Things to do in Anjar

Anjar is a town located in Lebanon in the Bekaa Valley and is also kown as Haoush Mousa populated mostly by Armenians. The location spans across 20 square miles of fertile land which is filled with tourists along with expat Armenians who visit the town on a yearly basis. The name itself means ‘running river’ in the local language.

This includes a protected bird sanctuary which comprises of a number of extremely rare birds such as the Serin as well as water birds from different parts of Africa. Nature has been generous with the people and Anjar by bestowing it with two water sources namely the Nabaa Anjar and the Nabaa Shamsheen both which are tributuaries joining the Litani River at about 25 km to the south side of the town.

The sanctuary is also home to the otter which you may be able to see feeding on fish if you decide to dine in a little restaurant called Al Jazire.Anjar may be a small town but several naturalists and casual tourists flock to it on a yearly basis to enjoy the activities on offer.There is also a marsh in the way which is a wildlife reserved protected by the SPNL or the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon.