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View The Phoenician Wall Batroun in 360 virtual tour

Batroun is a city in the northern coast of Lebanon and is considered one of the oldest in the country. It is the capital of the Batroun District and a popular tourist destination with the Phoenician wall as the main attraction. The town is itself a beach resort and is well known for comprising of some of the most pristine pebble beaches in the country along with an exciting nightlife in well equipped pubs and clubs. The town also features a ring of citrus trees that have surrounded it since the 20th century along with the fresh lemonade that is sold from their sour produce in restaurants. The city was once a very important Phoenician city and is particularly well known for its marine wall called the Phoenician Wall that protects it from tidal waves. Most historians are of the opinion that the wall used to be a natural structure made from naturally occurring petrified sand dunes. The structure was strengthened by the Phoenicians with more rocks until it took the shape that is still standing to this day. Measuring 225 meters in height and 1.5 meters thick, the wall has not stood the test of time as well. Parts of it have crumbled but it is still a must see if you want to catch a glimpse of Lebanon’s past.