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Things to do in Belfast

Northern Ireland can be termed as a region which is part of the United Kingdom. It shares its borders with the sovereign state of the Republic of Ireland. The state of Northern Island was created in 1921 when Ireland was partitioned between two states. The majority of the population of this region wanted to remain in the United Kingdom. There is still a conflict of identities among the inhabitants of the region to call them either British or Irish. The population is divided among Catholics and Protestants. The region has historically been the industrial center of Ireland. The country has grown significantly after the end of conflicts in the late 1990s.

Belfast Ireland

Belfast is the capital and the largest city of Northern Ireland. It is situated at the banks of the River Lagan. It currently has a population of around 286,000. The city was historically famous for its linen and shipbuilding industries. It played an important role in the Industrial Revolution. The city has now emerged out of the problems that it suffered during the last few decades. One of the things to do in Belfast is to visit the Victoria Square which has been rejuvenated in the last few years. Belfast is a major port city and has a lot of docks and shipyards. One of the best things to do in Belfast is to view the amazing shoreline and see the many shipyards working in the city. Belfast is famous for tourism and receives over 7 million visitors each year. Most British travel tours include a visit to Belfast. One of the most important things to do in Belfast is to visit the tourist information centre which is located at Donegall Place. Another of the interesting things to do in Belfast would be to visit Titanic Belfast which is a monument that pays homage to the maritime development industry of the region.

Belfast City

Belfast is a city that has gone through a complete cultural transformation. It also applied unsuccessfully for the title of Europe’s Capital of Culture. One of the things to do in Belfast is to attend the many art exhibitions that are always taking place in the city. Another of the amazing things to do in Belfast is to enjoy the Ulster Orchestra which is well reputed around Europe. The relative peace in the region and the promotion of cultural activities has really attracted a lot of tourists towards Belfast in the last decade or so. One of the most famous things to do in Belfast is to enjoy many Irish bands that perform at various places in the city and keep the traditional music of the region alive. The Queen’s University is well known in the city for regularly arranging concerts that are often performed by renowned musicians from around the UK. You can also include a visit to the Kelly’s Cellars among the top things to do in Belfast and you should certainly enjoy the music of Brian Kennedy and the famous band 9Lies. Many musicians and famous bands have written songs about Belfast. There are a lot of things to do in Belfast especially for people interested in music such as visiting the Oh Yeah Music Centre


Things to do in Belfast - Belfast Castle

Things to do in Belfast - Belfast Castle

Belfast Castle is one of the hidden jewels of Northern Ireland located in the capital city of Belfast. The castle is situated in the slope of Cavehill and offer unrivalled views of the surrounding area. Established in 1870, the place has lots to offer to the visitors. There are plenty of fun and interesting things to do in Belfast Castle. The castle was constructed for the third Marquess of Donegall in a Scottish Baronial style similar to Balmoral Castle located in Aberdeen in Scotland. The multi-turreted castle was officially opened from the public in 1988. Upstairs is located the Cave Hill Visitor Center that displays items related to history, folklore, and archeology. A gift shop and a cellar restaurant is situated downstairs from where you can buy souvenir items to take back home as a memento. The grounds of the castle offer the perfect opportunity for photography. A scenic rose garden called the Nine Cat Garden is located near the castle on the slopes of the Cave Hill - a great place for both cat-lovers and children. Overall, there are lots of fun, exciting, and fascinating things to do in Belfast Castle that you can experience by visiting the place the next time you vacation in Belfast in Northern Ireland.


Things to do in Belfast - Botanic Gardens

Things to do in Belfast - Botanic Gardens

Botanic Garden is a wonderful tourist spot located in the capital city of Belfast in Northern Ireland. Established in 1828, the park has been the recipient of the Green Flag award that recognizes best open spaces in the United Kingdom. The place offers plenty of opportunity for tourists to have fun and discover interesting things to do in Botanic Garden. The main attraction of the garden includes the Palm House and the Tropical Ravine. The Palm house contains a large collection of tropical and seasonal plants. Here you can also find lots of birds that visit the area during different seasons. It is one of the finest examples of a glasshouse made from glass and iron and shows how far the technology had developed during the Victorian era. The Tropical Ravine also contains features of interest including flowering vines, pant-filled sunken glen, leaf silhouettes and tree ferns. During the Victorian era, the Botanic Garden was the symbol of growing prosperity of the city and attracted more than 10,000 visitors in a day. There are plenty of fun and exciting things to do in Botanic Gardens that you can experience by visiting the place on your next trip to Belfast in Northern Ireland.


Things to do in Belfast - Ulster Museum

Ulster Museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions located in Belfast in Northern Ireland. The place offers something for everyone, from those who are simply curious, to the avid enthusiasts. Where else can you can meet an Egyptian Mummy, come face to face with large dinosaurs, and experience modern artworks relating to different genera. Visitors can experience all this and more at the Ulster Museum. The museum houses Northern Ireland's treasures from both the past and the present. There are plenty of points of interests and things to do in Ulster Museum. Here you can find a large collection of items relating to art, natural sciences, and history. These items are collected from different parts of the world. The items on display in the museum relate to fine art, ethnography, local and international history, archaeology, botany, geology, numismatics, and much more. And that's not all. The museum contains a large collection of animal life including insects, mammals, birds, flowering plants, algae, lichens. Apart from that there are also a large archive of manuscripts and books that relate to local history. All in all, this is a great place to visit in Northern Ireland as there are plenty fun, exciting and interesting things to do in Ulster Museum.


Things to do in Belfast - Golden Mile

The Golden mile is a must-visit place situated in the capital city of Belfast in Northern Ireland. Visitors can find lots of places of interest and things to do in Golden Mile. The name is given to the strip of land running south along Great Victoria Street to University Road between the City Hall and Queen's University in Belfast. The Donegall Pass is located to the east of the Golden Mile, while Sandy Row and Donegall Road is situated to the west. Majority of the city's restaurants, cinema houses, eateries, and theaters are located along this area. Also located along the Golden Mile are Grand Opera House, Laganside, and Cathedral Quarter. Sandy Row, running parallel to the Great Victoria Street, contains the working-class quarter that contrasts glaringly with the center of the city's increasingly cosmopolitan ambiance. A number of world class hotels are located near the Golden Mile including the Etap Hotel, Benedicts Hotel, Holiday Inn, Clayton Hotel, and many others. James Street South and Malmaison Brasserie are two of the most well known eateries that are situated near the Golden Mile. There are lots of fun and exciting things to do in Golden Mile that you can experience once you visit the area in Belfast.


Things to do in Belfast - The Grand Opera House

The Grand Opera House is an entertainment venue located in the capital city of Belfast in Northern Island. Established in 1895, the magnificent theater is one of the best surviving examples in the UK of oriental architecture. It is the premier entertainment venue located in Northern Ireland that attracts large number of visitor every year. Visitors will be spoilt for choice when it comes to fun and entertaining things to do in the Grand Opera House. The theater presents an outstanding selection of programs that range from comedy, drama, opera, and family shows. The exceptionally diverse and outstanding art performances fully entertain and engage the audiences. Located at the heart of the city center, the Grand Opera House boasts of lots of attractions for the visitors. The grandiose Victorian era auditorium feature live performances. It is the favorite venue for both local producers and international theatrical firms. Other things of interest in the museum include a 100-seat theater space, Bay Grand Studio, and three bars. There are lots of points of interests and things to do in the Grand Opera house that you can enjoy by including it in your travel itinerary when visiting Belfast in Northern Island.