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Things to do in Buffalo

Buffalo is a place that goes through cold and seemingly unending long winters. However, there is plenty of heartfelt warmth in its vibrant community, creative residents, and a powerful local pride. This is a city that showcases abandoned industrial buildings go on forever in the skyline, a proof that this place was the first to be a part of a lot of revolutions in America.

Buffalo New York

This city in Western New York happens to rank second in the list of most populous city in the entire state. In the United States, it is the 53rd biggest city. With a city that harbors over 250,000 people, there are bound to be tons of things to do in Buffalo. Lake Erie has had a major impact on indirectly influencing the city. In fact the city’s name itself is a result of the great water body next to it. It is believed that Buffalo was settled by the French back in the 18th century, they gave it the name ‘beau fleuve’ which means Beautiful River, this evolved into ‘Buffalo’. This was the first place to have electric streetlights in the entire country, but the great boom of prosperity hit it in the 20th century when it began to derive power from the Niagara Falls close by. Buffalo was the hub of Pierce Arrow car manufacture and soon so many other things to do in Buffalo started springing up everywhere to keep up with keeping the locals entertained and busy. Don’t be misled by its grey ‘just-another-concrete-jungle’ demeanor, Buffalo houses some authentic art-deco masterpieces as well.

Buffalo city

The city is a mesh of a vast park system that has been laid out by the Frederick Law Olmsted from New York’s Central Park fame. If you are touring the city, first off you might have to do your fair share of research narrowing down to a single tour organizer out of the many that welcome people from everywhere around the world to this great city. You probably know that Buffalo comes with its star feature, which is the collection of all the naturally scenic avenues of entertainment for Buffalonians. There is the Cazenovia Creek, Riverside Park, Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park, and Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens. If you are packing to visit this place you might want to get warm clothes. One of the best things about Buffalo’s geographical location is that it is located on Lake Erie, facing it to its west. This is one of the reasons how this is one of the few places in the east coast to boast a sunset over a body of water. Other places you should not miss out on checking out include Albright–Knox Art Gallery, the Buffalo Zoo, Buffalo Museum of Science, Temple Beth Zion, and North Park Theatre.


Things to do in Buffalo - Buffalo Zoo

Things to do in Buffalo - Buffalo Zoo

The history of the zoo goes back to more than a century. Easily accessible to all inhabitants of the city and explorers, the zoo is located at 300 Parkside Avenue. It is also the third oldest zoo in the entire nation, making it a worthy contender in your list of things to do in North America. Other than coming across a wide array of exotic and wild animals, there are plenty of things to do in Buffalo Zoo. And it is not just the animal that the park offers its visitors; the zoo boasts off over 320 various species of flora. This has made it a successful area of conservation, with the aspect of education and recreation on the side. Nothing can be a more perfect combination. For all its success and glory, the zoo actually started out in the mid 19th century when Jacob E Bergtold, who was a furrier, presented a deer pair to the city. The city granted a small area for the deer to graze around. As the zoo evolved plans were drafted to include the zoo in the designs of the park as part of the project by Fredrick Law Olmsted.


Things to do in Buffalo - Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens

Things to do in Buffalo - Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens

The Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens are hidden further on from the twists and turns inside the city’s South Park. These gardens are a work of botanist John F Cowell, Olmsted, the great landscaping architect, and other architects like Lord and Burnham. This should definitely make the roster in your list of things to do in North America. Nothing beats an outdoorsy day with the family. The park came into being when the city recognized the need for a new one in the 19th century. Today it serves as a point of exploration, a conservatory, and a center of learning for visitors of all ages. There are so many things to do in Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens. For instance, the gardens have events based on the season. For spring they have a theme of gnomes and fairies, where the entire park is dominated by these creatures. This is the best tome to bring your family and children along for a bit of fun and learning. Other than that, the authorities host workshops for aspiring enthusiasts, and a full array of different programs throughout the year.


Things to do in Buffalo - Albright–Knox Art Gallery

This is an art museum nestled in the heart of Delaware Park, right in front of the city’s State College. The galleries that are exhibited here are regarded as one of the most prominent and credible showplaces for contemporary and modern art. For both the locals and tourists, there are so many things to do in Albright–Knox Art Gallery. The place is particularly renowned for its massive collection of Rauschenberg, Ruscha, and other abstract expressionists. When you reach the museum you might be surprised at the unusual architecture of the building structure. This is because this museum is a masterpiece in itself. Taking advantage of its enormous size and capacity for space, the curators have taken advantage of it fully by storing a neoclassical building inside it. You will find a structure inside from 1905 Pan American Expo. The exhibits here may be temporary but they are incredibly compelling and creative. As far as things to do in North America go, this is one place with a rich artistic and historical galore, representing more than just the city of Buffalo. If you are near the Delaware Park or are taking a stroll around the area you will thank yourself for deciding to visit this museum.


Things to do in Buffalo - Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park

Things to do in Buffalo - Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park

The Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park is located on the shoreline of Lake Erie. It harbors some naval vessels that have been decommissioned; this includes ships like the Cleveland, USS Croaker, USS The Sullivans, etc. All of the vessels can be viewed by the public, essentially making the place a museum of sorts. This is probably the latest of all the prominent parks in Buffalo, its construction only starting in 1977. It was not until two years after that the park was opened for the masses. It may not seem like it, but there are tons of things to do in Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park. It’s not just the ships that the park museum houses; there is an array of small vehicles, aircrafts and vessels on display here as well. Some of the most notable ones are the Gyrodyne X-Ron 1, which is a helicopter that one can man alone, once used by the Marine Corps, a bull dog tank from the Korean War, etc. This should definitely make your tour list of things to do in North America.


Things to do in Buffalo - Cazenovia Creek

Things to do in Buffalo - Cazenovia Creek

Cazenovia Creek is a stream in the Western region of New York. Most people get confused by the presence of this stream as part of all the water bodies in the city of Buffalo. This creek is a tributary of Buffalo River, the river empties into Erie. After a park was designed by Olmsted through which the creek flows through, the creek itself has served as an avenue for recreation. If you are around the park you are bound to come across this beauty. There are so many things to do in Cazenovia Creek. For instance, its most popular and fun event is the ice jam that takes place every year around early spring. If you are around this area, or exploring Cazenovia Park, do not miss out on the chance of checking out this 11 mile creek as well. Cazenovia Creek is a relief from all the other man made avenues around the state that offer similar entertainment. Don’t forget to add this area in your list of things to do in Cazenovia Creek.


Things to do in Buffalo - Buffalo Museum of Science

Buffalo Museum of Science started operating in 1929; it has been classified as a historical site for technology and science. When searching for things to do in North America, this is one place that is bound to surface among all the recommendations. Nestled in the Martin Luther King Jr. Park, the destination is home to exhibits based on astronomy, animals, technology etc. You have to see it to believe its complex work. There are tons of things to do in Buffalo Museum of Science. One of the popular sections of the museum is the Explorations gallery. This houses interactive exhibits for children starting from the age of 2 to 7 years old, every month there is a new theme. But that does not end the exhibits here, you get to explore galleries for Vertebrate Zoology, Mycology, Invertebrate Zoology, Geology, Botany, and Anthropology. All presented in the form of microscope slides. When you are jotting down all the things to do in North America for your next trip, do not forget to put this one in there as well. Buffalo Museum of Science is a non-profit organization that offers tours, interactive exhibits, and restaurants for all its visitors.


Things to do in Buffalo - Temple Beth Zion

Temple Beth Zion is the reform synagogue nestled in 805 Delaware Avenue. The place was founded in 1850 and stands today as the largest Jewish congregation in New York’s western region. The astounding architecture is symbolic. The structure has ten scallop walls, each being a representation of 10 commandments. There are plenty of things to do in Temple Beth Zion. As a Jewish spiritual center and one of the largest establishments in the region the place holds several different tours for all sorts of visitors. On top of that the place holds several programs that circulate around plenty of different issues and topic of discussion. For instance recently Temple Beth Zion is screening the documentary based on the current relations of Israelis and Palestinians, titled The Promise. If you are looking up similar avenues to explore around the country, add Temple Beth Zion in your list of things to do in North America. You don’t only get to explore but learn as well, there is no shortage of interactive activities scheduled for all visitors every day. Don’t hesitate to bring the entire family around to explore this historical and spiritual center.


Things to do in Buffalo - Riverside Park

The last park designed by the popular architect Frederick L Olmsted was the one situated in the northern region of the city, the Riverside Park. The plans for this park were drafted in 1898. Where Riverside Park stands today the area used to serve as a popular picnic ground. This particular park is also the first of its kind with a waterfront connection. There are tons of things to do in Riverside Park for visitors of all ages. Visitors can access the playground, the new picnic spots, the basketball court, and there are two pools open to the public as well. The footbridge gets you access across the canal towards the park straight from a boat landing in the Out of all the things to do in North America, this one should be on your priority list to visit with the entire family, or the group of friends you are exploring the city of Buffalo. Riverside Park is a great escape from all the mind boggling hustle bustle that surrounds everyone in New York. Another cool fact about the park is that it is home to several baseball diamonds that are maintained by River Rock Baseball League, which is a prominent youth softball and baseball. The park offers the young athletes an extensively renovated football field for little league, along with a cheerleading organization as well.


Things to do in Buffalo - North Park Theatre

North Park Theatre used to be a part of Shea’s chain once. At first it was only a spacious and comfortable theatre for the neighborhood, harboring the capacity to seat 1222 viewers in 1920, which is also the year it opened for business. It may not be a movie palace like Shea’s, but it’s grander than what one expects of cinemas in present day. There are tons of things to do in North Park Theatre. The first thing you will see is the pristine entryway made out of wood. This is a very sharp contrast to the multiplexes around the city. The theatre looks like it has been around for a while but that has not swayed it from looking top notch and neat. The most interesting thing about the theatre is that even though it is not described as an art center, it only screens foreign, and semi mainstream movies. Out of things to do in North America, if you feel like sparing some time for a movie, make sure you devote that spot to the North Park Theatre, you will not be disappointed. This might just be your unique experience, not just in North America but collectively around other places as well.