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Things to do in Birmingham

As UK’s largest city after London, Birmingham offers tourists with great places to see and things to do. The city, with a total population of over 2.4 million inhabitants and an area size of 267.77 square kilometers, contributes significantly to the UK economy, owing to its dominance of the services sector. If you want to experience the rich industrial and economically viable side of UK, Birmingham is one place you should definitely visit.

What to do in Birmingham

If UK is your preferred destination for your summer holidays, be sure to visit Birmingham. There are many things to do in Birmingham that can allow you to have a quality summer retreat with your close friends and family members. The vibrant city is a hub of UK’s services sector, contributing a significant share to the economy. More importantly, the city is well known for comprising an array of cultural and educational institutions, among which are the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Library of Birmingham, and other reputable universities. If you decide to go Birmingham, make sure you visit the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, where you can find a vast collection of items pertaining to metalwork, jewellery, ceramics, archaeology, industrial history, and ethnography. Its late 19th century architecture is felt from its brown and traditional design features, which are a mix of Victorian Baroque and Edwardian Renaissance elements. You can also visit the famous Cadbury World, where you can learn all there is to know about how one of the world’s famous chocolates are produced. Cadbury World attracts more than half a million visitors every year, who learn about the history and operations of Cadbury. Other places that you can add to your things to do in Birmingham list are National Sea Life Centre, National Exhibition Centre, and Museum of the Jewellery Quarter.

Places to visit in Birmingham

In addition to the many spectacular places of interest you can visit in the city, Birmingham is a city offering the one of the finest accommodation facilities and shopping malls in UK. Hotels, such as the Holiday Inn Centre, offer a central location, which is ideal for visiting many city attractions and landmarks. This hotel offers executive rooms that contain high-end amenities and facilities. Its friendly staff and services will enable you to have a pleasant and rewarding experience in Birmingham. Another hotel that you should consider when visiting Birmingham is the Hyatt Regency Birmingham located in Bridge Street. Located close to restaurants and the cultural hub of the city, you will have the pleasure of benefiting from the hotel’s quality concierge services, in addition to its comfortable rooms and spa facilities. Other popular hotels of the city include Staybridge Suites Birmingham, Hotel La Tour, and Jury Inn Birmingham.


Things to do in Birmingham - Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Things to do in Birmingham - Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is of one Birmingham's leading tourist attractions. The art gallery and museum contains a vast collection of items of historical and cultural importance. Visitors can find many places of interests and things to do in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. The museum contains more than 40 art galleries related to different disciplines. At the museum, visitors can find a large collection of items related to ceramics, fine art, jewelry, metalwork, archaeology, natural history, local history, industrial history, and ethnography. Entry to the museum is free, meaning that while most of the sections inside the museum are free to enter, there are certain sections, including the Gas Hall, for which you will have to pay a small fee. Art enthusiasts will find the place a veritable treasure trove. The gallery contains the largest collection of pre-Raphaelite paintings in the world. Visitors can view and admire art objects that spans over seven centuries of local and international history including Anglo-Saxon, Roman, Greek, and Ancient Egyptian period. Apart from that there are a number of places of interests and exciting things to do in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery that you can experience by visiting the place.


Things to do in Birmingham - Cadbury World

Cadbury World is a popular tourist attraction located in the city of Birmingham, UK. Established in 1990, the place is managed by the world renowned Cadbury chocolate company. The place has undergone a lot of expansion since its establishment nearly two decades ago. Today visitors will find many interesting places to visit and things to do in Cadbury World. Chocolate lovers will certainly enjoy a visit to Cadbury World. The area attracts a large number of visitors every year numbering more than half a million. Presently there are 14 zones located inside the building each of which tells the story about Cadbury business and their mouth watering chocolates. The place contains a large number of static sets, multi sensory cinema, animatronics, and interactive displays. Visitors can also enjoy watching video presentations and staff demonstrations about the chocolate making process. The Bournville Experience is one of the most interesting places to visit in the Cadbury World. Then there is the 4D Chocolate Adventure that takes visitors on a journey through the world of Cholcolates. There are many other interesting things to do in Cadbury World that make it a must-see site when in Birmingham, England.


Things to do in Birmingham - National SEA LIFE Centre

The National Sea Life Center is a large aquarium located in Birmingham in England. The one million liter tank constitutes a huge variety of of marine and freshwater life. Here you will be astounded to see a diverse array of animal species as they swim elegantly inside the tank. There are many interesting points of interests and things to do in National Sea Life Center. Established in 1996, the National Sea Life Center is one of the world's few fully transparent underwater tunnel aquariums. The building is located opposite the Barclaycard Arena off Old Turn Junction and near Birmingham Canal Navigations Main Line Canal. Here visitors will be transported to an underwater world that is teeming with animals including giant green sea turtles, tropical reef fish, and blacktip reef sharks. Also on display here are giant Pacific Octopus, lobsters, sting rays, sea otters, sharks, and horseshow crabs. Visitors are bound to have a wonderful time at the National Sea Life Center that has won various accolades for its excellent facilities. The place welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, and you can find many wonderful and fun things to do in National Sea Life Center that will make for a memorable stay in Birmingham.


Things to do in Birmingham - Birmingham Back to Backs

Birmingham Back to Back is a fascinating place to visit in the city. Here you can catch a glimpse of the lives of the ordinary people that make Birmingham a truly extraordinary place. There are a number of points of interests and things to do in Birmingham Back to Back. Take a guided tour of the place to learn how the houses that are literally built back-to-back near a courtyard survived the tests of time. At the Birmingham Back to Back, visitors can gain insight into the lives of a few of the former residents who occupied the small houses here from the 1840s all the way to 1970s. Various back to back houses similar to the one you can view here were built during mid-19th century. Most of these houses in the city were demolished during the 1970s with the occupants re-housed in council flats and houses. Birmingham Back to Back houses located are the last surviving houses of its kind. All the buildings located here are three stories tall containing one room on each floor. The area is presently managed by the National Trust as a museum. You can discover many interesting places to visit and things to do Birmingham Back to Back.


Things to do in Birmingham - St Martin in the Bull Ring

Things to do in Birmingham - St Martin in the Bull Ring

St Martin in the Bull Ring is a parish church that is located in the in Edgbaston Street in Birmingham, UK. The Victorian church is located near the Bull Ring Shopping center. It was built at the site of a 13th century medieval church that had been later enlarged and renovated resulting in the present architecture that stands today. Visitors can find many interesting things to do in St Martin in the Bull Ring. Most of the tourists visit the church to admire the beautiful architecture of the building. Major renovations of the church were done in 1873 when it was completely demolished, preserving only the original northwest spire and tower. The exterior of the building is constructed of rockfaced stone and features early gothic style. The interior is built of sandstone and contains a timber roof design of which has been influenced by the roof of Westminster Hall. Beams of the church are decorated with magnificent carvings of angels. There are a great many things to do in St Martin in the Bull Ring's surrounding area that is a perfect place for a photo op. A tea lounge is situated inside the church to provide refreshments for the visitors.