   set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

Tea Tasting centre and store - set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

title: Great Wall of China 4

Great Wall of China 4

This perspective caught the Great Wall of China and is by all accounts exceptionally staggering and appealing. Here in this image you can see numerous visitors strolling around the great wall with their family and friends. This is the perfect place for outing in Beijing and a not to visit of course. The Great Wall is a China symbol. It demonstrates to us not just China's way of life of national pride, terrific activities, and decided resistance, additionally China's extreme ...

title: Beijing People   Chinese artist in old Beijing singing in a pub

Beijing People - Chinese artist in old Beijing singing in a pub

title: The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

The earliest information about the Great Wall of China goes back to c. 220 B.C., when during the rule of Qin Shi Huang sections of earlier fortifications were united together to create a united defense system against any attack from the north. Construction of this Great Wall continued up to the Ming dynasty when this Wall became the largest strongest military structure in the world. The Great Wall was continuously being built on the ...

title: Royal Phoenix Hotel   Beijing

Royal Phoenix Hotel - Beijing

title: Lotus Market

Lotus Market

This is the romantic and scenic neighbourhood in Beijing called the Shichahai. It is a delight to explore this area either on foot or by bike. You’ll need about 2 to 3 hours to savour the picturesque Shichahai, which is often referred to as “Houhai” by foreign visitors. Shichahai looks different in different seasons or at various times of a day. There are different scenery and different activities. Shichahai at night is the ...

title: beautiful song from a pub in old Beijing

beautiful song from a pub in old Beijing

title: The great wall of China

The great wall of China

The Great Wall of China is a series of fortifications made of stone, brick, tamped earth, wood, and other materials, generally built along an east-to-west line across the historical northern borders of China to protect the Chinese states and empires against the raids and invasions of the various nomadic ...

title: Beijing transportation

Beijing transportation

Trip to Beijing is very refreshing, public buses is such an experience than the metro trains in Beijing signboards are in Chinese only. Public buses in Beijing have announcements for the stops in English. Beijing has one of the best public transportation systems in China. The way to use public buses can be systematic. First: Identify where you are or the name of the bus stop. Check out the nearest bus-stop to see which buses coming into the bus-stop, and buses ...

title: Tea Tasting centre and store   set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

Tea Tasting centre and store - set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

Tea is the most popular form of beverage in China. Chinese people, particularly those residing in Beijing, prefer tea. For this very reason thousands of tea stores are spread across the length and breadth of the city. You will find old-style chain tea stores such as Wu Yutai and Zhang Yiyuan. These tea stores offer specialized, superior quality teas. Additionally you may also find areas such as Xidan and Wangfujing ...

title: Beijing people   hanging out

Beijing people - hanging out



What makes the unusual museum among museums that China is the exhibitons displayed. Exhibitions of works of calligraphy created by the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties are on display. Can be divided into two categories, the works of famous artists of calligraphy and members of the royal family. In total, 53 parts and assemblies calligraphy work on display including inscriptions of the ode to the god of Luo River Kai ...

title: Great wall worth visiting

Great wall-worth visiting

The Great Wall of China was built mainly during the three dynasties – Qin Dynasty (221 B.C to 206 B.C), Han Dynasty (206 B.C.– 220 A.D ) and Ming Dynasty (1368 A.D – 1644 A.D). The most powerful Yuan Dynasty and the last Dynasty – Qing Dynasty did nothing about the building of the Wall since they were “barbarians” against whom the Wall of China was supposed ...

title: Elderly people

Elderly people

In Beijing, there are a record number of elderly people. In most of the hutongs, you will find the elderly people playing a game of mahjong or card games on collapsible tables laid down along the streets. There is a curious group of spectators surrounding them too. Chinese culture places a high importance on longevity which can be ...

title: Kung Fu

Kung Fu

Chinese kung fu, also known as wushuor Chinese martial arts is one of the most well known examples of traditional Chinese culture. It it is probably one of the earliest and longest lasting sports which utilizes both brawn and brain. In Chinese kung fu however a distinction is made between "external" and "internal" kung fu thaqt is, It is said that in "external" kung fu, you exercise your tendons, bones, and skin and in "internal" kung fu, you train your spirit, you ...

title: Beijing old streets   residential   markets and architecture

Beijing old streets - residential - markets and architecture

title: Beijing


Here is a picture of the airplane terminal in Beijing, known as the Beijing Capital International Airport. This is the essential airplane terminal serving the city and is termed as one of the busiest air terminals in Asia and in the globe both as far as travelers and load. Simply involving a territory of 60,000 square meters, Terminal 1 has the longest history beginning from January, 1980. While the bigger T2 and T3 ...

title: Beijing


This is the Chanling Tombs situated around 30 km far from the principle town of Beijing. This is the biggest and best saved of the 13 tombs. It fits in with the third and most essential leader of the Ming Dynasty in Beijing. The colossal Chang Tomb (Ling means tomb) is the last resting spot of the third Ming Emperor, Zhu Di. He named his decision time Yongle (everlasting bliss) and was subsequently known as Emperor Yongle. He managed China from 1402 to 1422. ...

title: Beijing People 21

Beijing People 21

This is a picture of two beautiful ladies in the city of Beijing, China. Here in this image you can see two girls walking around the street of Beijing. Apart from the site visit Beijing people is also the center of attraction for the visitors. Because they are very polite hearted so most of the visitors love to talk to the Beijing people. China's capital city is an energetic muddle of neighborhoods a ...

title: Tea Tasting centre and store   set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

Tea Tasting centre and store - set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

The tea house has traditionally been a place where the talk, rather than the tea itself, has been both araison and a source of anxiety. In an excerpt from his recent book on the history of Chengdu teahouses, Di Wang examines the role of the tea house in the complex political environment of the ...

title: Beijing 12

Beijing 12

Here in this image you can see few people having fun with their loved ones on the road of Beijing, China. Beijing is an acclaimed city with more than 3,000 years of verifiable and social advancement. It had served as the capital for five lines all through the history. Since the Liao Dynasty (916-1125), various superb royal residence and developments had been implicit Beijing. Beijing city is situated at ...

title: Beijing People   at the Lama Temple

Beijing People - at the Lama Temple

title: Beijing