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Things to do in Abu Dhabi

The wonderful island of Abu Dhabi! Capital city of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is modern and cosmopolitan; Take a walk on the Corniche at the evening or dine in the best restaurants of Arabia.

Abu Dhabi tourism

Abu Dhabi is the place to be if you want to take a break for some golden beaches, desert drives, water parks and the like. There are tons of things to do in Abu Dhabi for people of all ages. What was once a desert dwelling is now a well established holiday destination that attracts people from all over the world. On the note of things to do in Abu Dhabi you can start with Corniche which is a 4 mile promenade with a lot of places to stop by and enjoy a picnic at, or simply stroll away an entire afternoon. Here, two things might catch your eye the enormous emirates flag and the leaning Capital Gate structure. This may be the commonly ventured place, but is still overshadowed by many other things to do in Abu Dhabi. The island of adventure is located near the airport in a frantic adrenaline rush of a center. All you have to do is sit back and stay put in one of fastest rollercoaster in the world, the Formula Rossa which goes up to 150mph. Don’t miss a ride on this as part of things to do in Abu Dhabi. Only an hour away from the busy city you will find the razor sharp crest of 100ft dune. This golden world is deserted except for power pylon or the oil well. Al Ain is called the Garden City here because it stands out for its greenery. This should go in your list of places to stop by and things to do in Abu Dhabi pronto.

Abu Dhabi attractions

There is a jahili Fort dedicated to exhibition about the British explorer who crossed this area in the 1940s. The most unexpected and astounding attraction of the Emirate is Masdar City. Don’t forget to add this to your travel list of things to do in Abu Dhabi. This is a zero carbon development area that does not allow cars. It may look like the size of a village now but there is so much to come. Other things that make part of things to do in Abu Dhabi are all included in the emirate’s latest plan to bring the world’s greatest art in one place that is the district of Saadiyat island, this is only a ten minute ride from the city center by car or taxi. It is only one artistic avenue from all the things to do in Abu Dhabi.If you want to take a peek into the heritage of the region you can always visit the Sheikh Zayed Mosque which is open to everyone. You must add this in all things to do in Abu Dhabi. It is a majestic building that can be seen from the bridges that link the emirate to the mainland like a welcoming structure. The building has the space capacity for 41,000 worshippers, and is one of the few places of religious value that is open to non Muslims. It would be a mistake to not visit this place as part of all things to do in Abu Dhabi.


Falcon and Saluki Show - Qasr Al Sarab (Mirage Palace)

Falcon and Saluki Show - Qasr Al Sarab (Mirage Palace)

The honor winning Qasr Al Sarab (Mirage Palace) Desert Resort by Anantara, which lies in the midst of the towering hills of the Liwa Desert at the passage to the extremely popular Empty Quarter, has an assortment of visitor critical experience exercises. Incorporates: abandon strolls, visits to the adjacent Liwa Oasis, day break yoga in the midst of the hills, camel trekking, leave drives, toxophilism, 'Fat Biking' on bikes which have 4.8 inch width tires can be emptied to handle the huge rises which encompass the resort, horse riding and a bird of prey and saluki appear.


Henna Painting

Henna Painting

Utilizing henna to enhance the skin is exceptionally well known with female guests to Abu Dhabi. Henna is a plant color that has been utilized all through Arabia for a considerable length of time. It is utilized staring ladies in the face, feet and hair. By and large, Arabic henna includes extensive, flower designs and these "tattoos" are easy and wash off in seven days. The color originates from the leaves of the henna tree, which are dried and ground. Water is then added to shape a glue.

Also known as Nation Towers, the name is given to the two tall skyscrapers which are located towards the southern end of the Corniche area within Abu Dhabi. International Capital Trading actually sponsored the construction of these towers and Hill International was the project management construction for the towers’ assignment. This tower project was a first time joint venture between the National Projects and Construction and Arabtec Construction. The original design of the towers was the genius of WZMH Architects, who actually won the international design contest with the tower project.

Located right at the Corniche, both the towers have 52 and 65 floors. The tower project was completed in the year 2013, and has apartments, shopping malls, offices and a hotel built into the towers design. The entire Nations Tower project complex offers a total usable space of 278,709 meters. Within this space, there is a 5 star hotel, which offers 350 rooms for accommodation, with a fitness facility and a spa. There are also some upscale boutiques present at the complex which cater to the needs of high end customers. Both tall buildings are linked to each other through a skybridge, which has been built at a 202.5 meters height. The floors 50 and 54 are connected together. The skybridge of these towers is known to be the highest in the world.

Anyone who wants to enjoy a modern twist to their concept of what a traditional souk in Abu Dhabi should look like; is in for a pleasant surprise when they pay a visit to the Souk, located at the Central Market. The old burnt down souk has been given a modern twist to redefine what souks in the city could be like. There are amazing branded shops open on the premises and you will be amazed at the grandeur of the new shopping mall, as you search for gifts and other items on your shopping list.

Fully air-conditioned, and having a classy ambience with a modern look, is what the Souk in the Central Market is all about. With a majestic atrium, stained glass windows, expensive lattice work design and a relaxing environment, the new trend in souks is expected to take the market by storm. With some shop slots still vacant, there is still a wide variety of shops selling all the stuff that a tourist or a local could possibly ask for, from Arabic perfumes to chocolates, jewelry, beauty and electronic shops. And more is still to come.

This new take on the traditional souk, is a welcome spot for anyone who doesn’t want to wander around in narrow streets and small shops in the hot weather outside. The shopping experience has definitely been redefined with the Souk in Central Market!