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Things to do in Bath

Recognized for ‘Roman built baths’, Bath is a beautiful city located in Somerset, England. It is nestled in the Valley of Avon River, approximately 156 kilometers away from western London and roughly 18 kilometers from south east of Bristol. The city was declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 1987.

Bath City

Bath earned this status thanks to its history dating back to 60 AD and well-preserved historic jewels in the form of landmarks, buildings and museums. Its rich historic heritage continues to attract tourists like magnet from all over the world. Tourists simply love spending time here, exploring historic landmarks that Bath is best known for. Though sight-seeing is among the most popular things to do in Bath, there are plenty of other things that visitors can enjoy here such as great food, shopping, photography, interaction with the city locals in markets and cultural festivities. The city also has great cafes and restaurants located at every nook and corner where tourists can enjoy delectable meals and rejoice after the exhausting city tour. Besides this, visiting the Roman Baths is one of the most fun and relaxing things to do in Bath. This is a complex of bathhouses built by the Romans on 3 natural hot springs. The natural thermal water here is believed to have healing properties. Tourists also love bathing and relaxing here. Though this place can get crowded, but it sure is fun. It is the premier attraction of Bath and the best preserved ancient Roman spa in the world. So, don’t miss your chance of bathing here when you visit the city on holidays.

Bath England

In fact, this is the reason why a visit to Bath is included among the best things to do in England. Other things to do in England that should be on your list are a visit to Pulteney Bridge, Roman Baths, the Circus, Parade Garden, Bath Abbey and Tyntesfield. The reason why a visit to Pulteney Bridge is included in the list of fun things to do in England is because this is the place where you can shop for souvenirs, enjoy great food and have a fun time by the riverside. A visit to Tyntesfield is also listed in the fun things to do in England for all the right reasons. It is an impressive and magnificent Victorian-Gothic Revival House that is truly a sight that will leave you amazed. The façade of this house is breathtaking and reflects quality craftsmanship combined with technical brilliance. Did you know that this historic mansion was visited by approximately 216,759 tourists in the year 2014? Tyntesfield was built in 1830s. In 2002, the National Trust bought this beautiful and historic mansion through a fundraising campaign.


Things to do in Bath - Bath Abbey

Things to do in Bath - Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey is a historical Anglican cathedral located in the city of Bath, Somerset in UK. Established in the 7th century, the Abbey was rebuilt several times in subsequent centuries with major restoration work carried out in the 1860s. Architecture of the cathedral reflects Perpendicular Gothic design, and is one of the largest examples in the country.

Visitors can find many interesting things to do in Bath Abbey. The cathedral is particularly notable for its fan vaulting design on the ceiling. Floor, windows, and wall plaques of the abbey commemorate notable persons of the country. At the western front, you can find sculptures of angels ascending to paradise on two ladders.

Bath Abbey has a seating capacity of 1,200 people. Apart from religious services, the place also hosts ceremonies and concerts that are attended by hundreds and thousands of visitors each year. Other things to do in Bath Abbey include visiting a museum that is located in the abbey's vault. Here you can see artifacts, sculptures, and other items of historical importance. Exhibits in the museum tell about the history of the abbey. Irrespective of the faith you belong to, visiting the place is a must as you can learn about medieval architecture and history of the area.


Things to do in Bath - Thermae Bath Spa

Things to do in Bath - Thermae Bath Spa

Thermae Bath Spa is a natural spa situated in the city of Bath in England. Visitors can find many fun and exciting things to do in Thermae Bath Spa. The award winning spa is situated at the heart of the city. It is the perfect place to relax and get a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Thermae Bath Spa is the only place in England where you can bathe in mineral-rich, warm waters as the Romans and Celts did about two millennial years ago. You can either enjoy bathing in the Minerva Bath or relax in the open-air pool that that offers magnificent views of the surrounding areas. Moreover, you can also refresh your spirits and the senses in the aromatic steam rooms.

Other things to do in Thermae Bath Spa include getting a traditional massage, Hot Stone therapies and facials. Also, located near the pool area is the Springs Cafe Restaurant where you can indulge your taste palettes in various delicacies. Note that children under the age of 16 are not allowed in the Royal Bath area. Additionally, visitors have to book spa treatment and packages in advance.


Things to do in Bath - The Roman Baths

Things to do in Bath - The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths is one of the best historical sites located in the city of Bath, England. There is a lot to see and things to do in the Roman Baths. Visitors should allot at least half a day to get the most out of the visit. The historical place is visited by over a million tourists every year.

The Roman Baths ruins are very well preserved and give an insight into life of the people during the time when the area was occupied by the Romans. Actors can be seen walking dressed like the ancient Romans that make the experience even better.

A temple was built here first in about 60-70 AD by the Romans. During the next three centuries a bathing complex was constructed over the area. Visitors will find many things to do in the Roman Baths. The area is divided into four segments: the Roman Bath House, the Roman Temple, the Sacred Spring, and the Museum. In the museum, you can find a vast collection of artifacts and items that belong to the Roman period. Overall, this is a must visit place to experience something out-of-the-ordinary in England, UK.


Things to do in Bath - The Royal Crescent

Things to do in Bath - The Royal Crescent

The Royal Crescent is a historical site located in the central part of the Bath city in England. The iconic landmark that was constructed between 1767 and 1775 is without doubt one of the best examples of Georgian architectural design found anywhere in the country.

There are lots of interesting places to visit and things to do in the Royal Crescent. The area is so named because the houses and buildings that are located are arranged in a sweeping crescent. The impressive landmark overlooks Royal Victoria Park and features a recessed landscape that offers unobstructed view of the surrounding areas.

Various well known people have stayed in the Royal Crescent since it was built over two centuries ago, so you can find special commemorative plaques located here. Today, the famous landmark in Bath is a tourist attraction as well as a popular place for film and TV drama shooting. Here you can find a museum, a five-star luxury hotel, and various private houses. All in all, a visit to the place is certainly worth it in the end as you can find many fun and exciting things to do in the Royal Crescent.


Things to do in Bath - The Victoria Art Gallery

Things to do in Bath - The Victoria Art Gallery

The Victoria Art Gallery is an art museum situated in Bath, England. The gallery was named to honor Queen Victoria's sixty years on the throne. There are many interesting things to do in the Victorian Art Gallery. The museum houses a vast collection of sculpture, paintings, and other types of decorative artworks. Exterior of the gallery contains a statute of Queen Victoria as well as friezes of various classical figures.

Visitors can find many fun and interesting things to do the Victorian Art Gallery. The place seems to be buzzing all year round. Unlike other great museums in England, the Victoria Art Gallery is truly a people's gallery. After establishment of the building a number of people 'donated' their artworks that became part of the museum's permanent collection.

The permanent and temporary eclectic exhibits serve as a perfect treat for anyone who has a taste in fine art and paintings.
Art collections in the Victoria Art Gallery date from 15th century to the current times. Here you can find over 1,000 artworks, from 17th century British oil paintings to works by present day painters such as Thomas Jones Barker, Thomas Gainsborough, and Walter Sickert.


Things to do in Bath - Pulteney Bridge, River Avon

Things to do in Bath - Pulteney Bridge, River Avon

Connecting Bathwick’s Georgian town with Bath by crossing over River Avon, Pulteney Bridge is a gorgeous and historic landmark - a must visit for tourists traveling to Bath. This bridge was built in the year 1774 and designed by Robert Adam. It is named after William Johnstone’s wife, Frances Pulteney. The bridge is approximately 45 meters in length and 18 meters in width.

It is one of the 4 bridges in the world that is lined with shops on both sides. No wonder shopping is rated as one of the most fun things to do in Pulteney Bridge. If you’ve come alone to Bath, this is where you can find and buy some of the best souvenirs and gifts for your friends and family back home at reasonable prices. More importantly, there are so many shops here that you are bound to find something really nice for everyone.

When it comes to fun things to do in England on the Pulteney Bridge, enjoying delicious meals by the river side is something that tourists just love to experience. The beautiful river flowing under the bridge and the surrounding landscape adds to the joy of eating food. Along with shops, you can find several restaurants and cafes here. Order your favorite meal and eat by the riverside at sunset if you want to make the most of your time here.


Things to do in Bath - The Circus

Things to do in Bath - The Circus

The Circus is a historic landmark located in Bath which is also one of the top rated tourist attractions in the city. The construction of this historical building began in the year 1754 and was completed in the year 1768. The façade of the building is breathtaking. The building is constructed in Georgian architectural style and reflects quality artisan.

There are many things to do in the Circus. Tourists spend hours here just exploring and admiring the beauty as well as quality craftsmanship of this glorious structure that stands tall, serving as a nostalgic building of the historian times. The building is skillfully divided into 3 segments. These are of equal lengths and curved at the entrance. In Latin, the word circus means Circle. The building is circular/curved in shape, hence the name.

Photography is also included among the many fun things to do in England when at the Circus. People just love taking pictures of this building with their cell phones and DSLR cameras. It’s a great way to capture the beauty of this classical and historic wonder; and share it with your friends when you go back home. So, if you are visiting the Circus, make sure to bring your camera.


Things to do in Bath - Parade Gardens

Things to do in Bath - Parade Gardens

When in Bath, don’t forget to visit the Parade Gardens. It is a hotspot for both tourists and locals alike. This is a majestic botanical park that has a beautiful greenscape and offers great view of the River Avon and Pulteney Bridge in the surroundings. Visitors have to pay for the entry ticket but it is surely worth it.

There are many things to do in Parade Gardens. However, enjoying picnics with friends and family is the most favorite activity among tourists and locals. Families come here to relax and have a good time after a long week of hard work. You can also come here with your family and have a nice picnic. Besides this, you can also play games here with your children and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Concerts are also held in Parade Gardens during the summer months. Famous British bands perform here live and entertain families with their foot tapping music and sensational performances. Watching these concerts live is also included among the many things to do in England when in Parade Gardens. It’s an experience that you will love and cherish.