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Things to do in Beja

If you are in search of a romantic getaway where modern meets traditional, then a trip to Beja will not disappoint. Indulge in the relaxing setting of the Convento de Nossa which boasts a lavish interior but its main attraction is the stunning rococo chapel that boasts gilded woodwork that dates back to the 18th century! The interior is predominately Arabian which is evident by the stunning ceiling which depicts unfurling ferns.

Places to visit in Beja

Beja is a wonderful city in Tunisia which sits on the slopes of the Khroumirie Mountains. It is around 100 kilometers from the capital city of Tunis and it often spelled as Bajah in Arabic. It is present in a very fertile land and one of the best things to do in Beja is to enjoy the agriculture which is spread all around the city. Beja has always served as the center for distributing the produce of the local fields and this has turned the entire region into a prosperous commercial center. One of the things to do in Beja is to enjoy the landscape which is dominated by the old Roman fortress in the area. The city has a very rich history and it has faced and endured the attacks of many infamous kingdoms. The town was perhaps originally called Waga, which gradually turned into its modern name of Beja during the days of the French colonial rule. One of the best things to do in Beja is to enjoy its picturesque scenery which is second to none especially in the entire country of Tunisia. Beja is famous as a very friendly place. The citizens live a distinct family life and are known to be very hospitable.

Visit Beja

Beja finally saw a long time of peace since the days of the Muslim conquest of North Africa. The Second World War though broke this peace when the German planes bombed the city. The city is located on the beautiful White Hill and the Medjerda River directly crosses it. One of the best places to visit in Beja is the Punic necropolis which was discovered in 1887. The city was an important crossroad and often travelers stopped at the city when going onwards to Hippone. There are many historical places to visit in Beja such as the infamous Beja Citadel. It is a Roman castle, which in fact was built over an older Carthaginian castle. The castle is an amazing place to see as it was fortified during the Muslim rule in the region and protected the city from foreign invaders. There are many cultural and historical things to do in Beja as visitors can go the Great Mosque of Beja which is among the oldest mosques in the region and is known to be built around 944 AD. Among the other things to do in Beja, it is absolutely important to visit the Beja Bardo Palace. This was the royal residence of Ali Pecha II.

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