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Things to do in Cairo

Cairo is a popular tourist destination in Egypt. The sprawling capital city of Egypt is set on the Nile River. Visitors can find various places of interest in the city. A visit to Egypt is not complete without spending some time in Cairo. Vibrant culture, historical places, and wonderful eateries located in the city, all come together to make it one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Cairo Egypt

Cairo may be hot and noisy but that does not stop it from being an utterly mesmerizing place on earth. There are so many things to do in Cairo for every visitor. On top of that, did you know that Cairo is the sole surviving wonder of the Ancient World? With three 5,000-year-old Pyramid structures, no other place comes close to in terms of historic importance. Make sure that you try everything that is to offer on things to do in Cairo, especially if it is your first visit to the city. The place also hosts one of the most recognizable pieces of decoration ever; King Tut’s funeral mask. It is placed at the Egyptian museum among other treasures that were unearthed in 1922. As far as things to do in Cairo go, this is a great place to start your trip. It is likely that you may not have travelled in a place as crowded as this one before, the best way to roam around all the avenues is that you hire a well maintained car. You can even get a guide who can help you through the route to all the pyramids. You may be sightseeing a lot on your visit but do not let this dominate all the other things to do in Cairo. One of the activities that you can include in all things to do in Cairo, is check out the place’s fine cuisine. Hotels serve up a blend of international food next to authentic Egyptian victuals. There is a whole array of delicacies for vegetarians as well.

Places to visit in Cairo

You can also venture out to the one of the world’s oldest markets, the Khan e Khalili as part of some of the laid back things to do in Cairo when you have had your fill of simply sightseeing. The Bazaar dates back to 1382. This is the exact spot where the great camel trains stopped, making it a frequent trade point; and that is how it evolved. The place grew as a massive bazaar and has some of the unique activities and things to do in Cairo. What will see today is a frantic retail extravaganza. Do not miss this in your list of things to do in Cairo. After you have bought your souvenirs you can always cool off with a trip to felucca on Nile. All you have to do is choose one of the sail boats from Corniche right in front of Four Seasons building. There are tons of other things to do in Cairo like visiting the old Cairo, which is also known as the Coptic Cairo is settled by the very first Arab armies that ventured out here. They were called Kheraha in the ancient times which was renamed Babylon. The fort here was built by the Persians to fight off the Romans, but is now a picturesque entrance to the old Cairo. The remains are great avenues to explore inside the gates with tons of things to do in Cairo.


Things to do in Cairo - Gezira Island

Gezira Island is situated in the central part of Cairo in Egypt. The northern portion of the island contains the upscale district of Zamalek while the southern portion consists of the Gezira District. It is located west of the famous Tahrir Square and connected with the river Nile by six bridges located on the east and west side of the island.

The island forms part of the modern Cairo and was initially called "Jardin des Plantes" or Garden of the Plants as it contained vast collections of plants that were shipped from all over the world. There are various tourist attractions located in the Gezira Island in Egypt. Cairo tower, an iconic modern architecture, is located in the island next to the Gezira Sporting Club. The Gezira Sporting Club in itself, is a tourist attraction, being the oldest sporting club in the country. The club that had once served the British military is a great tourist attraction today.

Other attractive entertainment spots that tourists can visit on Gezira Island include the Egyptian Opera House, which is one of the best performing arts venues in Egypt, and the El Sawy Culturewheel Centre where various important cultural events are held every year.