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Things to do in Canada

The second largest country in the world is bound to have attractions that will leave visitors in awe. Most of the tourism in Canada revolves around the main metropolitan areas of Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Ottawa. These areas are filled with national parks and diverse people who are very welcoming and accepting towards everyone from around the world.

Best places to visit in Canada

Although Canada’s GDP is only 1% dependent on tourism, the country still continues to develop its tourist sites to accommodate people who want to visit the great country. According to a 2012 census, Canada received 17.4 Billion US Dollars from tourism and sustains about 309,000 jobs in the country. As a country that takes its tourism seriously, you can find many interesting things to do in Canada. Canada has about 17 World Heritage Sites of which 8 are Cultural Heritage Sites and 9 are Natural Heritage Sites. Canada is full of beautiful and natural landscapes that will have the visitor wondering about the beauty of Nature. Offering large waterfalls, huge mountains and forests with some of the best hunting game in the world, if you love the wilderness and want to have an adventure of a lifetime, you can find a lot of things to do in Canada which will have you unwilling to leave the land. Canada has a very rich history and a vast number of inhabitants that have made the country flourish. A person interested in the history of the world and how it was explored, can find many things to do in Canada by visiting the museums and different heritage sites that explain how the people of that time lived and how things changed as time progressed. Being part of the Commonwealth, many British influences can be found in Canada and now the country, being a Parliamentary Democracy, has many guided tours and sites which explain the governing of the country. Canada is one of the few countries that have the most diverse cabinets and offer free healthcare to its citizens. A student of political sciences can find many things to do in Canada. One thing you cannot miss out on when in Canada is the vast range of cuisines on offer due to its diverse population. You can find a lot of different cuisines, such as French, Asian, European, and even Caribbean foods here. Plan your next trip to Canada and find yourself in a dilemma of not wanting to leave the country. You will find amazing things to do in Canada and it is guaranteed that you will have the trip of a lifetime.

Canada attractions

Canada is a great land full of amazing places that you cannot help but marvel at. Beautiful landscapes and large waterfalls will have you admiring nature at its best. One of the top things to do in Canada is to visit the Niagara Falls. This huge water body descending into a 57 meter drop is just over an hour’s drive away from the city of Toronto. Niagara Falls brings millions of visitors to Canada each year. Many daredevil acts have also been performed here, where people have attempted to go over the falls in homemade boats or barrels. Banff National Park and the Rocky Mountains are a magical place that will have your adventure needs satisfied. The beautiful lake surrounded by snow capped mountains being reflected in the turquoise water will have you feeling like you are in another world. Another National Park that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site is the Gros Morne National Park. With steep cliffs and the greenest surroundings you have ever seen, you will be longing to camp out there for a week, just to wake up to the view provided to you. The park offers skiing in the winters, and is fully equipped with ski huts for visitors. Coming towards the city, one of the main attractions of Canada is the CN Tower located in Toronto. The tower reaches to a height of 553 meters and features a revolving restaurant that allows you to enjoy a meal with a spectacular view of the lake and city below. Also available is a lookout, made with a glass floor, where people often go to take pictures while lying down to provide the city below as the background. One of the main attractions in Canada are Old Montreal and Old Quebec which have kept the old buildings intact and imitated some of the ways of life of that time to give the visitors a Victorian experience. Horse carriages and buildings that stand out in style and the architecture will have you wondering if it was better to live in those older, simpler and more beautiful times. Canada is teeming with wildlife but one of the main attractions that you should absolutely see is the polar bear migration near Churchill. Vans designed to view these majestic creatures will take you out to their waiting site. The ideal time is in October and November as this is the time when the bears are waiting for the ice to freeze before they head out. There are a lot more things to do in Canada which might have you extending your visit just so you can have a glimpse of the beautiful sights that The True North has to offer.

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