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Things to do in Albufeira

Part of the district of Faro, Albufeira is a city in Portugal that is considered a tourist hotspot due to the abundance of entertainment, recreation, and breathtaking natural beauty. The old town of the city is itself quite fascinating giving visitors a peek into the cobbled streets, bars, restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers. The sandy beaches and the colorful villages surrounding them are just more reasons to visit this picturesque and full-of-life city.

Albufeira Portugal

From white-sand beaches to golden sunsets, ochre cliffs, and serene environment, Albufeira is a city that will entangle and enthrall you, and convince you to stay here for years to come. This hidden Portuguese gem holds an array of modern and ancient Moorish heritage. The sparkling Moorish houses privileged with modern technological facilities and loaded with blossoms of vibrant flowers make an unforgettable union with natural sites and recreational activities. From mountain hiking to kayaking and canoeing, there are various things to do in Albufeira. Zoomarine, the natural theme park has unique marine animals. The park also exhibits Dolphin and Seal shows. The sea-inspired arts and crafts scene in the city is found everywhere — from wine glasses tinkling under bright sky to butter and bread served at dining tables. Water sports are certainly one of the best things to do in Albufeira. Meet your favorite stallions in the Albufeira Horse Riding Center or become a part of the local events and festivals like New Year’s Eve, Paderne Carnival, Al-Buhera festival, and World Tourism Day. There are many things to do in Albufeira with kids also. The Aqua ShowPark, Water Sports for kids, and Parque Aventura will captivate not only the kids but you as well.

Places to Visit in Albufeira

From the medieval Bell Tower to pop-up Oura Beach, the places to visit in Albufeira offer everything between white and black of the ancient arts and modern culture. The S. Sebastiao Church located in the old town has medieval infrastructure with six unique statues placed inside the church. The Misericordia Church is a little Moorish chapel established in 1499. The Sant’Ana Church boasts outstanding medieval beauty with a little Moorish inspiration. Apart from the religious establishments, there are many recreational and architectural places to visit in Albufeira. The Villamoura Casino is known for its outstanding performances. If you are looking for indoor things to do in Albufeira, then visit the Bullfight Arena and Slide and Splash. For outdoor sports and recreational things to do in Albufeira, there are many private tours for stand-up paddle boarding, sightseeing, and cliff sports in Wild Remains. Among the many beaches in Albufeira, the Praia da Coelha is a hidden gem, a quiet and neat beach with golden sand, greenish-blue clean water, and sand-brown cliffs on the edges of the beach. Praia Salgados and Praia da Oura are mostly crowded. Praia Gale is a naturally sheltered beach with natural walkways and flowery blossoms on the coast.


Things to do in Albufeira - International Sand Sculpture Festival

Things to do in Albufeira - International Sand Sculpture Festival

When it comes to entertainment, the International Sand Sculpture Festival in Ablufeira, Portugal, is the best place to visit. This sculpture festival is the largest and attracts a massive crowd from around the world. Artists from different parts of the world design their sand sculptures that are incredibly amazing. Some sculptures in the festival are as high as twelve feet.

If you are looking for some great entertainment, you will come across great things to do in the International Sand Sculpture Festival. This festival attracts art and creativity admirers and many artists from various countries and continents. The sculptures are magnificent and a sight for sore eyes. Each year the festival announces a different theme that gives sculptures a chance to showcase their talent in the finest way.

There are many more things to do in the International Sand Sculpture Festival. The festival has covered an array of themes including music, mythology, idols, animal kingdom, tales of enchantment, and many more. Each year visitors come to witness sculptures made using 35000 tons of beach sand. For those of you who love the beach, this is the place to be with lots of sculpture art to see.


Things to do in Albufeira - Praia da Coelha

Things to do in Albufeira - Praia da Coelha

Praia da Coelha is located to the west of Albufeira and is one of the most popular beaches in the city. This beach resort village features soft golden sand that is perfect for some beach walk. The calm sea here is great for families with children and offers an array of beach recreation.

If you are looking to enjoy quality time with your family, you will find many things to do in Praia da Coelha including amazing rock formations, beautiful cliffs, and some outstanding food and drinks. This place has a lot to offer to everyone and if you are a thrill-seeker, you might want to try jumping off the cliff which is tagged highly risky due to the impact of erosion.

This beach is surrounded by bars, restaurants, and local snack stalls that keep visitors busy at all times. There are many things to do in Praia da Coelha for kids as well. The crystal clear water and the golden sand of the beach are just ideal for someone looking for some relaxation in this soothing location. The bars around the beach offer great nighttime entertainment including dance, music, and some great drinks.


Things to do in Albufeira - Parque Aventura

Things to do in Albufeira - Parque Aventura

Looking for some adventure? Head over to Parque Adventure. This treetop acrobatic park is located in Albufeira, and covers over 2500 square meters. It does not matter if you are alone or with your family, there are a lot of things to do in Parque Aventura. This is not your average sunny resort. Located in the southern part of the country, this holiday destination delivers various entertaining activities for all ages.

The multi adventure park is where you can claim you tried the world’s longest zip lines. With 1500 meters of rivers, rafting and canoeing completes the whole experience. Because of the growing demand of interactive activities and sports centers, this is one place that encompasses the two, and manages to attract thousands of people from Portugal itself.

Try the paintball game, and the rope course. The best part about this is that they are all situated with artificial and natural objects. See, there are so many things to do in Parque Aventura. Also since the place caters to visitors of all ages they offer levels in every game starting from easy all the way to advanced.


Things to do in Albufeira - Praia do Tunel

Things to do in Albufeira - Praia do Tunel

Praia do Tunel is the sun kissed beach on the Atlantic southern coast of the town. Don’t get this confused the beach is not part of some tunnel; it gets its name from the 20 meter tunnel that is located adjacent to the tourist office. There is a legend revolving this beach that the cave present there was used by moors as shelter, post the Christian conquest of the city. There are a lot of things to do in Praia do Tunel.

The beach is not the sole access-way to the beach; there are plenty of different points of access like the steps, ramps, and even a lift. With this, it should be no problem to just grab your folding beach chair, your shades, and a nice book and leave for Praia do Tunel. If you feel tired from strolling around the sand, you can always take a break and grab a bite to eat at the restaurants and the cafes that line the beach.

If leisurely sunbathing is not what you are looking for, you can plan an activity with a group of friends and hit the road. Things to do in Praia do Tunel cater to people of all ages.