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Things to do in Brisbane

Best attractions to visit in Brisbane

1. Gallery of Modern Art - Brisbane

Gallery of Modern Art

You might have difficulty understanding the directions towards this place if you haven’t been here before. This is one institution located partially on either side of the river. Queensland Gallery of Modern Art is all about representing the contemporary art in Australia, and being the leading institute in the category. If you are an enthusiast it is definitely worth your time to check out that institute. One of the things to do in Queensland Gallery of Modern Art is attending the exhibitions. You will not be disappointed. Its existing collection has more than 16,000 works of contemporary, historical, and modern art work. The gallery is supported through proceeds from its retail outlets, cafes, and renowned restaurants. With top notch facilities, you will not feel worn out visiting this place. Feeling like you are missing out on lunch, but can’t get yourself away from the pieces in the gallery? Pop into the café and get a bite to eat before you resume your tour. And don’t worry, you won’t be whiling away the time on nothing; there are plenty of things to do in Queensland Gallery of Modern Art.


2. Treasury Casino - Brisbane

Treasury Casino

Travelling around Brisbane you may hear about this place being referred to as simply The Treasury, instead of Treasury Casino. It may seem like a complicated place to navigate from an outside perspective, but it is not. Treasury Casino harbors a vibrant nightclub, 7 bars, 5 restaurants, and a hotel for guests. Fun fact: one percent of the revenue goes into Jupiter’s Casino Community Benefit Fund. This fund supports non-profit groups and organizations. There are plenty of things to do in Treasury Casino. But before you get to them, check in at their award winning hotel. The place provides the old world charisma mixed with modern comfort, definitely a pace ahead from plain old elegant furnishing that bore you in the name of luxury. Housekeeping helps maintain the rooms twice every day. Other than that, top notch amenities like flat screen TV, mini bar, and in room safe etc are all at your disposal. With the tagline Dine, Play, and Stay, you can’t miss on their range of dining options. Don’t treat this as just another meal to get over with, add this to your list of things to do in Treasury Casino.


3. Fo Guang Shan Chung Tian Temple - Brisbane

Fo Guang Shan Chung Tian Temple

Chung Tian Temple was built with the idea of Chinese architecture more than two decades ago. The temple is bordered by nature so as to give it the feel of a peaceful sanctuary. The culturally beautiful venue celebrates cultural diversity, as well as multi faith harmony (making it one of the few places that do). The place is open to a range of visitors, if you are exploring the place for the first time you might just find yourself bumping in to school kids. The temple is frequently used to host Chinese classes, Buddhism, meditation sessions, baby blessings, and weddings. There are tons of things to do in Chung Tian Temple. The museum is a great source to study the history of Buddhism throughout various eras. On top of that, tourists may come across various spectacular works and archeological relics from Tibet, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and China. Tourists can engage in meditation if they want as well, for a small donation. For people who may be interested, Chung Tian Temple also hosts classes, and retreats. Perhaps you will enjoy the sample treats in the tea room while you spend the day checking off things to do in Chung Tian Temple.


4. Cathedral of St Stephen - Brisbane

Cathedral of St Stephen

You will never be bored in Brisbane – the list of places that you can explore here never ends. The Cathedral of St Stephen is another one of these spots. For the people scouring the world map for historically and culturally rich points of interest, this makes the roster. The cathedral is located in a place around Edward Street, Charlotte Street, and Elizabeth Street. The cathedral underwent plenty of extensions to its structure, after its model inception in 1864. James Quinn the first Bishop came up with the idea for the place. There are so many things to do in Cathedral of St Stephen. You can attend mass with the regular catholic families from which the pews are mostly dominated with. If that does not constitute as your cup of tea, you can spend the day admiring the interior and architecture of this historical structure. This is not just another spot where you get a glimpse and realize that it is no different. Cathedral of St Stephen makes for one of the few places that are not just left standing but are well used to its full potential, which is amazing, considering all the other places that were worn down over the years. Don’t forget to make a list of things to do in Cathedral of St Stephen.


5. Coochiemudlo Island - Brisbane

Coochiemudlo Island

The island affectionately known as Coochie, Coochiemudlo Island is a small sub tropical region. Visitors can reach the island in a ten minute ride via ferry from Redland City. Most visitors like to spend their time there with a picnic or a serene walk around the gorgeous landscape. Don’t get this wrong; this is not your lazy and grey island for a weekend escape from the bustling city. Things to do in Coochiemudlo Island include activities like kayaking, tandem bike riding, paddle boarding, or the conventional cruise, and aqua bike. Moreton Bay has plenty of avenues for all these water related activities. The peaceful environment and the gorgeous views will have leaving some with a memorable time, and others with inspiration for their next artistic project. The evidence of what the small island can inspire you to do lies in the adorable crafts market. While you are busy enjoying everything in your list of things to do in Coochiemudlo Island, you can make use of the various accommodations, resorts, holiday homes, and cottages in place for visitors. Don’t forget that the passenger ferry that brings the people to the island runs every half an hour.


6. Queensland Cultural Centre - Brisbane

Queensland Cultural Centre

7. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary - Brisbane

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

8. Brisbane River - Brisbane

Brisbane River

9. Brisbane Botanic Gardens - Mount Coot-tha - Brisbane

Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mount Coot tha

10. South Bank - Brisbane

South Bank

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