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Things to do in Asunción

Best attractions to visit in Asunción

1. Lopez Presidential Palace - Asunción

Lopez Presidential Palace

The Lopez Presidential Palace is a palace in the Asuncion region of Paraguay, which serves as the workplace for the President of Paraguay. The seat of the government in Paraguay is also located in the Presidential palace. The palace is located at the center of the Asunciuon which overlooks the bay. The Building is named after the person who built it Antonio Lopez and tourists can take a tour of the palace and enjoy a stroll in its well maintained garden and lavish halls.


2. National Pantheon of the Heroes - Asunción

National Pantheon of the Heroes

The National Pantheon of the Heroes is a landmark that is located in the capital city of Asuncion in Paraguay. The national monument is of great historical, cultural, and artistic importance. A visit to the National Pantheon is a must for all tourists when visiting the capital city of Paraguay. The imposing building is situated between Chile and Palma Streets in downtown Asuncion. Construction of the building commenced in 1863 on the order of Francisco Solano, who was the President at the time. Alejandro Ravizza, an Italian architect, was commissioned for the structure’s design, working alongside Giacomo Colombino. However, the building remained largely unfinished for 70 years mostly due to War of the Triple Alliance that started shortly after construction of the building had commenced. It was completed in 1936 after the Chaco Cold War and became a National Pantheon of Heroes by a presidential decree. The National Pantheon is a national mausoleum where the remains of great Paraguayan heroes are located including Don Carolos Antonio Lopez (1st president of the nation), Mariscal José Félix Estigarribia (touted as hero of the Chaco Cold War), Mariscal Francisco Solano Lópezma, and others. There are lots of things to do in the National Pantheon of the Heroes other than looking at the scenery. You can take notes and learn about important people that shaped history of the country.


3. Museo del Barro - Asunción

Museo del Barro

Museo del Barro is a museum that is situated in the capital city of Asuncion in Paraguay. It is a great place to learn about the culture and history of the local people. You can find many interesting things to do in Museo del Barro. The museum originally had a small private collection of items that gradually expanded with time. It was established in 1972 as a circulating private collection of prints and drawings of local scenery. A permanent location was established in 1979 to store the growing number of art pieces and artifacts. The museum is divided into three separate divisions including a contemporary art museum, a pottery museum, and an indigenous art museum. A visit to the Museo del Barro is certainly worth it as here you can look at the various artworks and historical items that define culture and reflect history of the local people. At present, you can find an extensive collection of items inside the museum including pottery, ancient artifacts, indigenous and contemporary art works and many other items. History lovers will be spoilt for choice as they can find many fun things to do in Museo del Barro.


4. Asunción Cathedral - Asunción

Asuncion Cathedral

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