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Things to do in Buenos Aires

The massive South American nation’s capital city has with stood the wear of time, a colorful history, and an identity crisis where it was favored by some for its European roots, and by the rest for being a great and valuable part of all the Latin American culture. What resulted from this is a beautiful city that has given the world so many things it cherishes today.

Buenos Aires Argentina

There are tons of things to do in Buenos Aires. One of these is the commonly visited Iguazu Falls. This is the jaw dropping scenic beauty that most venture the city to visit. It has all the noise nad power of the cascades, plus a series of over a hundred waterfalls that are at least 3 km wide. But that is not all. The falls are located in a setting between Argentina and Brazil, where there is a large National Park. What most people do not know about the place is that there is also a variety of one of a kind fauna and flora in this area. The falls are easily reached from either side of the Argentine and Brazillian border, as well as what makes up Paraguay area. Then there is the polar opposite of this place, the Glaciar Perito Moreno, which is a star natural landmark of the south of Argentina. It runs 30 km, is wide by 5km, and 60km tall. But that is not what makes it a place to visit. The Glaciar is an area of consistent advancement. It grows forward 2m every day, causing enormous icebergs to peak out from its face.

What to do in Buenos Aires

This is a very peculiar thing, because almost all of the glaciers around the world are receding except for this one. The glacier is making waves amongst the geography of the area as well; it has currently created a gap in Andes. The great thing about this whole area is that it has become a fascinating tourist destination. In fact every other day you will the country drowning in advertisements of offers for a trip to this attraction. The main viewing site to this place is a closed refugio with glass walls so that people can see the place even in bad weather. You can even have a picnic here, most of the locals do. But you might have to pack every essential beforehand as getting supplies from that place can be a hassle and super expensive too. Amongst other places to visit and things to do in Buenos Aires are the Buenos Aires Botanical Garden, Casa Rosada Presidential Palace, Cathedral of La Plata, Club de Pescadores, Galerias Pacifico, Galileo Galilei Planetarium, National Museum of Decorative Arts, Palace of the Argentine National Congress, PLaza Retiro and the English Tower, Puerto Madero, and The Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires.


La Boca is a barrio, or a neighbourhood, located in the capital city of Buenos Aires in Argentina. The place has a strong Italian flavour as many early settlers in the area belonged to the city of Genoa in Italy. It is one of the 48 barrios situated in the south eastern part of the city near the old port. The barrios of Puerto Madero and San Telmo are located to the north while Barracas is situated to the west.

Large number of tourists visits La Boca to sample local culture and enjoy all the entertainment options available in the area. You can find a lot of fun things to do in La Boca. Here you can find restaurants, cafe, bars, and tango artists performing on the street. You can also visit the La Rivera Theatre where different events take place from time to time. Also worth visiting are Italian taverns and inns where you can enjoy local hospitality.

There are plenty of other entertaining things to do in La Boca. If you fancy a drink you take a stroll of the streets in La Boca and order one from one of the street vendors. Other well known attractions that you should visit in the city include a 19th century Ghost Tower located on Wenceslao Villafañe Street, the river walk situated at the Rocha Bend of the Riachuelo, and the La Bombonera.

Teatro Colón is an opera house that is situated in Buenos Aires in Argentina. The opera house was ranked as the third best in the world after La Scala in Milan and Teatro di San Carlo in Naples by National Geographic.

Visitors can find a lot of entertaining things to do in Teatro Colón. The theater was established in 1908 with the opening play being Giuseppe Verde's Aïda. It is by far one of the most visited opera houses with well known singers mesmerizing the audience with their melodious voices. Acoustically, it is considered on par with other world renowned opera houses including Vienna's Musikverein, Berlin's Konzerthaus, Boston's Symphony Hall, and the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.
Teatro Colón is located in the heart of Buenos Aires in Argentina. It is surrounded by a wide avenue known as Cerrito Street, Libertad Street, Tucumán Street, and Arturo Toscanini Street.

The opera house itself is in the shape of a horse show and has a seating capacity of about 2,487 individuals and standing room for another 1,000. The interior design of the opera house boasts of a gold and scarlet decor that looks magnificent. This, combined with the excellent acoustics and modern chorography, allows visitors to have a gem of a quality time inside the opera house.

Overall, visitors can have quality fun time in with lots of entertaining things to do in Teatro Colón.

These Botanical Gardens in Buenos Aires have been around since 1898 in the middle of Palermo. With the space capacity of seven hectares, the place houses 5,500 species of flora. It is safe to assume that there is a lot of stuff to see and things to do in Buenos Aires Botanical Garden.

Wandering around the gardens you might find that it is super easy to breathe in the scent of cool leaves, damp earth, and squashed berries. If you get tired from strolling around, you can always take a break and sit down underneath the famous Tipa tree in the garden.

Buenos Aires Botanical Gardens make for a great avenue to visit on your trip to the city, so make it a part of your list of all things to do in Argentina. Exploring this place you will find that most of the people around here are the hectic shoppers who spend their time in Palermo Boutique and come here for a breath of fresh air. Visitors can also visit the art nouveau greenhouse with its cacti, and other peculiar looking plants. One of the place’s most popular sculptures is the La Primavera fountain.

If you ventured out to see the grand Casa de Mayo, you can’t miss Casa Rosada. This stately palace is the place, on the balcony of which stood Eva Peron who preached to masses of Argentines. Every small detail about the palace has a story, right down to the color of the walls. Casa Rosada’s wall paint was President Sarmiento’s attempt at peace in his term from 1868 till1874. The red represents the Federalists, while the white color represents Unitarists. This Palace makes for a great place to see out of all the things to do in Argentina.

The palace stands at what once was ground for colonial fortifications. Landfills have improved the area. In present time the building serves as the offices of the Argentine president, even though the presidential residence lies in the Olivos suburbs. Under Casa Rosada, lots of excavations have discovered the remains of Fuerte Viejo. This ruin dates back to the 18th century, making this area a must explore avenue amongst all things to do in Argentina that you have planned for your trip to the country. Casa Rosada is open to the general public and also offers half hour guided tours for free to all visitors.

The looming structure of the proud looking cathedral is literally the first thing you will see as you enter the city of La Plata. The grandness of it all can easily make one feel excited. The Cathedral is located right in front of Moreno square; you will see it before you reach it. The space capacity of the place goes beyond 1000 people. For a religious center the place does not fail to dazzle even atheists, thanks mostl to its hundred meter high façade that feel scary just to look at. There are tons of things to do in Cathedral of La Plata for every visitor.

The foundation was set by Dardo Rocha in 1884; the church was not completed till 1932 though. Aficionados of architecture will be able to see that the cathedral was a work of a combination of the style of Cologne, and the Neo Gothic designs of Amiens. Think age old blend of France and Germany architecture.

Make sure you make this brick walled and copper domed cathedral a part of your day’s agenda on all things to do in Argentina during your stay in Buenos Aires.

You may have never experienced waterfront dining like this one before. Club de Pescadores is regarded as one of the best places to visits for enthusiasts of fine alfresco dining. Plus this is no place that gets its reputation from being a snazzy looking place to eat with a great view of the ocean, and the dim noise of seagulls overhead. There is history attached to the aesthetics you witness here. It is only when you visit the place for yourself that you will see that there are plenty of things to do in Club de Pescadores.

The eatery is situated inside the historic fisherman club and is a beautiful place for a Buenos Aires landmark. In fact, you should make it a must-visit place in your list of all things to do in Argentina. The food that patrons are served here is mainly Mediterranean inspired. The sea food dishes like sautéed shrimp, smoked salmon, seafood paellas, octopus, prawn salad etc are a treat for the taste buds. You are also given choices amongst local fish; the most popularly served are surubi and pacu. But do not let this get to you, for people who are not that big on the idea of seafood, there are other meat, pasta, and purely vegetarian dishes as well. Also, fair warning: if you are on a sugar free diet, you might have trouble passing up the dessert served in this place.

Half of the things to do in Argentina that you have planned for the trip might just be completed in the city of Buenos Aires. The Galerias Pacifico is no ordinary stop shop to get your pick of the souvenirs or satiate the urge of retail therapy in a foreign land. The shopping mall is not only the biggest in Argentina, but also received National Historic Monument status because of its impeccable artistic value. The place is drowning in eye catching architecture and beautiful murals.

There are tons of things to do in Galerias Pacifico for visitors of all ages. Don’t get yourself lost on the way to this monumental mall; it is located at the end of Florida Street on Cordoba Avenue. This area is also one of the most traditional spots in the entire city. The mall is visited by more than 900,000 shoppers, searching for the leading brands. The food court that can house 8000 people at a time, offers 18 different culinary choices.

Don’t just spend time in Palermo on shopping sprees and chasing time for happy hour at all the great establishments that serve fine wine. The planetarium that lights up at night cannot be any more inviting for the entertaining shows that are hosted for 260 viewers at a time. And that is not all; the Galileo Galilei offers celestial viewings to all its viewers. There are a lot of other interesting things to do in Galileo Galilei Planetarium as well.

The planetarium has been a popular destination ever since it first opened its doors to the public in the late 1960s. Youngsters in particular can be seen hanging out at this place the most. The giant dome houses an auditorium that displays the night sky and seats a couple of hundred for routine shows. Once you have had your fill of stargazing you can check out the visually focused educational programs the establishment offers. Guided tours are only available on holidays and weekends. Make sure that this place becomes a part of all things to do in Argentina that you have planned for yourself.

The beautiful and bustling city of Buenos Aires is known for its amazing culture and art. It welcomes people, wine, and fine food from all around the world. One of its intriguing points of interest is the National Museum of Decorative Arts. It would be a mistake to visit the city of Buenos Aires and not pay this museum a visit. You will find plenty of things to do in National Museum of Decorative Arts.

The building was not always a museum. Before being donated to the government, this was a residence of one of the wealthiest families in Argentina. The structure itself holds significant artistic value. It’s a masterpiece by the French architect Rene Sergent, the same person who designed the Versailles Trianon Palace and the Paris house of Count Nissim de Camondo.

Make sure that you visit this place when are planning on things to do in Argentina. The museum houses 12 exhibits and 9 collections that never change unlike the exhibits. Some of the notable paintings on show here are works of El Graco, Fragonard, Auguste Rodin etc. The roman Minerva, The Eternal Song, and the Adoration of Magii are some of the sculptures on show.

If you have already exchanged your currency for Aregentine peso, you will see that one side of the 1 peso coin depicts the historic Argentine landmark, which is the National Congress Palace in the city of Buenos Aires. The Palace of the Argentine National Congress is a monumental structure and not just because of the seat of the congress being here. The building was built in the eight years from 1898 and 1906. There are a lot of things to do in Palace of the Argentine National Congress.

If you have never been here before, know that the palace is built in neoclassical style with white marbles that furnish the inside of the palace. A dome of bronze crowns the building, today you will see it weathered down to a green color. The place is a work by the famous Vittorio Meano, the Italian architect. It was not until 1906 that the building was officially accepted by the congress. The main entrance to the Palace is referred to as “Honor Entrance”.

The Palace of the Argentine National Congress is the best place to explore historical architecture. So do not forget to make it a part of all things to do in Argentina.