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Things to do in Azuai

In 1824, Azuay, a province in Ecuador, was created. Cuenca is the capital of the province and to go to and from Azuay, people can take a plan from Guayaquil and Quito. The province hosts Ecuador’s largest hydroelectric plant. People visiting the province will find all the tourist destinations in Cuenca. You can stay in the capital to be closer to the attractions.

Cuenca Ecuador

You will have plenty of things to do in Azuay once you arrive. You can book a stay in advance at renowned hotels in the capital. You can stay in Mansion Alcazar, offering a spa and a boutique, the Hotel Oro Verde, offering a swimming pill and a café, and the Hotel Cada Costa Del Mar Brine Aguila, offering a free breakfast. Once you are well rested, you can visit the province’s capital where you find a number of things to do in Azuay. You will have your plate full with exciting things to see each day. You can explore the Iglesia de El Sagrario, the Catedral Metropolitana de la Inmaculada, the San Blas, and the House of the Ecuadorian Culture. To travel to different places within the city or go from one city to another, you can use the bus station or take a taxi. If you prefer to walk, you can. Where should you go if you have small children in tow? You can take your children to have blast at the national park, El Cajas. The national park has streams, lagoons, and rivers. You will have plenty of things to do in Ecuador and discover in the province so make every day count.

Places to visit in Azuai

What are some places to visit in Azuay when you become hungry? You can go to restaurants such as Tiesto’s, Mastranto Life & Food, San Sebas Café, and Tutto Matto Pizzeria or you can try something different. You can try the country street food, which include things like empanadas, pinchos, carne en palito, and huevitos chilenos. If you do not have a sensitive stomach, you should put trying the country’s local cuisine on your bucket list. Is that all of the things to do in Ecuador? Once you have filled up food, you can find other places to visit in Azuay. Hence, running out of things to do in Ecuador is not a possibility. Even though the province offers you an unlimited number of choices, you can select from some of the important ones to visit, especially if you are coming to the country for only a week. You can visit both the Old Cathedral and the New Cathedral to compare the different changes. One was built in 1557 while the other went up in 1885. The best part about your entire trip to the country would be visiting the Inca Ruins. They are biggest Inca ruins in the country. They are located a little away from the province in Cañar County. You should go to the province with your family and friends. You will not run out of things to do in Ecuador.


Things to do in Azuai - Cajas National Park

Cajas National Park is located in the province of Azuay in Ecuador. The park is located to the west of Cuenca, which is the capital city of the Azuay province. It features a jagged landscape of valleys and hills and tundra vegetation. Visitors can find a lot of interesting things to do in Cajas National Park.

The name of the park is derived from the word 'cassa' that in the local Quichua dialect translates close to ‘gateway to the snowy mountains’. It contains more than 270 lagoons and lakes that are located in the páramo of Cajas. The landscape of Cajas has been shaped by glaciations that are responsible for its U-shaped ravines and valleys.

Tourists are attracted to the Cajas National Park in Ecuador to not only delight in viewing the wonderful landscape but also to view the plethora of fauna and flora that inhabit Cajas. Here you can find 44 mammalian species including cats, opossums, bats, pumas, weasels, coatis, foxes, pacas, porcupines, shrews, and many others. Notable floras in the region include Quinua or paper tree, the rare and protected Fuchsia campii, and straw grass, which is the dominant flora in the region. Overall, a visit to Cajas National Park in Ecuador is worth it in the end. You can find a lot of entertaining things to do in Cajas National Park and create wonderful memories that you can relive with delight in later years.


Things to do in Azuai - Old Cathedral of Cuenca

The Old Cathedral of Cuenca is the original cathedral built in 1557 as a place for residents of Cuenca to come to worship. The residents decided to abandon the cathedral when the population of the town grew, but it still draws tourists to it. With the construction of the new Cathedral of Cuenca, the Old Cathedral of Cuenca became a frequented tourist attraction.

Some of the things to do in the Old Cathedral of Cuenca is to go inside the church to admire what is left of it. No sign of the church would have been left if it wasn’t for the efforts of residents who funded the maintenance and upkeep of the church. Back in the day, you would have a bell tower, an atrium, and two hallways, the church serves as a museum.

The restoration efforts have transformed the church into a tourist attraction. Inside the church, you will find paintings and rare artifacts. Through the glass window in the floor, tourists can peer into the burial chambers. From the glass, they see bones and skulls. You will have several things to do in Ecuador with visiting the Old Cathedral being one of them. You should visit the old one first, and then the new one.


Things to do in Azuai - New Cathedral of Cuenca

The New Cathedral of Cuenca is a wonderful place to visit. The church came to be when the Old Cathedral of Cuenca could no longer accommodate several people. The locals visit the church to worship while tourists travel there to see the architecture of 1885, the year it was built. Visit the New Cathedral of Cuenca on your trip to Azuay, Ecuador.

What are some things to do in the New Cathedral of Cuenca? You can admire the stunning architecture, the truncated towers, and the impressive interior of the New Cathedral of Cuenca. However, you should know the shortened towers was a mistake, but even then, the church remains one of the most important parts of the Ecuadorians life. The design of the church is a blend of New-Gothic and Romanesque Revival style.

With so many things to do in Ecuador, you should make visiting the New Cathedral of Cuenca part of your tour of the province. You will enjoy seeing the white and blue domes of the cathedral and marble and alabaster exterior. The floor of the church is equally beautiful, covered in pink marble. The New Cathedral of Cuenca and the Old Cathedral of Cuenca are located across from each other.


Things to do in Azuai - Inca Ruins

Do you want to visit the largest Inca Ruins? Located 18 miles from Cuenca, you will come across the Cañar Province where you will find the ruins. Tourists from all over the world visit the Inca Ruins to see the Inca stone wall and visit the ancient temple. If you are coming to Cuenca, you should pay a visit to this site.

Some of the things to do in Inca Ruins is to explore the area. You can take your friends and family along with you. Tours of visiting the Inca Ruins are also available. Besides looking at the ruins, you can take your time to shop at the local market. If you love history and are passionate about learning more about the Inca Ruins, you should definitely go there when you visit Ecuador.

You will a number of things to do in Ecuador, including visiting the Inca Ruins. Most people who visit the province make sure to begin their tour of the country by going to the Inca Ruins. You will have a wonderful time visiting the ruins and seeing what is left of an ancient time. You should take a tour if you are interested in knowing more about the Inca ruins.