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Things to do in Berlin

Best attractions to visit in Berlin

31. Olympiastadion Berlin - Berlin

Olympiastadion Berlin

The Olympiastadion Berlin was built back in 1936 and the architecture of the stadium is truly unique. It was designed by architect Werner March and the construction work took place from 1934 till 1936, and it has the capacity of seating around 100,000 spectators. Don’t forget to visit the bell tower in the Olympic Park that will provide you breathtaking views of the May Field, the Stadium, and the forest stage. It is an important place that several tourists and locals love to visit as it is the venue where all the major events are held. Other than this, the stadium is also the home field of Hertha BSC, which is a football club. The Olympiastadion is situated in the eastern part of Berlin and is only a few kilometers away from the Brandenburg Gate. Tourists can easily access the place by taking a car, the metro, or the light rail. Make sure you don’t miss this spot when during your trip to Berlin!


32. Treptower Park - Berlin

Treptower Park

Treptower is one of the most peaceful parks in Berlin. The park is also home to a great Soviet War memorial. As you enter the park, you will see greenery everywhere. The place is popular among tourists and locals alike, who come here to have a good and relaxing time. The park is often skipped in bus tours, but we would recommend making the time to come here if you have the time. You will find it to have a very calming and beautiful effect on you. Also, we cannot explain this but, there’s something very German about this park. That is something we have noticed in parks all over the world, even though they are all filled with greenery, they also end up representing their own country. The Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park is very impressive. It was built in 1949 to commemorate the Soviet soldiers who lost their lives in the Battle of Berlin. The main attraction of the monument is a 12m tall Soviet soldier, depicted holding a young German girl under a broken swastika. It is supposed to represent a soldier who risked his life to save a 3 year old German girl during the Battle of Berlin. As you walk towards the statue, you will also see 2 kneeling soldiers, which only heightens the solemn mood of the monument.


33. Alexanderplatz - Berlin


Alexanderplatz or Alex is a buzzing public square in Berlin. If you want to experience the markets of the city and see how the locals live this is one of the best places to visit. You will be able to shop for some of the best things Germany has to offer, experience the local culture, and view some beautiful sights as well. It used to be the center of the city’s nightlife. Alexanderplatz is also a great place for restaurants. The transportation hub allows for easy travel and the astounding array of shopping options will leave you dizzy. This is the best place to go on a shopping spree, and we know when touring how important it is for people to be able to go to a good shopping area. Alexanderplatz truly starts being busy when Christmas is near, as a very large Christmas market forms, offering great offers and deals on many products. The kiosks are just as lively as the shops, and you can also get great German treats to eat while you shop.


34. Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum - Berlin

Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum

The Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum in Berlin is one of the finest in the world. Spanning an area of over 43 hectares and a collection of more than 22,000 different plant species, it definitely should not be skipped by any tourist. You will literally find plants from all over the world here, and some of them are a sight to behold due to their exotic nature. The best part of visiting this place is the serene environment. You will feel like time itself is slowing down due to the peace and greenery you are surrounded by. If you are going on a romantic trip, this place will result in a beautiful experience. If you are going alone, then you’re in for an even better treat. Let your surroundings get to you, and you will feel very calm, relaxed, and happy. The garden is divided into many buildings and glasshouses. The great pavilion is our favorite place in the garden, the temperature is 30 C, and the place is always humid to make sure the plants are kept in perfect condition. The greenhouses are divided mostly by areas, but some of them are also divided on the basis of the type of plants inside. Old World Succulents is the most interesting garden in our opinion, housing many plants from the exotic lands of Africa.


35. East Side Gallery - Berlin

East Side Gallery

36. Volkspark Friedrichshain - Berlin

Volkspark Friedrichshain

37. Schloss Charlottenburg - Berlin

Schloss Charlottenburg

38. Charlottenburg Palace Gardens - Berlin

Charlottenburg Palace Gardens

39. Aquarium of Berlin Zoo - Berlin

Aquarium of Berlin Zoo

40. Museum für Naturkunde - Berlin

Museum fur Naturkunde

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