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Things to do in Cape Coast

Located on the south of the Gulf of Guinea, Cape Coast also known as the Cabo Corso is a fishing port and city in the Central Region of South Ghana. It’s has an exciting topography mostly dominated by batholith rock and undulated with steep slopes and valleys with streams flowing between them, which truly makes it fun for tourists to explore on foot or on their bike.

Cape Coast attractions

Cape Coast is the beautiful city around the coastal area of the country. You will be surprised to find that there are tons of things to do in Cape Coast. You can move around the area with a taxi, it is the most convenient and the cheapest mode of transportation. To reach Cape Coast, you can also take the ‘tro-tro’ that travels from Accra to the city, or the STC bus that stop at the Pedu Junction, which is only 5 km from the city center. Once you get there, you can indulge in any of the things to do in Cape Coast. There are guided tours that take visitors to the city’s castle, which happens to be a part of the UNESCO slave fort from its World Heritage list. Other things to do in Cape Coast include visiting the Victoria Fort, Fort Williams, the Center for National Culture, etc. If you have had your fill of the historic sites around town, you can take a day off from your usual tour schedule and hang out at the beach. Here, you may come across locals pulling in fishing nets and sailing away in their traditional boats.

Places to visit in Cape Coast

There are plenty of places to visit in Cape Coast, which means that you will have to reserve some time for this particular city in Ghana. The slave castle here is one of the most important historical monuments in all of Africa. Visitors are allowed to take pictures here but only after they pay a few pesewas. There are some interesting things to do in Cape Coast, some of which are workshops on the native cooking, dancing classes, and batiking workshops. If you are visiting around the time of a game, do not miss the chance to see the Cape Coast Dwarfs in action, especially if you are a fan of soccer. Try not to carry valuables in crowds; pickpockets are common in the city streets. If you need a break from all the things to do in Cape Coast, you can always take a breather and hit the Main Street – the place is brimming with great eateries for everyone. If you do not want to spend too much and are simply stopping by for a bite to eat, you can go to the Cape Café located at Commercial Road. The place has a laidback atmosphere, and the menu that has everything from Western cuisine to the native delicacies.


Things to do in Cape Coast - Cape Coast Castle

Things to do in Cape Coast - Cape Coast Castle

Cape Coast Castle is one of the forty-slave castles that were used by European traders in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. It was originally constructed by the Swedes as a trade lodge for timber but was later used to hold slaves. Also known as the 'gate of no return', the building served as a final stop for the slaves before they were shipped to the Americas. By 1700s, the building was transformed into a castle and served as headquarter of the British governor. Today, tourists can visit the Cape Coast Castle to learn about the European colonial history. They can see the dark and cramped slave quarters as well as spaciously built rooms of the governor who lived inside the castle. A museum is also located inside the castle that educates visitors about the European slave trade and look at maps of slave routes. The castle museum also contains items that were traded by the Europeans for slaves such as firearms, whisky bottles, and glass beads. Visitors can view how slaves were transported to the New World through a simulation of the auction blocks as well as the hold of a ship. They can also look at a video documentary that puts into historical context, the interactions between the slaves and their family back home.


Things to do in Cape Coast - Kakum National Park

Things to do in Cape Coast - Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park is situated in the central part of Ghana. Established in 1931, the national park is quite extensive, covering an area of 375 sq. km. The park was designated as a national preserve in 1991. It is one of the few parks in Africa containing a canopy walkway that leads to tropical rainforest. The park contains various species of wildlife including a number of endangered species. Some of the animals that visitors can see include the African elephant, antelope, giant bongo, yellow-backed duiker, and many others. It contains the densest population of African elephants in all of Africa. A bird area also overlaps the park that is recognized by the Bird Life International. The park contains over 266 species of birds including eight species that are considered endangered. Visitors can view many unique bird species in the park including the hornbill, white breasted birds, and the African grey parrot. The area also is rich with butterflies that flutter gracefully inside the forested park area. Kakum National Park contains mostly moist forest. Other types of vegetation visitors can find in the park include swamp forests and riverine forests. It is certainly a great place to experience the rich variety of wildlife and plants in their natural habitat.