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Things to do in Cape Town

Best attractions to visit in Cape Town

41. District Six Museum - Cape Town

District Six Museum

The District Six Museum is one of the most fascinating museums we have been to. We all know the horrible Apartheid Era from South Africa’s history and have a general idea about the oppression of the people. You hear about people being killed and jailed but there were many more drastic actions which changed whole lives of people forcibly. This museum is dedicated to one such action. During the Apartheid, more than 60,000 people here of different races were forced to leave their homes and relocate somewhere else. The museum has many fascinating insights. One thing we really liked from the District Six Museum was the handwritten notes. People who used to live here before they were forced out have left little-handwritten notes about where they used to live and their stories. It is really illuminating and really helps you understand the oppressive conditions which were prevalent back then. There are many signs, billboards, and other such materials which were in the district six in that era. The museum is not very big so it will take much time for you to see it all, but what little you do see has a lot of impacts.


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