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Best attractions to visit in Berlin

11. Marienkirche - Berlin view 360

360 virtual tour

Located near Alexanderplatz in central Berlin, the Marienkirche or also known as St. Mary’s Church, was originally built as a Roman Catholic church but since the Protestant Reformation, it became a Lutheran Protestant Church before changing to a united Protestant church in 1817. The exact construction date of the Marienkirche is not known but it was first mentioned in 1292 in chronicles. Its architecture made of red bricks and wide arches give it a gothic style. The main attraction of the Marienkirche is the famous fresco painting “Dance of Death” located in the tower of the church and is more than 22 meters long and 2 meters high.


12. Gendarmenmarkt - Berlin


Known as Berlin’s most beautiful public square, Gendarmenmarkt is a main and one of the most important attractions of Berlin. In this square, you can find the architectural ensemble made of the Konzerthaus and the different churches. In the center of the Gendarmenmarkt stands the monumental statue of the famous German poet Friedrich Schiller. This amazing square is transformed to a fairytale during Christmas time as it is known as one of the most magical Christmas markets of the region.


13. Deutsches Historisches Museum - Berlin

Deutsches Historisches Museum

The German Historical Museum is very popular with tourists. It is easy to see why. With most countries, the museums just tell you the best parts of its history. However, Germany’s actions in recent history were so abhorrent that they cannot be tiptoed around. This results in one of the most unique museums on earth, where you learn about some of the atrocities from the nation that committed those atrocities itself, in a very respectful and apologetic manner.The history of Germany before the world wars is also endlessly fascinating. Even people who have no interest in history will be moved by this splendid museum. Established in 1987, the German Historical Museum has many different displays about the history of Germany. The display about life after World War 2 is easily the most fascinating one. It is titled ‘DEFEAT. LIBERATION. NEW BEGINNING.’ It is so fascinating because it shows what happened to the people in the countries commonly seen as the bad side in World War 2. You realize that you haven’t really thought about what they went through, and the display does a great job of showing the hardships without trivializing the effects on other countries. The museum is open daily 10am to 6pm.


14. Museum Island - Museumsinsel - Berlin

Museum Island - Museumsinsel

The Museum Island is a UNESCO National Heritage Site and is located on the Spree Island. The Museum island is a complex of museums with all the ancient history put together in one place! Thousands of tourists every year visit the five famous museums, its more like an enormous visual library! Make sure that when you visit Berlin, you reserve an entire day for this place, as it has some of the most famous artifacts that date back to the prehistoric era. Parts of this museum are closed due to restoration and expansion work. The Pergamon Museum, the Museum of Islamic Art and the Market Gate of Miletus are not to miss. The Bode Museum comprises of different sculptures and treasures from different empires and dynasties. The Altes Museum consists of contemporary art and shows antiques from the Roman and Greek era. The Neues Museum is home to different objects from the Egyptian era and has an impressive antique collection. Lastly, there is the Alte National Gallery that has different types of artwork from the eighteenth, nineteenth, and the twentieth century.


15. Altes Museum - Berlin

Altes Museum

Situated on the Museum Island in Berlin, the Altes Museum or Old Museum is a place that you really don’t want to miss while you are in Berlin. The Altes Museum was built in 1830 and its architecture resembles makes it look like the Rome Pantheon. The collection of this amazing museum takes the tourists back to the old days because of its antique variety of objects which goes back to the old Greeks, Romans and Etruscans times. If you love culture and antiquity, the Altes Museum is the ideal place to visit in Berlin.


16. Alte Nationalgalerie - Berlin

Alte Nationalgalerie

Art hungry? Alte Nationalgalerie is one place that would satisfy your imagination. And If art is not one of your interests; this gallery will inspire you still. The building was constructed in 1861, and has retained all the charm of the era it was created in. The architects wanted it to combine art, nation, and history. which makes the building look like a church with a temple and a theater. The collection here is fantastic, and everyone is sure to find something of interest. Many different art movements are represented in the collection, including Romantic, Neoclassical, French Impressionism, and early Modernism as well. The collection includes art from some of the most legendary artists of these movements such as Max Liebermann, Caspar David Friedrich, Karl Blechen and many more. Alte Nationalgalerie is surrounded by many other museums but manages to stand out due to its architecture. The gallery is open every day except Monday, and the opening hours are 10am to 6pm, except on Thursdays when it is open till 8pm.


17. Neue Nationalgalerie - Berlin

Neue Nationalgalerie

One of the city’s state museum, the Neue Nationalgalerie is the most important art destination in Berlin. There, visitors can find art of the 20th century and see the art of famous artists of the world like Morris Louis, Pablo Picasso and many more. The Neue Nationalgalerie is part of the National Gallery of the Berlin State Museums. Since 1928 the Neue Nationalgalerie is opened to the visitors and if you are in Berlin you really can’t miss this amazing place.


18. Bode Museum - Berlin

Bode Museum

The Bode Museum is located at the Museum Island of Berlin. Established in 1904, the collection of this museum is eccentrically mixed. The reason is that the founder Wilhelm von Bode believed that art was better enjoyed in variety, and that keeping the same type of art together devalued the experience. The 2 major collections here are the Skulpturensammlung und Museum für Byzantinische Kunst and Münzkabinett. Skulpturensammlung und Museum für Byzantinische Kunst contains some of the most impressive and classic sculpture collection in the world of the Byzantine Art. Boasting artists like Donatello and Antonio Canova, the sculptures are truly a sight to behold. The Byzantine at is similarly awe-inspiring, with works collected from the 3rd to the 15th century. Münzkabinett is the most important medal and coin collection in the world. If you ever had the hobby of collecting coins, this should be pure heaven for you. Some of the most interesting coins from the history of humankind are available here. The collection starts from 650 BC, and it is fantastic to be able to such ancient coinage. The museum is open 9am-4pm, Mondays to Friday. When visiting the Museum Island, do not forget to head here.


19. Pergamon Museum - Berlin

Pergamon Museum

The Pergamon Museum is located in the Museum Island. A big part of it was destroyed by air raids during the Second World War after it was designed by Alfred Messel. The museum has three wings which hold some of the most ancient sculptures in the world from the Babylon, Greek and Roman era. If you are interested in history and beautiful architecture, then make sure you set aside a few hours just to explore this place. The collection in the museum is truly impressive and has three major collections namely the Museum of Near Eastern Antiquities, Collection of Classical Antiquities, and the Museum of Islamic Art. The biggest attraction in the museum is the Pergamon Altar, which was found in 1876 and was placed in here in 1903. The centerpiece is humungous and is 370 feet, and shows a fight between giants and gods. It is considered one of the best sculptors to date.


20. DDR Museum - Berlins interaktives Museum - Berlin

DDR Museum - Berlins interaktives Museum

We love the museums in Germany because they are so unique. Most countries have museums which just display the art, but places like DDR Museum and Checkpoint Charlie Museum completely break the mold. DDR is defined as a ‘unique interactive museum’. The aim of the museum isn’t just to show you what it was like to live in East Germany under surveillance; it tries to show the other side and the way people in East Germany felt. For instance, the place is bugged so you know that whatever you say can be heard by someone else. It made us feel very uneasy, and we cannot even think about how it was to live for years in that state. The museum is also unique because it is privately funded. It is very popular, and was even nominated for the best museum in Europe award. You would feel like you are in an actual home in East Germany. The creators of this museum have recreated not just the looks, but also the sounds and smells of East Germany. There’s even an authentic television from that era, playing shows that were shown on television in that era. It is a very fascinating experience overall, and you should definitely not miss it.


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