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Things to do in Boston

Best attractions to visit in Boston

11. Black Heritage Trail - Boston

Black Heritage Trail

As the name suggests, the Black Heritage Trail is the museum that preserves the history of the African American population. Along with the State House, The Park Street Church and the Granary Burying Ground, the Black Heritage Trail is one of the oldest public attractions in the city. It is a great place to learn about their history and their role in achieving equal rights in the state. This is the place where African American population led the nation during the 19th and the 20th century and ended slavery to hold equal rights. These significant patriots went on to establish schools, organizations, and various businesses. This is the place where you can learn about it in detail. If you love history and learning about the efforts of black is something you really want to learn about, you must visit this place once and witness everything on your own. The place is open to public and people can actually look closely at things that helped the African American community to claim their own place. If you have this place in your list of things to do in Massachusetts, make sure you visit this place and enjoy some quality time during your vacation in Boston.


12. Harvard Art Museum - Boston

Harvard Art Museum

This amazing museum is also a part of Harvard University that is available for tourists. If you love art and are also interested in the history, this place is perfect for your entertainment during your vacation. This will also give you a perfect idea of things to do in Massachusetts. Go ahead and explore this amazing place and witness for yourself the amazing art that is preserved right in the middle of the city. Surrounded by the prestigious walls of Harvard University, this place will give you a great opportunity to explore things and fall in love with art again. While this place primarily caters to adults and their interest, you can also take children with you and let them enjoy their own set of activities. During the year 2008, the historic building was closed down briefly for an expansion project as a part of major renovation. The museum was opened again in November 2014 for public. After the changes were made, more tourists started to visit the museum. The renovation project, however, made sure that no changes were made to the original things to preserve their originality and authenticity. If you are planning to spend the vacation in the city this time, make sure you don’t miss out on the Harvard Art Museum.


13. Old South Church - Boston

Old South Church

Retain your spirituality and don’t forget to visit one of the most beautiful, exotic and historic churches in Boston. If you are already done with your list of things to do in Massachusetts, make sure you do not miss out on this one. The Old South Church is the most historic churches in the United Church of Christ, which was first organized and developed in 1669. The building is unique and extremely beautiful and preserves its authenticity to date. The place has a very serene and calm feeling to it, despite of the crowd you will there. The tranquility comes in with the amazing design of the church and the fact that it is home to the older religious communities in the United States. The interior of Old South Church is exuberant and will highly impress you on your first visit. The main entrance and portico is beautiful and instantly raise your expectations even before you enter the church. This church is a great place to spend a nice day outdoor with your family. Plan your day accordingly and enjoy every bit of your stay in Massachusetts.


14. Harvard Museum of Natural History - Boston

Harvard Museum of Natural History

When in the city, you don’t really have to worry about keeping up with your list of things to do at Massachusetts when you have Harvard Museum of Natural History in place. Home to more than 12000 specimens, this place is the most visited place of the university. It includes specimens of meteorites, dinosaurs, gemstones, and hundreds of other animals from overall the plant. This place gives you a one time chance to get close to the only Kronosaurus mounted in any museum. This massive 42 ft. long marine reptile is one of the only few discovered Triceratops ever. Moreover, you also get to witness some of the most amazing and popular exhibits of ‘Glass Flowers’. In short, visiting the museum of the university is going to bring you a unique experience that you will remember for a lifetime. There are so many things you will find here that are hard to believe are real. The ‘Glass Flowers’ are realistic models of flowering fruits and plants created in Germany by a famous due of father and son. In addition to visiting the place by yourself and experiencing the amazing specimens by yourself, you can even explore on the website of the museum before actually going there. You can find information on group tours, classes, lectures, and even parking.


15. Boston Children’s Museum - Boston

Boston Children s Museum

You definitely need to have some things to do in Massachusetts for your children as well and this is where you should consider taking them to the Boston Children’s Museum. This place is fully equipped with things that help children with their development. Even though the museum is best for children, it is important for adults to guide them and accompany them to the museum. Keeping this important point in mind, the authorities make sure that adults have a good time too while they accompany their children for the visit. Every moment spent at this wonderful museum is going to be worth it. However, it is important to check out beforehand if there are any exhibitions planned for the time you are going to visit. The different types of exhibitions that are carried out create a different approach and more dimension towards the museum. Make sure when you take your little ones there, you give them time and remain patient while they try to understand the different aspects associated with the exhibit. Enjoy your time with your family and click lots of pictures to make your day even more special.


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