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Best attractions to visit in Cannes

11. Lérins Islands - Cannes

Lerins Islands

A couple of miles from the Croisette, confronting the straight of Cannes, the islands of Lérins are an archipelago of the Mediterranean gathering together the islands of Sainte Marguerite and Saint-Honorat, and the islands of the Tradelière and Saint Ferréol. These islands are acclaimed for being the jail of the baffling Iron Mask, which has motivated numerous books and movies.

Once in the past known as the Marat and Le Peletier islands (two saints), these islands introduce an unspoiled, practically idealistic setting, where nature takes its most delightful shape. The visit guarantees riddles, revelations, and delightful scenes.


12. Lérins Abbey - Cannes

Lerins Abbey

Lérins Abbey is a Cistercian religious community on the island of Saint-Honorat, one of the Lérins Islands, on the French Riviera, with a dynamic ascetic community.There has been a devout group there since the fifth century. The development of the present religious community structures started around 1073. Today the friars develop vineyards and deliver wine and alcohol.

The island, referred to the Romans as Lerina, was uninhabited until Saint Honoratus, a supporter of a nearby recluse named Caprasius of Lérins, established a cloister on it sooner or later around the year 410. As indicated by custom, Honoratus made his home on the island proposing to live as a loner, however got himself joined by followers who framed a devout group around him.


13. Saint-Honorat island - Cannes

Saint Honorat island

A well known fascination of the island is walking around a quiet setting or utilizing the little shorelines and really little inlets for sun showering or snorkeling. The earthen streets (like ranger service streets) circumnavigating and mismatching St Honorat are generally shaded, however are still to some degree hot and dusty amid the mid year months.

A "flying visit" to St Honorat would take around 3 hours, with a not very relaxed walk around the whole island, a short visit to the religious community, and a fast outing lunch. We did this once, taking the 11h00 vessel out from Cannes and getting the 14h30 pontoon back once more. For a more casual visit, not including time spent swimming or sunbathing, you ought to take the better some portion of a day.


14. Sainte-Marguerite island - Cannes

Sainte Marguerite island

The Île Sainte-Marguerite is the biggest of the Lérins Islands, about a large portion of a mile seaward from the French Riviera town of Cannes. The island is around 3 kilometers long and 900 meters over. The island is most well known for its stronghold jail, in which the purported Man in the Iron Mask was held in the seventeenth century.

The island is first known to have been possessed amid Roman circumstances, when it was known by the name Lero. The island was most likely renamed in medieval circumstances by crusaders, who assembled a house of prayer to Saint Margaret of Antioch on the island. In the fourteenth century, most likely because of the works of Raymond Féraud, the island moved toward becoming related with an anecdotal Sainte Marguerite, sister to Saint Honoratus, organizer of the religious community on the neighboring Île Saint-Honorat. As indicated by legend, Sainte Marguerite drove a group of nuns on the island which was named after her.


15. Musée de la Mer - Cannes

Musee de la Mer

Situated in the imperial fortification of Sainte-Marguerite Island in the inlet of Cannes, the Musée de la Mer is a historical center of submerged and earthly archaic exploration.

The most forcing working of the fortification, called "Old Castle" worked in the xvii th century on Roman storages, is separated into two ranges: penitentiaries and exhibition hall. The Musée de la Mer, authoritatively made in the spring of 1977, elements archeological stays from land and submerged unearthings and logical models. Rooms opening onto a substantial porch are held for transitory displays.


16. The Path of the Stars (Chemin des Etoiles) - Cannes

The Path of the Stars Chemin des Etoiles

Los Angeles has its "Stroll of Fame" on Hollywood Boulevard, Cannes its Chemin des Etoiles before the Palais des Festivals. All over, the stars leave their mark and their impressions. All over, they are frequently the same as the Croisette welcomes us to leave a piece of themselves to children.

The castings of the hands and marks of more than 300 identities accentuate the esplanade Georges Pompidou and its greenery enclosures. Seventy-five new stainless steel pieces were introduced on the forecourt of the Palais des Festivals in 2011.


17. Film Festival Palace (Palais des Festivals) - Cannes

Film Festival Palace Palais des Festivals

The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès (Palace of Festivals and Conferences) is a traditional focus in Cannes, France, the scene for the Film Festival and the Lions International Festival of Creativity. The building opened in 1982.

The Palais des Festivals is situated at the highest point of Blvd. de la Croisette, east of the port. It has a general space limit of 25,000 square meters for displays and in addition various rooms and 18 assembly halls, the biggest of which has a limit of 2,300. It is the setting for the yearly Cannes Film Festival, and has "present day and cutting edge offices" for lodging meetings consistently.


18. Hotel de Ville - Cannes

Hotel de Ville

The City Hall (Hotel de Ville) is a rich building arranged between Allées de la Liberte Charles de Gaulle and Rue Felix Faure, just beneath the mansion in Cannes France.

The Film Festival is held each spring at the Palais des Festivals et des Congres on Boulevard de la Croisette. Numerous motion picture stars from Hollywood, New York and all through Europe visit this city for this yearly occasion. Travelers are once in a while ready to see their most loved on-screen characters in the town.


19. The Croix des Gardes - Cannes

The Croix des Gardes

La Croix des Gardes' is situated only a couple of minutes from the port of Cannes and the 'Palais des Festivals', and gladly stands disregarding the notable area that resounds with the wonderful nineteenth century legacy of the French Riviera.

It was believed that the renowned International Film Festival would have the mansion's opening amazing occasion, in any case, actually, it was with Alfred Hitchcock's notorious film, 'To Catch a Thief', that the stronghold initially filled in as an exceptional background. In 1995, the creation of the film gladly invited Grace Kelly, who is said to have quickly fallen under the spell of the legendary Chateau.


20. Le Suquet - Cannes

Le Suquet

Le Suquet is the old quarter of Cannes, presumably best referred to visitors as the climbing, winding cobbled path fixed with nearby eateries, Rue St Antoine. Le Suquet contains a clock tower and church that sit highfacing east ignoring the Bay of Cannes and Cannes itself. At the base of Le Suquet on Rue Dr. P. Gazagnaire is the Marché Forville, where the market is held in the mornings and early evening.

The mourn du Suquet is the first principle street into Cannes. It came in underneath the dividers of the stronghold (for barrier reasons). It is a person on foot road again and has a lot of eateries.


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