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Things to do in Almeida

Almeidas is a province in Colombia that is a part of the 15 provinces in the Cundinamarca Department. In addition to Lake Guatavita that is located there, the Almeidas province is surrounded by the province of Ubaté to the north, the province of Guavio to the south, Boyacá Department which borders on its eastern side, and the province of Central Savanna that borders to its west.

Almeida Portugal

Situated in an immense high plain ignoring the Côa River, Almeida Portugal was a standout amongst the most imperative fortifications in Portugal amid Modern Age. In spite of the fact that it had been possessed by people since the Paleolithic, it was just amid the Arabic time frame that it got the name al mêda, which signifies "the table", perhaps alluding to the level soil in which the town was built up. There is an antiquated story which has advanced its history. As per this story, the name originates from an extravagant table, embellished with valuable stones which once remained at this spot. Almeida Portugal would be taken finally by the Portuguese, driven by King D. Dinis, in 1296.

Places to visit in Almeida

Almeida Square Walls is a standout amongst the most wonderful posts in the nation. As indicated by its last form (1747), Almeida fortified square had the setup of a 12-pointed star, that is to state, a twofold hexagon with six bastions and some ravelins. It is encompassed by a 12m wide all through a 2,5 km long border. 5000 men were garrisoned here and the stronghold had more than one hundred gun circles of a few bores. It had bombproof offices – known as "casamatas" (fortifications) – where both the troopers and the populace could discover shield amid bombings, and also underground black powder magazines and a properly secured blood healing center.


Things to do in Almeida - Lake Guatavila

Things to do in Almeida - Lake Guatavila

Lake Guatavita is often associated with the Legend of El Dorado. The location has been the site for several ceremonies. However, people are concerned about how the small lake came to be. Experts saythat it was due to a meteor, while legend has it that shamans poured gold into the lake, sacrificing it for a monster. Today, the location attracts hundreds of visitors. In the past, explorers have tried to drain the lake to reveal its riches but only found a few gold pieces. Harley Knowles, a British engineer, deepened the wedge created by Antonio de Sepulveda in 1580. However, they did not find a lot of gold. Even though there are not a lot of things to do in Lake Guatavita, it still sees many visitors. Since there not numerous things to do in Lake Guatavita, question it, what attracts people to it? Visitors from all over the world travel 34 miles from Bogota to visit the lake out of curiosity. The legend of El Dorado is one of the main reasons why people frequent the lake. In close proximity of the lake, you will find local eateries and souvenir stalls. You will have a good time sitting by Lake Guatavita.