Things to do in Brno

Among the Czechs , Moravia’s capital comes with a dull rep, but it is likeable enough of a place where not a lot happens. Sure it is not a historically rich area to explore, but its urban culture will leave you mesmerized. The place is dominated with students and they have made dwellings like clubs and café’s popular. The vibrant scene of the city can rival Prague any day based on popularity.

Visit Brno

There are so many things to do in Brno. For one you can go out and enjoy the mind blowing experimental architecture here. The changes and innovations were not always present; the originals were altered back in the 20th century. If you want to gaze upon the masterwork of Functional Design, check out the Vila Tugendhat, which is protected and preserved by UNESCO.

Places to see in Brno

The information office for tourists has tons of material when it comes to the city’s great heritage and architecture. This also includes marked out tours, so you can have a chance to see everything the place has to offer, and find out for yourself the many things to do in Brno. You may even be tempted to prolong your stay in this city.


The cathedral is a grim looking structure on top of the Petrov hill, with a fairytale-esque look to it, complete with high castle peaks. The Cathedral was once a Basilisca, later rebuilt in a gothic style that gave the city of Brno it characteristic silhouette. There are plenty of things to do in Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. Don’t miss out on checking out the interior design, which is actually a Romanesque- Gothic crypt.

If you can, venture out to the two towers and check out the view. The information center and the Diocesan museum are only a short walk away. In no time, you will be busy looking into ever avenue the place has to offer, expecting a surprise or a peculiar story about it that your guide will soon reveal.

On your list of things to do in Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, do not miss out on the noon ringing at 11 o’ clock. You may think it is odd, when in fact it is part of the legend of the Swedish siege that took place in the Thirty Years War.


Punkva Caves

Punkva Caves


Reduta Theatre

Reduta Theatre

If fine arts are your thing, then you must absolutely visit the Moravian Gallery whenever you are in Brno. Here, everyone can find something that would pique their interest from the many things to do in Moravian Gallery. You get to see modern, ancient, as well contemporary art in this prestigious gallery. The extensive art holdings of this museum are showcased at 3 separate branches. The admission charges are the same for all of them.

If the Head of Medusa by Paul Rubens doesn’t wow you, the unique Czech Cubism form in painting will. Right in the middle of the city there are permanent exhibitions as well as short term exhibits that will keep you hooked all evening.

The Applied Arts museum concentrates on arts and crafts centered on the middle ages. However, the opposite is true for the other branch, which is Museum of Modern, and Contemporary Art that has an endless array of art pieces focusing on Czech modernist. In your list of all the things to do in Moravian Gallery, do not forget to add a trip to the Dusan Jurkovic’s Art Nouveau villa – this is where the famous architect spent most of his days.


Veveří Castle

Veveří Castle

Only 15 km North-West of Brno, the castle looks like it was designed taking inspiration out of a story book. Veveří Castle soars over the city reservoir. The castle itself is surrounded by beautiful vegetation of the Podkomorske Woods. From afar, it may seem like an inaccessible place to visit. Not so. Soon you will find that there are plenty of things to do in Veveří Castle.

This majestic gothic structure was once treated as an opulent hunting lodge. However, throughout history, it has been home to a range of noblemen. But no one is really sure, thanks to conflicting records. Veveří Castle is in fact subject to many legends and myths. An interesting aspect of the castle is that it can be entered only through the Southern Gate. This was the original Gothic gate that was rebuilt in the late Renaissance style in the early 20th century.

In present day, this place is used for social and cultural events. There is also a steamboat stop at the foot of the gigantic building. See, we told you; there are so many things to do in Veveří Castle apart from just admiring the castle.

This is the historical structure that you will find when travelling around the wealthy neighbourhood of Cerna pole. Not many know that the Villa Tugendhat makes for one of the pioneering prototypes of European modern architecture. For architects, designers, and affiliated enthusiasts, things to do in Villa Tugendhat does not end with merely viewing how the place was built. There is a whole history of how Villa Tugendhat came to be.

One of the intriguing things about the villa is the stupendous price at which this property stands at. When designer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe renovated it into an icon for modernism, him saying “Less is more” did not regard the budget spent. The panoramic glazing that is imitated by so many today makes the place one of the most influential houses.

The steel framed house is not as boring as it sounds at first. There are so many things to do in Villa Tugendhat. If you thought that modern architecture encompassed pure functionality, and rational designs, you may be surprised by what the Villa Tugendhat has in store. Today the place can be visited by anyone. You may not be able to live in the house, but you can sure book a tour here.

The spooky hilltop castle in Brno is open for exploration. It is also the city’s number one important landmark; probably also one of the rare places that reveal a bit about the area’s history. The castle’s story goes back seven centuries. At the time it was home to Moravian margraves, and after a while became a fortress. In the 18th and the 19th century, this served as a prison as well.

The list of things to do in Špilberk Castle may seem a bit perplexing at first. There are so many interesting aspects of the place. You can go for the museum exhibition, or go for the combined tour to all the sights in the castle. Don’t miss on exploring the 18th century casements, and the lookout towers.

Other stuff that goes in to things you can do in Špilberk Castle are attending the exhibitions that are hosted like the popular ‘From Castle to Fortress’. This one in particular talks about the history of the castle, the Prison of Nations, and the role that was played by Špilberk in making the structure an impenetrable prison.