title: Beijing 70
Beijing 70
Here in this image you can see local people of Beijing are playing game. You can imagine their fun because they are playing their favorite game with their friends. Beijing is an exquisite and effortless city, clamoring with life and rich in convention. With a populace of 14m the Chinese capital offers the guest a portion of the world's best-known and most stunning verifiable locales, for example, The Forbidden ...
title: Beijing Excursions
Beijing Excursions
Beijing is a great place with numerous attractions and historic sites. Moreover, the city also offers numerous interesting places for Beijing Excursions. Here we are mentioning some such places. For instance the Chuandixia Village Trip presents such an exciting excursion opportunity. This village is listed under the national level cultural relic protection site and is a ...
title: Beijing 47
Beijing 47
This is an amazing view of Beijing market where people are enjoying their shopping. Beijing is best in everything. As Beijing cooking has been impacted by culinary conventions from all over China, you may discover Beijing food is not as uncommon as you expected for a hefty portion of its dishes are really gotten from and joining the components of 2 or 3 other Chinese foods. If you require proposal on Beijing cooking, Peking duck, ...
title: House Of God
House Of God
The House of God is a quiet oasis of calm and methodical Confucian design in one of China's busiest urban landscapes, the 267 -acre Temple of Heaven Park is unique. It was originally a large stage for solemn rites by the emperor of the time here prayed for good harvests and sought divine freedom and Reconciliation ( known as Son of Heaven ) is performed . Strictly speaking, in the House Of God there is an altar and a temple - so do not expect incense or worshipers.It is said ...
title: Beijing People 6
Beijing People 6
Here in this image you can see a beautiful and young lady standing on the major attraction of the city. There are numerous outsider and Beijing people as well on this eminent site of the city. Beijing is the city which never disappoint anyone’s wish in any manner. The city always has to offer something for everyone. Whether you are going alone with family or kids or even with ...
title: Beijing 55
Beijing 55
In this picture you can see people are enjoying their vacation in Beijing with their loved ones. Beijing is one of the top most destinations for your travelling. Beijing, in all its smoggy turmoil, is by and by at the focal point of the world. Try not to hope to be wowed by the city's magnificence; guests have whined about Beijing's offensiveness for quite a long ...
title: Beijing 68
Beijing 68
Here in this image you can see the people having fun in Beijing with their loved ones. Beijing, capital of China, is one of the world's extraordinary urban areas, overflowing with history and society. Present day and antiquated intermix in this interesting city. There are numerous awesome verifiable locales in Beijing, including the Forbidden City, and the Great Wall passes close-by. A present day city that is saturated with history, it's not hard to find ...
title: Tea Tasting centre and store   set of tea pots with oriental style and mood
Tea Tasting centre and store - set of tea pots with oriental style and mood
The tea house has traditionally been a place where the talk, rather than the tea itself, has been both araison and a source of anxiety. In an excerpt from his recent book on the history of Chengdu teahouses, Di Wang examines the role of the tea house in the complex political environment of the Republican era. Qin Shao, meanwhile, discuss the discomfort felt by China's modernisers in their several attempts to regulate these potentially subversive sites. In her reflection on ...
title: Hutong life in Beijing
Hutong life in Beijing
There are different kinds and sizes of hutongs in Beijing that can be visited by tourists. Of them all, the longest one is the Dongjiaominxiang Hutong. This hutong has a total length of 6.5 kilometers and it lies in between the Qianmen Streets and the Chang'an Avenue. On the other hand, the shortest hutong is the Yichi Street which is about the length of 25 meters. The Hutong life in Beijing is exciting as you stay in an ...
title: Beijing People 21
Beijing People 21
This is a picture of two beautiful ladies in the city of Beijing, China. Here in this image you can see two girls walking around the street of Beijing. Apart from the site visit Beijing people is also the center of attraction for the visitors. Because they are very polite hearted so most of the visitors love to talk to the ...
title: The great wall of China
The great wall of China
The Great Wall of China is among the most famous structures of the world due to its breathtaking beauty and its history. The Great Wall was built of wood, stone, earth and grass originally. The bricks were produced during the Ming Dynasty and were carried by men on their backs, mules, donkeys and even goats, before being driven up a mountain had a brick tied to their heads and therefore it is a building project claiming the greatest cost of human ...
title: ChinaGreat Wall of China 7
ChinaGreat Wall of China 7
It’s a beautiful scenery of China and seems to be very attractive and lovely. This picture adds beauty to the city of China and thousands of visitor there every day and enjoys a lot with their closed ones. You can imagine the attractions of this wall from the picture. This place is known as The Great Wall of China, a place full of remarkable arts and histories. The Great Wall is a China symbol. It demonstrates to us not just China's way of life of national pride, great ventures, a ...
title: Tea Tasting centre and store   set of tea pots with oriental style and mood
Tea Tasting centre and store - set of tea pots with oriental style and mood
title: Abode of God
Abode of God!
Like in many places near Beijing vicinity, was designed achieved the Temple of Heaven of agreement ancient China symbolism and mystical cosmology law thinks is central to universe. Each aspect of site was organized meticulously, and creates for the respect code and way respect Heaven.In China, 9th was considered to take the digit of ...
With the establishment of foundries, cultures of northern China reaped the benefits of Bronze Age sooner than the southern villages. Tremendous social and political change led to technologically advanced cultures grew in wealth and power. Durable tools and weapons replaced bronze and stone tools revolutionized agriculture and war. Trade expanded to distant sites. The rituals to honor ancestors ...
title: Great Wall of China 8
Great Wall of China 8
It's a wonderful landscape of China and it actually look so appealing and dazzling. This photo adds excellence to the city of China and a huge number of guest there consistently and appreciates a considerable measure with their closed ones. You can envision the attractions of this divider from the photo. This spot is known as The Great Wall of China, a spot brimming with astounding expressions and histories. The Great Wall ...
Located on the northeast corner of the intersection Caishikou, Xingbaixuan Gold & Jewelry Shop is a huge shop selling gold, platinum, jadeite and crystal jewelry. Each category has a wide range of patterns for customers to choose from. The eastern section of the store specializes in jewelry made of jade, such as ...
title: Great Wall  5 hours walk
Great Wall- 5 hours walk
The Great Wall at Badaling is the most visited section of the Great Wall of China, approximately 50 miles (80 km) northwest of Beijing. It is the most well-preserved section of the Great Wall, built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). This section, with an average altitude of over 1,000 meters (3,282 feet), was ...
title: Beijing people   hanging out
Beijing people - hanging out
In Chinese, jade is pronounced as 'Yu', and most words related to moral include this word as "polishing jade never shines," indicating that it may not be a useful person if you are not educated. It also meant honor and conviction. Many girls in antiquity were also named to the jade to reflect the love of their parents. One of the four beauties in Chinese history, Yang Yuhuan, the beloved concubine of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang ...
title: Tiananmen Square 21
Tiananmen Square 21
Here in this picture you can see a security guard wearing his conventional dress remaining inside the Tiananmen Square. The wide ground spread around at the Beijing Tiananmen Square Forbidden City is looking great and dazzling. The floor of the ground is made of value block. Individuals used to stroll around and taking photograph in ...
title: Nanchizi to Beichizi Street
Nanchizi to Beichizi Street
From the names of some of the tracks, as rail silks and satins and rail porcelain, you can tell what is stored here then. The layout of 31 yards still maintains the style of the Qing Dynasty, and there are many hidden lanes historic sites. Heading north along the street Nanchizi to Beichizi Street, and after mounting a 1.5 km, you will see the famous tower standing on the northeast corner of the ...
title: Beijing
The model of this antiquated Chinese armillary circle with four mythical serpents encompassing it is a huge fascination in the Terminal 3 of the Beijing International Airport. This is a huge terminal developed in the most advanced and cutting edge style. Travel travelers from any nation/locale can stay in the air terminal's travel territory for up to 24 hours without experiencing fringe examinations. On the other hand, both the entry and corresponding flights ...
title: The Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of China was recorded as a World Heritage in 1987 by UNESCO and is among one of the greatest wonders of the world. It's usually referred to as 'Long Wall of Ten Thousand Li' by the people of China. The Great Wall was built of wood, stone, earth and grass originally. The bricks were produced during the Ming ...
title: Young crowd of Beijing
Young crowd of Beijing
Like any other popular metropolis, the young crowd of Beijing is a bunch of fashionable, educated and modern people who knows how to have fun and enjoyment. While the elderly people enjoy operas and theatre, the young crowd en-route bars, night clubs, and lounges. Beijing presents a sparkling night life with some ...
title: Tea Tasting centre and store   set of tea pots with oriental style and mood
Tea Tasting centre and store - set of tea pots with oriental style and mood
title: Beijing people   hanging out
Beijing people - hanging out
title: Temple of Heaven
Temple of Heaven
The Temple of Heaven, literally the Altar of Heaven is a complex of religious buildings situated in the southeastern part of central Beijing. The complex of temple of heaven was visited by the Emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties for annual ceremonies of prayer to Heaven for good harvest. Temple of heaven has been regarded as a Daoist temple, although Chinese heaven worship, ...
title: Beijing
Beijing never stops attracting tourists with its unique historical monuments. Holiday-makers are always offered to participate in numerous fascinating tours and extensive cultural programs. Here everyone can choose the entertainment to fit one’s taste. Temple of Heaven is one of the most remarkable architectural ensembles. The temple was ...
title: Beijing Roast Duck Restaurant
Beijing Roast Duck Restaurant
So as to explain the training history of Peking ducks, 190 blood tests from six Chinese indigenous duck breeds were gathered with186 individualsgenotyped by 15 microsatellite markers. Both the F ST and Nei's standard hereditary separations (D s) from the microsatellite information demonstrated high hereditary separation between Peking duck and other Chinese indigenous breeds. The haplotype system with mtDNA information demonstrated that the greater part of the Peking ...
title: Beijing people 6
Beijing people 6
This is a beautiful photo of the lama sanctuary arranged in the heart of the city of Beijing, China. Here in this picture you can see numerous guests and Beijing people too strolling around it. Lama sanctuary is one of the acclaimed and most gone to sanctuaries of the city. The group come each day to this excellent sanctuary is plainly appeared in the above picture. This lama sanctuary is the middle purpose of fascination for the guests in view of its delightful ...
What makes the unusual museum among museums that China is the exhibitons displayed. Exhibitions of works of calligraphy created by the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties are on display. Can be divided into two categories, the works of famous artists of calligraphy and members of the royal family. In total, 53 parts and assemblies calligraphy work on display including inscriptions of the ode to the god of Luo ...
title: Jade museum and store
Jade museum and store
title: Tea Tasting centre and store   set of tea pots with oriental style and mood
Tea Tasting centre and store - set of tea pots with oriental style and mood
title: Jade Museum 10
Jade Museum 10
This is an amazing picture of Jade display in Jade Museum of Beijing. Beijing is one of the middle purposes of fascination. Here in the Museum you can see an astonishing masterpiece which is so stunning in light of the fact that it is loaded with the workmanship. Galleries are constantly known for accumulations, societies and other past scrutinizes. Guests to Beijing affection to come Museums likewise and learn something about the past histories of the city. The historical center collected ...
title: Beijing old streets   residential   markets and architecture
Beijing old streets - residential - markets and architecture
title: Climate of Beijing
Climate of Beijing
Beijing weather is characterized by its clear distinction of four seasons - short windy spring, long hot summer, cool pleasant autumn and long chilly winter. The hottest month is July and the coldest is January. September and October with their pleasant and cool weather are considered the best time for visiting Beijing.To visit Beijing in spring (early ...
title: The Forbidden City
The Forbidden City
The Forbidden City- the Palace Museum is responsible for the preservation and restoration of the Forbidden City. Also as part of the project, some derelict or destroyed sections are being rebuilt. The gardens of the Palace of Establishing Prosperity, destroyed by fire in 1923, were rebuilt in 2005, but remain closed to the public. Building heights around the Forbidden City are restricted. ...
title: Shichahai 21
Shichahai 21
Here in this picture you can see a boat in which people are boarding to take a ride. It is dependably a decent place for nearby inhabitants' and in the last 200 years, numerous administrative officers, famous people, friars and nuns decided to build houses, sanctuaries and religious shelters in it. Along these lines, its attraction lies in its ...
title: Beijing Lotus market
Beijing Lotus market
The above image showed the view of beautiful Entrance gate of Beijing Lotus market. Beijing Lotus market is the major attraction part for tourists in in Beijing. Beijing Lotus market is full of small shops and restaurants surrounding a beautiful lake. Beijing is the capital city of People's Republic of China. Beijing is also one the populous city in the world. Beijing city is the third largest city in ...
title: The Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of China
The earliest information about the Great Wall of China goes back to c. 220 B.C., when during the rule of Qin Shi Huang sections of earlier fortifications were united together to create a united defense system against any attack from the north. Construction of this Great Wall continued up to the Ming dynasty when this Wall became the largest strongest military structure in the world. The Great Wall was continuously being built on the northern border from the 3rd century BC to the 17th century ...
The best time to visit the Great Wall depends on the natural landscape you prefer and the section of the Great Wall that will visit. According to China Highlights, the further north you travel, the more cold and rainy the weather will be. Spring trips provide a view of fresh foliage and allow you to avoid summer tourist season. Summer means bigger crowds, but also provides a view of blooming flowers. July and August bring more rain. Winter ...
title: Beijing people 23
Beijing people 23
This is an astounding photo of the road of Beijing, China. Here in this picture you can see some Beijing people or may be vacationer attempting to cross the street on bike. As Beijing is the social city of China, so it now get to be one of the acclaimed and most visited city in the China. Furthermore perceived as a world's well ...
title: Beijing 180
Beijing 180
Here in the photo a wonderful pathway can be seen driving towards the Great Wall of China. Beijing is stunning spot for an excursion with loved ones. If you want to do fun with your loved ones then you must arrangement a trek with them. Tourism in Beijing is sustained by different procedures set by the China's organization which stimulate the improvement of tourism industry and moreover the change of People's Republic of China has realized a fast headway in this industry. ...
title: Shichahai
Located in the north of Beijing, Shichahai is the confluenceof three lakes, Qianhai, Xihai and Houhai. Shichahai has about ten temples in the neighbourhood. The undulating waves and weeping willows of the lakes lends beauty and romanticism to Shichahai. The natural beauty of the place is the reason for its popularity down the ages. In the ...
title: Beijing People 17
Beijing People 17
It’s a lovely perspective of one of famous Beijing eatery. Here in this image you can see a beautiful young waiters serving wines to the guests of the hotel. Beijing people are very sweet in nature and cute in look as well as you may see in the above image. The waiters you may see in the above image is wearing the traditional Chinese dress. And look so attractive because of its traditional Chinese dress. Being the capital of China, Beijing has a colossal ...
title: Markets in Beijing
Markets in Beijing
All the big name brands are charging in to open their own stores and cash in on the boom, so Beijingers now have almost as good a choice of international luxury items as their New York or London counterparts. There are many markets in Beijing -HongQiao is situated close to the Temple of Heaven. It boasts three floors with pearls and jewellery, but also quite a lot of clothing, accessories, electronics, watches, art, toys, ...
title: tricycle minibuses
tricycle minibuses
Tricycle Minibuses are a common means of travelling in the country sides of Beijing. Used both for long and short journeys, these tricycle minibuses are an interesting way of travelling in Beijing. The tricycle minibuses are easily available in city transportation hubs, tourist hotspots and along roadsides at various places. Readily available, the tricycle minibuses serve as another important vehicle for ...