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Things to do in Amman

Best attractions to visit in Amman

1. Jordan Archaeological Museum - Amman

Jordan Archaeological Museum

When you are looking for things to do in Amman, it is essential to visit the Jordan Archaeological Museum located near the Amman Citadel. The Museum, built in 1951, has some tremendous displays from archaeological sites all over Jordan. Things to do in the Jordan Archaeological Museum include seeing the Ain-Ghazal statues which are considered to be the oldest statues made by a human civilization. The statues date back to about 6000 BC. Another very important exhibit in the museum are the Dead Sea Scrolls of which, the museum now only exhibits the bronze scroll, while the copper scroll was moved to the Jordan Museum. The Museum also contains some excavated materials which were in use in the early civilization’s daily life such as flint, glass, metal tools and pottery. One can find a lot of things to do in Jordan Archaeological Museum. It is a truly educational experience because the museum contains exhibits from 6000 BC to the modern Muslim era of the Ayyubids. History lovers can come to the Jordan Archaeological Museum and explore so much more. Plan your next trip to Amman and be sure to take a look at some of the world’s earliest objects ever excavated.


2. Royal Automobile Museum - Amman

Royal Automobile Museum

The Royal Automobile Museum of Amman tells a tale of cars and kings, and offers car lovers a multitude of things to do in Amman. The museum built in 2003 was a tribute by a son to his father and ancestors. There are many things to do in the Royal Automobile Museum with a vast showcase of cars and bikes. The museum’s exhibits value the man who owned the museum more, rather than the vehicles because most of the cars on exhibit were owned by previous Kings of Jordan. The museum exhibits cars from as early as 1896 and motorcycles from as early as 1909. Things to do in the Royal Automobile Museum include seeing the replica of the world’s first ever car to be manufactured. The car was manufactured by Karl Benz, the predecessor of Mercedes-Benz. The Museum also holds the Mars Rover used in the shooting of the Hollywood movie, The Martian. The lands of Jordan were used to portray the surface of Mars and the film cast and crew gifted the Rover to the Jordan Government as a gesture of Gratitude for amazing hospitality. If you are a car buff and have a passion for automotive history, come on down to the Royal Museum and learn about the history of vehicles from around the world.


3. Roman Theatre - Amman

Roman Theatre

What was showbiz like in the ancient times? Well, the Roman Theatre in Amman tells us a lot about the Romans and their thirst for entertainment. The city of Amman has restored this Roman Marvel beautifully so tourists have entertaining things to do in the Roman Theatre. The theatre was built in the time of Emperor Antoninus Pius, a time when the city was given the name of Philadelphia. The theatre had the capacity of seating 6,000 people and the audience was divided into three sections according to the architecture of the structure. The seats at the bottom which were the closest to the stage were for the elite and the rulers. The middle seats were for the military and the top seats offered a limited view to the general public. Today, the Theatre is used for all kinds of events and offers lots of things to do in Amman which include music festivals, and prize distribution ceremonies. The rooms inside the theatre are now museums, one of which is the Jordan Museum of Popular Tradition and the other is The Jordan Folklore Museum. A great site to visit in Amman as this structure is thousands of years old and quite well maintained, the visitor can find amazing things to do in the Roman Theatre.


4. Wakalat Street - Amman

Wakalat Street

Jordan has recently converted a street in Amman in the district of Sweifieh as an only-pedestrian walkway. This is in line with a project that was undertaken by the Jordanian development authority in 2007 to create a street where pedestrians could walk freely without the interference of road traffic. The project included new pavement, with planting of beautiful palm trees along the street and signs to facilitate the pedestrians. When the street was redone, the entrance of vehicles or their parking was prohibited. Today, the pedestrians can find many things to do in Wakalat Street. Due to its free traffic zone, the street sees a lot of amateur musicians and artists showcasing their work and earning praise and money from passersby. A lot of restaurants have opened up here which offer a variety of food from all around the world, from Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese, to major fast food chains. The street is also famous for housing some of the best boutiques in the world. Wakalat Street has a charm to it because these days, finding a place with absolutely no traffic is a blessing. With the best shops, entertainment and food, visitors can find a lot of things to do in Wakalat Street. So note it down in your list of things to do in Amman.


5. Amman Citadel - Amman

Amman Citadel

Are you interested in old civilizations and the history of their cities? The Amman Citadel is a place with one of the richest histories of any ancient site around the world. Although it has been abandoned for a long time now, the citadel is still listed as one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities on earth. It has monuments remaining from its time of the Roman, the Byzantine, and the Umayyad Empire. Some important things to do in Amman Citadel include being on the lookout for the Temple of Hercules and the Umayyad Palace. Both the buildings stand in the same location, containing architecture from civilizations that are miles apart. The Citadel shows signs of once being a very active civilization with excavated items such as pottery, inscriptions and a huge water cistern being built at the time of the Umayyads. Two other things to be on the lookout are the Byzantine Church and a watch tower that was added at the time of the decline of the city. The Amman Citadel is a rare example of an ancient city which has mixed architectural and cultural values. With mixing culture and architecture, one may explore and find many things to do in Amman Citadel.


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