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Things to do in Byford

The town of Byford was founded back in the year 1906 as the town of Beenup. It is located just off the city of Perth and was renamed Byford back in the year 1920. The town was developed once the construction of the South Western railway reached the area. The town was primarily known for its brick making potential and its workforce.

Byford attractions

The town of Byford unlike other cities of Australia isn’t one of the largest or the most populous. Instead the area is considerably backwards in comparison to cities in like Perth, Brisbane etc. Despite not being the most densely populated district in Queensland, it certainly is one of the lushest green areas in the state. One of things to do in Byford is going through one of a number of different farms in the area. The cattle farms in the area can represent an opportunity for tourists to add to their list of things to do in Byford. One can set about playing with cattle and enjoying their innocence whilst enjoying the greenery of the pastures and the fields. Another one of the things to do in Byford is spending time with the locals in the area to understand their way of live and their culture. The Australian culture is one of the most complex cultures in the world and spending time with locals will help one understand more about the Australian way of living. The large pastures and fields allow the visitors the chance to spend time with their family. Taking a tour of the historic railway is another one of the things to do in Byford.

Places to visit in Byford

Despite not being the largest town in the area, there are a number of different places to visit in Byford. All towns and cities in Queensland are known for their food. The same is the case with Byford. Tourists are recommended to try the local eateries in the city of Byford since they are packed with the traditional Queensland flavor. On top of that, most eateries are able to cater to all kinds of tourists from around the world. The bars and pubs in the area are a welcome sight for people looking to let their hair loose for the night. One of the things to do in Byford is spending a night out of the house, under the well light sky. This isn’t only a worthwhile and different way to spend the night; it will also enhance the natural beauty of the area. Another of the places to visit in Byford is the Cohunu Koala Park. Koala is the national animal of the Australian country and they are found in abundance in the park. Despite not being as mischievous as a monkey may be, they are soft, sweet and slow which makes them a delightful animal to observe. High on your list of things to do in Byford should be snapping a Koala in action.


Things to do in Byford - Cohunu Koala Park

Things to do in Byford - Cohunu Koala Park

Cohunu Koala Park is a wildlife sanctuary that encompasses a total of 35 acres of bushland in Byford in Western Australia. Contrary to its name, Cohunu Koala Park features cockatoos, black swans, echidnas, wombats, eagles, wallabies, emus, kangaroos, and dingoes. The Koala colony of the park now has more than 25 koalas. There are some very interesting things in store for first-time visitors as well as people who bring their kids here for a fun weekend. Things to do in Cohunu Koala Park include a snap session with the adorable bears – what more can one ask for in the name of a unique souvenir? The photography goes on from 10 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon. Visitors are candidly shot cuddling with Koala bears. On top of that, one of its popular activities is having a go at the miniature railway. This is a 10 minute safari train ride around Cohunu Koala Park for only $4 per person. This is a fun way to explore the entire wildlife sanctuary. The miniature railway is seen choo-chooing on public holidays and certain weekends. In addition to this, there are a whole lot more things to do in Cohunu Koala Park.