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Things to do in Argentina

It is a no-brainer to tell why the country of Argentina has travelers spellbound in awe, and not just the ones who are visiting the place for the very first time. The whole place is a cocktail that satiates most of one’s wanderlust. We are talking a trip to the Andes, Patagonia, futbol, gauchos, beef, and tango.

Argentina tourist attractions

The best thing about Argentina would be its people. For a tourist, it is not the hospitality, the warmth, or the welcoming embrace, it is a chance to witness how the people here have nurtured their creativity, perseverance, and adaptability to suit both good and bad times and come out of the experience like nothing happened, and what did happen only pushed them forward. Every Argentine that you meet will let you peek into their proud yet humorous lifestyle. If you have never been here before, know that all the brochures and travelogues can do no justice to the places to visit in Argentina, that you have yet to see in person. The food here is greatly satisfying. The cuisine may be delightfully inventive, but that has not stopped every other eatery that you stop at to boast a delicacy of classic like juicy steaks. In fact ‘Parrillas’ is the commonly referred term for steak houses here which you will find easily in every other corner. But if you believe that you are more of a fan of Italian food, then you will easily find pizza, pasta, and other Italian staples as well. For foodies, Buenos Aires is the place to be, it is the country’s center for ethnic cuisine. The reason that one may easily be able to find so many places to visit in Argentina, is its culture. Tango is the greatest contribution the country has made to the world. This is a steamy dance routine that the Argentine heritage describes as “making love in a vertical position”. Then there is soccer; every true Argentine is passionate about the sport. And if you are a fan of it too, you should not conclude your trip without booking tickets for a live match. The only thing left to do here would be to take out some time and give your opinionated take on the Argentinean theatre, literature, music, and arts. Yes this place comes with an edgy rich history, and a heritage to match. Its part Latin America, and part European, what’s not to love about the place? Before you pack and board your ride to this place, make sure that you do your homework and make a list of all the things that you will do here and all the places to visit in Argentina that you can make it to before you return.

Visit Argentina

It is important that you experience all of Argentina. Tourist attractions can be seen everywhere. So start from the capital of the country. When you arrive at Buenos Aires, it might feel like you have landed aboard a moving train and that everyone knows what they are doing except you. We already established that this is the place for trying out the native cuisine, so the first thing that you should do is head out to one of its top notch restaurants. The choices from the variety here range from Scandinavian food and Middle Eastern, to Southeast Asian. Don’t forget the famous Argentine wine either; it is worth making the trip. Plus you should not leave till you have tried everything that you came to the country for; Argentina promises an amazing experience. There are natural wonders everywhere you turn in Argentina. Tourist attractions here range from the mighty Iguazu Falls the north of the country to the crackling and thunderous Perito Morena in the southern region. The place is a mass of natural wonderland for locals and tourists alike. Did you know that the Andes’s highest peaks are also here? The place is home to rich wetlands, a lot like the famous Pantanal in Brazil. The mountains are covered in a rustic palette, and the deserts have nothing but cacti dotted around them as far as the eye can see. If all that still does not quench your thirst of everything that this place has to offer, there are always places like the arid steppes of Patagonia. The cool lichen covered forest of Valdivia, and the strange looking salt flats of Andes. There is a beautiful lake district here as well with capybaras, overwhelming flocks of flamingos, penguins, and so much more in Argentina. Tourist attractions are all adventures in this country that are waiting to be experienced by you. The city life is equally astounding. It is all a series of blurred mosaic of a metropolis. Street life is all about cafes and spring time when the sidewalks are covered in jacaranda flowers. The locals can be seen walking around in stylish clothing, against a back drop of pre 20th century architectural designs and stone facades. And it’s not just Buenos Aires – the same goes for Bariloche, Mendoza, Salta, and Cordoba.

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