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Things to do in Beijing

Best attractions to visit in Beijing

11. Badaling - Beijing


The Great Wall of China is the hotbed for tourist activity all around the year. The one place that people most often visit on the Wall is the Badaling area. This is the most famous and most commonly visited area on the Great Wall and people who have visited it include the President of US Richard Nixon, Margaret Thatcher the Prime Minister of United Kingdom, etc. The area offers tourist a stunning view of the lush green hill side area aided by the supreme architecture of the wall itself.


12. Beihai Park - Beijing

Beihai Park

The Chinese have a rich history dating back to the Imperial era and the Beihai Park is one such attraction. The Park was first built by emperors in the 11th center and it is considered one of the tallest parks in China. The Beihai Park is a huge park so much so that it has palaces and temples on it. At the heart of the park is the Jade flower Island. The park reminds tourist of different scenic spots and destinations from all around China.


13. Juyong Pass - Beijing

Juyong Pass

When you build the Great wall, there are bound to be passes to let people through, one such pass in the Great Wall of China is the Juyong Pass. The pass is one of the three most impregnable passes on the great wall. The pass can be accessed easily by stairs but the stairs are slightly steep and may appear hard to access. The pass is nearer to the city, and with breathtaking views up top, it is an ideal place for photography and sightseeing.


14. National Stadium - Beijing

National Stadium

The National Stadium is also known as the Bird’s Nest by the people due to its shape and design. The stadium is at the heart of sporting events in the country having acted as the home of the 2008 Olympics for which it was specially designed. So far it has also conducted the Paralympics and hopes to be able to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. The Stadium is beautifully built and it has a history section where tourists can read about the exploits of Chinese athletes in the Olympics.


15. Yuanmingyuan Park - Beijing

Yuanmingyuan Park

The Old Summer Palace has a unique architecture, and was called the Yuanming Yuan. The place was known as the Imperial gardens back in the day and it is a complex array of gardens and palaces to entertain the rulers of China. The palace was made during the 18th and 19th century. The palace was destructed as part of a retaliation attempt in a war. The place where the old summer palace stood is a plan of the old summer palace and tourists can enjoy the history of the area.


16. Red Theatre - Beijing

Red Theatre

The Taoist Temple was built in 1972 by the Chinese community in Cebu City, Philippines. From the replica entrance of ‘The Great Wall of China’ to the dazzling sculptures of majestic dragons, this place is influenced by the history of Taoism. The wishing well, viewing deck, fortune stick and the gift shops of handmade crafts, statues and fancy trinkets are just a few attractions for a tourist that makes the experience within the temple as vibrant as its fascinating exterior.


17. Tea Tasting - Beijing

Tea Tasting

A tour in Beijing is never complete without being introduced to the ancient Chinese tradition of tea drinking. It’s an experience to revitalize you throughout your trip by sipping on different flavors of tea. For a tea lover, tea tasting in Beijing is all about satisfying their curiosity by taking a trip to the relaxing tea tour. These tea houses are the perfect spots for the tourists to double their tea knowledge, a sip at a time.


18. Jade Museum - Beijing

Jade Museum

The Jade Museum is known for its display of old pieces of jade. Located in Beijing, China, it’s holds perfect appeal for visitors and allows them to learn about history of Beijing as the imperial capital. From regular exhibits of history to Ancient Porcelain, Ancient Beijing Bronze Art and Ancient Jade are the most favorite exhibitions to attend. Also, the big store, selling small figures and precious jade jewelry, is a perfect addition to your ancient jewelry collection.


19. Beijing Aquarium - Beijing

Beijing Aquarium

The authentic city of Beijing unveiled through the bike tour in Hutongs. It’s a perfect attraction which will take you back in time with a 4-hour biking ride to explore exciting landmarks like the Memorial Hall of Mr. Lao She, National Art Museum, market of Longfu Temple, and Wangfujing Street while riding through the narrowest hutong – Daowan hutong! Be prepared to be left mesmerized by old Beijing and meet local residents, eat homemade food, and learn the art of paper cutting, shuttlecock and Yoyo.


20. Beijing Zoo - Beijing

Beijing Zoo

Located in the Xicheng District, Beijing Zoo is the platform of 500 different species of animals in China. The popular tourist destination attracts nature lovers and allows them to explore the wildlife and get closer to the rarest animals. The area of park is vibrant with greenery and Chinese statues, buildings and decorations. Also, the experience is way more informative, fun and astonishing than any other tourist spot for adults and kids both in Beijing.


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