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Things to do in Boven Coppename

Present in the largest district of the Republic of Suriname, or just Suriname, called the Sipaliwini District, Boven Coppename is a resort located in South America. In 2012, the population census for Boven Coppename amounted to the value of 539. It features a river surrounded by foliage that is a suitable place for activities like fishing.

Boven Coppename Suriname

Boven Coppename resort is one of the six resorts which is located in the Suriname district of Sipaliwini exists. The resort is named after the river Coppename resort whose headwaters flow through this area. The clockwise along borders the resort Boven Coppenameriver in the east to Bovne Saramacca , in the south Coeroeni , in the west Kabalebo , in the north it borders Upper Coppename the district Coronie and in the northeast bordering Up -Coppename the district Para .In 2004, Boven Coppenameriver had according to figures from the Central Registration Office (CBB) 595 inhabitants. One of the bigger villages in this sparsely populated resort is Bitagron.

Boven Coppename Attractions

The Coppename is a river in Suriname (South America) in the locale of Sipaliwini, shaping some portion of the limit between the regions of Coronie and Saramacca. The Coppename stream starts in the Wilhelmina Mountains. Its tributaries are the Right Coppename (which starts on the upper east slant of the Wilhelmina range, Tafelberg, and the western parts of the Emmakette), the Left Coppename, and the center Coppename, which has its sources in the western and focal parts of the north side of the Wilhelmina mountains and from the south east locale of the Bakhuys Mountains. The three branches of the Coppename join over the Tonckens Falls and afterward streams past Hebiweri Mountain. Beneath the Sidonkrutu-rapids it joins with the Adampada, which depletes the vast majority of the eastern slant of the Bakhuys extend.


Things to do in Boven Coppename - Central Suriname Nature Reserve

Things to do in Boven Coppename - Central Suriname Nature Reserve

The central Suriname Nature reserve is beautifully located around tropical rainforest area. It has a conservation name of Suriname and it was created back in the year 1998. The area has now been a designated UNESCO world heritage site and it is there to protect the eco system in the area. Tourists can take a tour of the location and enjoy the lush green terrains, the dense and thick jungles and the bird species and rapids that exits in the Guinea area.