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Things to do in Bizerte

Known as the coastal gem of Tunisia, Bizerte has yet to be discovered as a paradise so you are in luck! The small yet picturesque town is the industrial hub for the country it is based in, but it remains free of the hustle and bustle of a traditional port. The main attractions lie in the center of the town such as the large maze of the Medina which leads right to the edge of the water where fishing boats bob on the surface.

Places to visit in Bizerte

Bizerte is situated around 65 kilometers from the capital of Tunisia. It has a population of around 143,000 people. Bizerte offers a European flavor in the African country of Tunisia. It is a very modern city although it was founded well over 3000 years ago. The city is still European in its stature because it remained the longest under the French rules and won its independence much later. There are many things to do in Bizerte as it has many historical sites and landmarks. It has had a history since the period of the Carthaginians. It has had many names throughout history. The current name of the city is Arabic in origin and basically represents a translation of the older names. One of the amazing things to do in Bizerte is to visit its large naval harbor which has always given the city its military importance. The city also played a significant part in the Second World War as the fighting took place within the city between the Allied and German forces and the city suffered a lot of damage. It was the last city in Tunisia under French control who finally abandoned it in 1963. One of the things to do in Bizerte is to enjoy the yachting facilities offered now at the city harbor.

Visit Bizerte

Bizerte is famous for having a diverse economy. It has a manufacturing industry which is supported also by a large agricultural economy. One of the places to visit in Bizerte is the city marina which provides amazing yacht services and can really house huge yachts. The city also has some Christian history as well. One of the important places to visit in Bizerte is the Hippo Diarrhytus which is a titular see of the Roman Catholic Church. Many people visit the city to enjoy its harbor facilities and go on yachting adventures. Bizerte is on the north coast of the country. There are many archaeological sites that are present in the close vicinity and one of the top things to do in Bizerte is to visit most of these amazing places. Bizerte is quite for its beautiful scenery and many people also like to enjoy its large beaches that are different from the beaches that are found on the east coast of Tunisia. One of the things to do in Bizerte is to visit the wonderful bridge that is present in the shipping channel of the city. Visitors love to enjoy a walk on the breakwater that is present between the beach and the old fort.


Things to do in Bizerte - Ichkeul Lake

Things to do in Bizerte - Ichkeul Lake

Ichkeul Lake is located in northern Tunisia, southwest to Bizerte. Located approximately 15 km to the south of the Mediterranean Sea, the climate of the place is typically Mediterranean. The lake rests inside to what is called the Ichkeul National Park which stretches upon 12,600 hectares of land. The park was declared a UNESCO World heritage site in 1980.The Lake and the surrounding wetlands are a place where thousands of migrating birds visit each year. Due, to the construction of dams nearby, the water supply to the Lake has largely been affected. The number of migrating birds has also been reduced. The park itself has more than 400 species of semi-arid flora most of which are Mediterranean plants. Theses plant species have also suffered due to the increasing encroachment of agriculture on nearby lands. The increasing salinity, most of the fresh water plants have now been replaced by salt water plants. Steps have been taken by the Tunisian government to preserve the natural environment of this beautiful place As far as tourism is considered then the lake is a beautiful site. There is also an isolated mountain which is a part of the Ichkeul National Park. Some hot springs located at the north eastern edge of the mountain, are popular among locals and foreigners alike. The park does not have any camping or accommodation facilities. A trip to the Ichkeul Lake is a must if you are in north Tunisia.