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Things to do in Akosombo

Resting peacefully in the south of Ghana, Akosombo is small town situated in the east region of Asuogyaman District. Despite of being small is size; there is a lot that this town has to offer to locals and tourists alike. The people here are extremely hospitable and welcoming. You’ll truly enjoy your trip to this part of the country undoubtedly.

Akosombo Ghana

There are so many things to do in Akosombo for the average tourist. Akosombo is situated in the south of the country and is one of the smallest towns in the region. It is officially a part of the Asuogyaman District, and is very close to the Adome Bridge. Some of the cool places to see and things to do in Akosombo is the taking a trip to the town dam, and cruising around Lake Volta, among other water activities. Transportation is soon going to be much more convenient to this small town, with the Akosombo Railway Station that is about to be opened in the area. The most popular place to check out amongst things to do in Akosombo includes visiting the Royal Senchi. The Royal Senchi is dubbed paradise in Ghana. If you want to take a break from the common setting of the country, this is the place to be. It has beautiful suites, stylishly decorated rooms, and makes for an entirely remarkable place to be in. The entire place is built in a way so as to respect everyone’s privacy, which is a great thing especially for a crowded place like Akosombo. The Royal Senchi is known for giving its customers a stunning view of the Volta River, something that not many avenues can offer.

Visit Akosombo

The Royal Senchi is only one of the many places to visit in Akosombo. Make sure that you take a trip down to the Adi Lake while you are still in town. This is the place that harbors most of the things to do in Akosombo. The resorts around the lake offer some pretty interesting water sports activities, along with vacation grade lodgings and services. You might find yourself having a delicious breakfast meal by the water as the first thing you do after you wake up. The best thing about the resorts is that even though Adi Lake is a very attractive place to be in, it does not allow in too many guests, therefore it remains a peaceful place to be in. This is just further proof of all the things to do in Akosombo. The lake Volta region is great to start with if you are planning on signing up for a guided tour. This is probably the first place that they will take you to anyways. With so many things to do Akosombo, you might want to make sure that you are staying in the city for a few days.


Things to do in Akosombo - Lake Volta

Things to do in Akosombo - Lake Volta

Lake Volta is an artificial lake that was created after the construction of the Akosombo Dam in Ghana. Towards the north of the lake is located the small town of Yapei while Akosombo Dam is situated to the south of the river that flows downstream from Yapei. Before the construction of the dam, two rivers known as the White and Black Volta river converged at the middle part of the reservoir, forming a single Volta river. The present artificial Lake Volta is formed by the waters flowing out of the Akosombo dam's spillways and powerhouse towards the Atlantic Ocean. Lake Volta is considered one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Africa. It is the largest artificial lake by land area in the world. Viewing sky blue water surrounded by lush green vegetation is a great feast to the eyes. The area consists of both leveled plains and elevated hilly areas offering picturesque places for visitors to have a picnic. Konkori and Gambaga Scarps located to the west and north of the artificial lake also serve as an interesting tourist's location. Visitors can enjoy taking cruise tours of the place that offer plenty of fun and excitement. Overall, this is a great tourist spot where visitors can appreciate the calm and beauty of nature.