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Things to do in Bonito

Best attractions to visit in Bonito

1. Aquidaba River - Paraná - Bonito

Aquidaba River Parana

One of the most beautiful places to visit and things to do in Brazil is the Aquidaba River. The clear water, the freshly cold waterfall and the swimming opportunities that this river offers are incomparable to any other. Once there, visitors can have picnics or indulge in whichever activity they may wish to become a part of, the scenery is so breathtaking that it can leave a person in wonder of the place. When it comes to things to do in Aquidaba River, some of the most basic options are swimming in the river or looking around at the marvel of nature. Since the place is within an Indian Reservation, people can also become part of a tour group and check out the surrounding areas of the river. The wood where the river is located also contains some exotic species of birds and animals. People who are into bird watching or nature photography will also find lots of choices. It is suggested that whoever visits the Aquidaba River should pack their own lunch or snacks. There are some eating options on site, but if tourist have kids along, it’s best to take their own edibles. People, who once visit the river, will want to go there again and again because of its beauty.


2. Barra do Sucuri - Bonito

Barra do Sucuri

Another great place for water activity and things to do in Brazil, Barra do Sucuri is the place for boating and thrilling water based sports. The sparkling and clear water, the blue green of the aquatic plants and the whole idea of jumping in to the cold rush is something that will bring a high for everyone including those who have never participated in water activities before. When it comes to things to do in Barra do Sucuri, you can take a canoe and go riding the boat down the serene river, take snorkeling lessons and float with the fish, or simply sit at the end of the river and gaze at the sinking sun. What’s more, there is a hammock, a volleyball net as well as restaurant in the place. Keep in mind though that the place is not for kids under 5. This is the reason you will only be able to take family members who are above 5. Tourists also have the option of booking a tour and visiting the place with a tour guide who will tell them everything about the place as well as the beautiful fish in the river — an experience that will always remain etched in your memory.


3. Gruta do Lago Azul - Bonito

Gruta do Lago Azul

One of the most mysteriously alluring places in Bonita is the Gruta do Lago Azul. Also known as blue lake cave, it is a cave with water that has been marked as a protected area by IPHAN. It is one of the must things to do in Brazil for all the tourists that come to visit the beautiful place. It is suggested that you explore the place with a tour group so that you don’t miss any opportunity for fun. Things to do in Gruta do Lago Azul include stepping down through stairs into the blue waters of the cave. It is best seen in daylight when the blueness of the water is at its brightest. Since the place is full of mosquitoes it is best to go loaded with repellents so that there is no fear of any irritation to the skin. These are some of the must do things in Bonito, Brazil. There are also lots of restaurants and hotels that visitors can choose from depending on their affordability and duration of stay.


4. Serra da Bodoquena National Park - Bonito

Serra da Bodoquena National Park

Serra da Bodoquena National Park was established in 2000, and is a reserve of the indigenous people of Kadiweu. It is a great attraction of things to do in Brazil. The park’s terrain is divided into two parts, the eastern part and the western part. The eastern side is dominated by caves, canyons and sink-holes made out of limestone and other rocky surfaces. The western side of the park is very steep and consists of many gorges. Since the national park is connected to the Atlantic Forest, it is rich in various kinds of flora and fauna. It is an absolute delight for all people who are into wildlife photography since there is so much to capture. Some of the most significant fauna of the place include Gelbbrustaras, harpies, broad-snouted caimans, anodorhynuchus, capybaras and the Green-winged birds. Aside from trekking and photographing, people can also become a part of guided tours when considering of things to do in Serra da Bodoquena National Park. It is a great place for a group of friends, family or even loved ones on their honeymoon. There are eateries too so you can plan a whole day of adventure in this exotic national park.


5. Lagoa Misteriosa - Bonito

Lagoa Misteriosa

Another great place for freshwater diving, Lagoa Misteriosa is an ideal place for those who have water activity on the top of their things to do in Brazil list. The water has great clarity here and there are is also the presence of small caves in the depths of the water that scuba divers can explore. The most unique thing about this place is that it is literally in the middle of a jungle of sorts. It is a kind of sinkhole that is used for diving purposes. Other than diving, things to do at Lagoa Misteriosa include roving in the woods, checking out the flora and fauna, as well as having wild parties there. The place is mostly for adults because children are not allowed to dive underwater. This is why this place is better visited either alone, or with friends of similar or older age groups. If someone does not want to scuba dive, they have the option of going for snorkeling. Floating can be done too in order to check out the wild beauty of the area.


6. Aquario de Bonito - Bonito

Aquario de Bonito

A zoo and aquarium, visiting the Aquario de Bonito is one of the top things to do in Brazil for tourists. It is not just a normal aquarium, but one that allows visitors to go scuba diving with the fish! It is an experience like none other provided in Bonito. The place is a mixture of zoo and sea plants and animals. This makes it an excellent thing to do in Bonito for families as children love the idea of roaming around all day while checking out cool animals and extraordinarily colorful plants and fish. When it comes to the aquarium, tourists have the right to either simply see all the fishes and plants in the tent, or dive in and swim for two hours with gay fish and exotic plants. There are also eateries and restaurant in Aquario de Bonito which means that you will not even have to pack your own food. It can be whole day of adventure for people of all ages and interest. Once the aquarium dive is finished, people can roam around the place for as long as they wish.


7. Praia do Canto - Bonito

Praia do Canto

If you are done with zoos and rivers and want to surf in the sun and wild wind, then Praia do Canto is the place to be at as it is one of the best things to do in Brazil. It is a beach that does not only cater to gorgeous views and excellent food, but the night life of this place is rivaled by no other. Praia do Canto is not just a beach but a whole neighborhood that is dominated by well to do establishments, Park Von Schilgen and the Bermuda Triangle (not the original one) is also nearby. Some of the things to do in Praia do Canto include visiting the beach and playing the hot wind and mud with family or friends. Park Von Schilgen is located in the centre of the area and is a wonderful place for hiking and meditation. With unbelievably pretty sceneries and a huge number of trees for wild birds, it is an ideal picnic spot for everyone. Since there are many trails, you can climb up any that you wish. Bermuda triangle is the place which is rich in terms of nightclubs, bars and restaurants. This is the place to visit when one wants to hang out all night and dance till dawn.


8. Rio da Prata - Bonito

Rio da Prata

9. Rio Sucuri - Bonito

Rio Sucuri

10. Grutas de São Miguel - Bonito

Grutas de Sao Miguel

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