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Things to do in Austin

As the capital of the state of Texas, Austin is among the fastest growing cities of United States. With a population of nearly a million inhabitants, it is also considered to be one of the most populous cities in US, and has a wide range of attractions and things to do that can appeal to every tourist’s wanderlust.

Austin Texas

Austin is a city consisting of various skyscrapers and attractions that are of cultural and historical significance. If you are considering visiting United States over the summer, you will be pleased to know that there are many things to do in Austin that can pique your interest. The earliest known history of Austin goes back as far as 9200 BC, the era of the Clovis culture. Throughout millennia, a number of civilization and settlers have occupied the area. In the 19th century, Texas won independence from Mexico, which is why tourists can learn many fascinating events surrounding its rich history and explore various attractions. One of the many landmarks that you can visit is the Lady Bird Lake in Downtown Austin. This is a reservoir that was built in 1960 for a wide range of reasons, among them was to serve as a cooling reservoir and recreational purposes. The Lake is in close proximity to many of the city’s restaurants, hotels, and other attractions, which is what makes it an exciting place to explore. Other things to do in Austin that you can consider include visiting the world-famous University of Texas at Austin and the Texas State Capitol.

Place to Visit in Austin

The city of Austin in the US state of Texas is a fascinating place to visit if you want to enjoy spending quality time with friends and family. You will be pleased to know that are a wide variety of places to visit in Austin that can help you have an unforgettable summer vacation experience. With a history dating back to the early Clovis culture of 9200 BC and a city contributing significantly in terms of economic output, you will be left awestruck by the countless places to visit in Austin . Firstly, you should head to the Downtown Farmers Market located at Republic Square Park, 498 West 4th Street. Open between 9 am and 1 pm on Saturdays, this marketplace is a focal point of the city’s best produce from artisanal cheese to fresh fruits. The market is also a hub for many locals, owing to its buzzing festive vibe. Another place you can go to is the Congress Avenue Bat Bridge, especially if you are visiting the city any time between March and October. This is the period in which you can catch the experience of more than a million bats flying out of the bridge into the distant sky. Other points of interest that you can explore are the Bullock Texas State History Museum, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Lake Travis, Harry Ransom Center, Deep Eddy Pool, Barton Springs Pool, Auditorium Shores, and Austin Aquarium.


Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird Lake, also known as Town Lake, is a recreational area in the Colorado River in Austin. It was established in 1960 and covers 468 acres of lake and land area. The Lady Bird Lake is primarily used as a recreational destination and in flood control efforts. Along the shorelines of the Lady Bird Lake are various hotels, restaurants, the Auditorium Shores urban park and Hike and Bike Trail.

One of the best things to do in Lady Bird Lake is go swimming at the near the Barton Springs and Zilker Park, both of which are closely located to the lake. Lady Bird Lake has some of the best views of downtown Austin from the beautiful landscapes of the Zilker Park to the charming elegance of the Barton Springs.

Canoeing is also one of the popular things to do in Lady Bird Lake along with kayaking, and rowing. The warm weather of Austin and the calm waters of the Colorado River make the 6-mile stretch a popular activity amongst clubs and crew teams. During the fall you can catch the Austin City Limits Music Festival, the Spamarama and the Austin Reggae Festival at the banks of Lady Bird Lake.


Zilker Park

Zilker Park

Zilker Park is a metropolitan park that in Southern Austin situated on the junction of Colorado River and Barton Creek. Zilker Park was built in 1917 and is a designated U.S. Historic District. The park is named after Andrew Jackson Zilker who owned the land until donating it to the city. Zilker Park is based on more than 350 acres of land and serves as a major hub recreational and tourist hub not just in Austin, but all of Texas.

Hiking is one of the best things to do in Zilker Park along with bike riding with various trails available throughout the park. The Zilker Park is also a popular picnic area with well maintained parks and various public attractions. It is home to the Zilker Botanical Garden that hosts the annual Zilker Gardens Festival each spring. Swimming is also a popular activity as the Barton Springs Pool offers you a relaxing dip after some adventurous time.
Amongst the best things to do in Zilker Park is attending the Austin City Limits Music Festival, an annual music festival every fall featuring live performances for two weekends. Overall, the Zilker Park has loads of adventurous, fun, and family friendly activities to engage in.


Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge

Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge

Detroit has got many great things and attractions for you to check out and one of them includes visiting the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge. One of the standout points over here is that it shelters the biggest urban bat colony in North America, which is why so many visitors come check it out.

If you are a fan of batman or simply just love bats, then you will find plenty of things to do in Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge. You should make sure that you check out the viewing times when the bats fly out near dusk, and you can see from 750,000 to 1.5 million bats that fly out. Also included in the list of things to do in Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge is that you can find separate timings to view the bats flying around, which are in the evening and the afternoon.

Thousands of tourists visit just to see the bat conservatory and study the feeding habits of the bats. Also included in the things to do in Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge is that you should take guided tours of the bat conservatory to learn more about the different species of bats over here.


University of Texas

University of Texas

The University of Texas at Austin is a public university and part of the University of Texas system. The University of Texas at Austin was founded in 1883 near the Texas State Capitol and is the fifth largest campus in the United States. The University of Texas at Austin is home to seven museums including the prestigious Blanton Museum of Art and the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum.

One of the best things to do in University of Texas at Austin is watch the NCAA basketball at their home court. The Texas Longhorns is a feared team in college basketball and has produced some of the best players for the National Football League (NFL) as well). Watching a basketball and football game is highly recommended as the crowd is electric and the quality of the game is always high.

Another popular things to do in the University of Texas at Austin is visit the Greek community which houses one of the country’s largest community of people of Greek origin. Authentic Greek restaurants and cultural events will definitely make up for a great afternoon. Overall, visiting the University of Texas at Austin is a surreal experience, whether for academics, sport, or touring.


Texas State Capitol

Texas State Capitol

The Texas State Capitol is a granite and marble structure that was built in 1888 in what is now the downtown area of Austin, Texas. The Texas State Capitol is a U.S. National Historic Landmark and at 308 feet, it is the sixth tallest capitol in the United States. The Texas State Capitol houses the chambers and offices of the Office of the Governor and Texas Legislature.

Today, one of the most popular things to do in Texas State Capitol is to take a free tour that will give you a unique look at its history and beautiful architecture. In fact, the structure has up to 400 rooms and a rotunda that is a whispering gallery featuring all portraits of every single president and governor of the republic and state of Texas.

The Texas State Capitol’s planning and design is widely acclaimed across the country, as it is ranked as the number one state capitol in the U.S. The Capitol building also features 22 acres of ground. One of the best things to do in Texas State Capitol is to explore the grounds where you can find monuments and statues of some of the most significant men and women to the state of Texas and the country!


Bullock Texas State History Museum

With summer only a few months away, it is important that you have a great tourist destination in mind to have a spectacular adventure with your friends and family. One such place is capital city of US state of Texas, Austin. Owing to its rich history, you will be amazed at the various attractions and places of historical significance you can visit. One such is the Bullock Texas State History Museum named after Bob Bullock, who was the former Lieutenant Governor of Texas.
Unlike the conventional concept of museums that you often come across, the Bullock Texas State History Museum provides visitors with a range of media including exhibits, films, group tours, and so much more.

Among the many things to do in Bullock Texas State History Museum that you can be excited about include preparing a group tour to obtain an overview about all the best things the museum has to offer. If you arrange more than 20 visitors, you can receive special discounts as the Story of Texas Café, as well as to its exhibitions. Other activities that you can add to your list of things to do in Bullock Texas State History Museum include participating in its plethora of programs. Be sure to check out its calendar so you can obtain the full details and prepare accordingly.


Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

As a city that has a history stretching back as early as 9200 BC, Austin is a fascinating place to visit to fulfill your wanderlust and passion for experiencing new places and cultures. One particular place that you simply should not miss is the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower. If you are looking for a place to enjoy nature and benefit from its diverse attractions and activities, this is the place to be.

The center was founded in the year 1982 by Lady Bird Johnson, after whom the center was named, along with Helen Hayes. The purpose of the center was to serve as a preservation site for natural landscapes and native plants. The importance of the center is particularly high, owing to the fact that nearly 30 percent of the entire native flora across the globe is facing a risk of extinction. The center thus aims to be a safe haven, which is what attracts many visitors to the place.

Among the many things to do in Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center that you may find interesting is exploring the many wildflower exhibits in The Store Meet and the McDermott Learning Center. Other things to do in Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center include go for long walks, take plenty of stunning natural pictures, and explore the area’s wildlife.


Lake Travis

Out of the many places to visit in Austin, Texas, you should know that there are various things to do in Lake Travis that you can find exhilarating. The capital city of the second largest state in US has many exciting things to offer for an ideal summer vacation destination. The city is as much of a metropolis with an array of skyscrapers and modern infrastructure as it is a place for many natural surroundings. For this reason, Lake Travis is a sight to behold and can serve as a convenient way of spending your trip in Austin.

The lake is actually a reservoir that was built in 1942 during the construction of the Mansfield Dam with a maximum depth of 210 feet or 64 meters and a shore length of 270 miles or 434 kilometers. Due to its vast size, the lake is also used for recreational purposes, in addition to serving as a reservoir for electrical power generation and flood control. There are a wide range of things to do at Lake Travis that you may be interested in including boating, fishing, bowling, camping, and going on aerial tours. Other things to do at Lake Travis that you may be excited about are shopping for your essential home and food items from its stores and eating at one of its popular restaurants.


Harry Ransom Center

If you are visiting the capital city of Texas, Austin, you should know that there are a range of things to do at Harry Ransom Center that you will help you enjoy with your friends and family. Harry Ransom Center is a museum, library, and archive located at the University of Texas, consisting of a range of art collections and artifacts in the field of arts and humanities from Europe and United States.

Here, you will find nearly thousands of works of art, a million books, as well as nearly 36 million manuscripts. The museum’s rare collection is what has made it a top destination spot for locals and foreigners alike.
Out of the many things to do in Harry Ransom Center you can explore, you should give first priority to witnessing its variety of exhibitions, some of which are Frieda Kahlo’s ‘Self-portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird’, ‘Look Inside: New Photography Acquisitions’, and ‘Shakespeare in Print and Performance’.

You can also go on group tours to the museum, through which you can gain a better insight into cultural artifacts and events that shaped many centuries. Be sure to visit the exhibition galleries between 10 am and 5 pm from Monday to Wednesday and Fridays, 10 am and 7 pm on Thursdays, and 12pm and 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.


Deep Eddy Pool

Are you unsure where to visit for the upcoming summer break? Visit Texas. Its capital city, Austin, contains a wide number of attractions and activities that can satisfy your traveler instincts and help you experience a vacation of a lifetime. Before you decide to go there, do know that there are a number of things to do at Deep Eddy Pool, a famous swimming pool that was developed during the Great Depression in the 1920s.

The pool is considered Texas’ old swimming pool, initially starting off as a hole in the Colorado River and later turned into a bathhouse during Depression era. The bathhouse was destroyed as a result of the Colorado flood in the year 1935, weeks after it was bought by the City of Austin. However, the bathhouse was rebuilt by the Works Progress Administration and later launched to the public as a public park in 1936.

One of the many things to do at Deepy Eddy Pool is enjoying an ideal family barbecue at the park. You can find a picnic table as well 6 fishing piers and 16 playgrounds. If you are looking for a great spot to spend the ideal family vacation time, this is definitely worth visiting.