Things to do in Abu Dhabi

The wonderful island of Abu Dhabi! Capital city of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is modern and cosmopolitan; Take a walk on the Corniche at the evening or dine in the best restaurants of Arabia.

Abu Dhabi tourism

Abu Dhabi is the place to be if you want to take a break for some golden beaches, desert drives, water parks and the like. There are tons of things to do in Abu Dhabi for people of all ages. What was once a desert dwelling is now a well established holiday destination that attracts people from all over the world. On the note of things to do in Abu Dhabi you can start with Corniche which is a 4 mile promenade with a lot of places to stop by and enjoy a picnic at, or simply stroll away an entire afternoon. Here, two things might catch your eye the enormous emirates flag and the leaning Capital Gate structure. This may be the commonly ventured place, but is still overshadowed by many other things to do in Abu Dhabi. The island of adventure is located near the airport in a frantic adrenaline rush of a center. All you have to do is sit back and stay put in one of fastest rollercoaster in the world, the Formula Rossa which goes up to 150mph. Don’t miss a ride on this as part of things to do in Abu Dhabi. Only an hour away from the busy city you will find the razor sharp crest of 100ft dune. This golden world is deserted except for power pylon or the oil well. Al Ain is called the Garden City here because it stands out for its greenery. This should go in your list of places to stop by and things to do in Abu Dhabi pronto.

Abu Dhabi attractions

There is a jahili Fort dedicated to exhibition about the British explorer who crossed this area in the 1940s. The most unexpected and astounding attraction of the Emirate is Masdar City. Don’t forget to add this to your travel list of things to do in Abu Dhabi. This is a zero carbon development area that does not allow cars. It may look like the size of a village now but there is so much to come. Other things that make part of things to do in Abu Dhabi are all included in the emirate’s latest plan to bring the world’s greatest art in one place that is the district of Saadiyat island, this is only a ten minute ride from the city center by car or taxi. It is only one artistic avenue from all the things to do in Abu Dhabi.If you want to take a peek into the heritage of the region you can always visit the Sheikh Zayed Mosque which is open to everyone. You must add this in all things to do in Abu Dhabi. It is a majestic building that can be seen from the bridges that link the emirate to the mainland like a welcoming structure. The building has the space capacity for 41,000 worshippers, and is one of the few places of religious value that is open to non Muslims. It would be a mistake to not visit this place as part of all things to do in Abu Dhabi.


The grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque is located in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates and it’s considered as the major worship point of the country. This mosque was built by the late United Arab Emirates’ president Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and it happens to be the largest mosque of the UAE. This mosque is adorned with many unique and special elements. The carpet of the main prayer hall is the largest carpet of the world, prepared by a famous Iranian company and designed by Ali Khaliqi, who’s an Iranian designer. There are a total of 2,268,000,000 knots within this carpet and it was completed in almost two years.

This grand mosque also possesses seven incredible chandeliers, imported from the company Faustig in Germany. These chandeliers incorporate a great number of Swarovski Crystals. The spectacular columns of the mosque are reflected in the pools present along the arcades. This view becomes absolutely majestic at night. The main prayer hall contains 96 columns which are marble-clad and inlaid with the beautiful mother of pearl. The incredible lighting system of the mosque was designed in such a way that it reflects different phases of the moon. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a must-visit destination for an incredible historical and religious experience.

This 5 star hotel is located at the very heart and centre of Abu Dhabi, and boasts a landmark spot on the ever famous Corniche address. The hotel is built within the world famous Nation Towers, and offers elegant splendor and luxury just a little distance away from the Supreme Court and the Federal National Council. The prestigious and important corporate headquarters are also located nearby.

The hotel has been designed to offer a luxury meeting space of 1700 square meters that can accommodate up to 1800 guests at a time, along with a lavish pool and an exquisite Remede Spa. There are a total of 228 guest rooms designed distinctly for guests, within the St. Regis Hotel. Also, there are 55 grand suites, which also include a unique one, designed on the connecting bridge of the hotel, which offers captivatingly amazing Gulf views all around, for the pleasure of the guests.

Great culinary options are also present at the hotel, available with an all day dining and tea lounge service. The hotel offers a selection between 9 choice restaurants and bars to its guests, which include the Villa Touscana, Crystal Lounge, Cabana Bar and Grill, Azura, The Terrace on the Cornice, Tea Lounge, Catch and Asia De Cuba.