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Things to do in Caracas

Best attractions to visit in Caracas

1. Plaza Bolívar - Caracas

Plaza Bolivar

No visit to Caracas in Venezuela can be completed without going to the Plaza Bolivar - a famous public spaces situated in the historic city center. The Plaza reflects the true color of the open and lively nature of the local Venezuelans. Located in the municipality of the Cathedral Parish of Liberado, the Plaza is enclosed by colonial and modern era architecture including the Municipal Palace, the Archbishop's Palace, the Chapel of Saint Rose of Lima, the Cathedral of Caracas, the Teatro Principal, the Yellow house, and the Federal Legislative Palace. All of these architectures independently serve as a great tourist spots that can be included in the list of things to do in Venezuela. You can find a number of interesting things to do in the Plaza. The Leafy Square is the nerve center of the old town of Caracas that is always bustling with a large crowd. You can see people engaged in conversation, feeding food items to squirrels, and drinking cepilladas and lemonade on the side lines. The whole plaza is shaded by African tulip trees and jacarandas. Moreover, the place is made more beautiful due to the presence of fountains surrounded by golden cherub at each corner of the plaza.


2. Caracas Cathedral - Caracas

Caracas Cathedral

Located on the Plaza Bolivar, Caracas Cathedral is a religious icon of the city where the locals gather to practice their faith. The chapel has undergone various expansions, repairs and renovations after it was first built in the middle of the 16th century. Structure of the cathedral was made using stone while the roof is tiled. The cathedral is supported by about two dozen plain pillars. In the past the brick steeple of the cathedral contained a clock that was the only public clock of the city during early part 19th century. Caracas Cathedral is the burial ground of the wife of the father of nation Simón Bolívar. You can find many interesting things to do in Caracas Cathedral and its surrounded areas. Located inside the cathedra is a square known as the Nuestra Senora de Venezuela y Santa Ana. This square is located between the cathedral and the central plaza and is enclosed by a wall on all the three sides except one to the east that faces the cathedral. A visit to Caracas Cathedral should be included in the places to visit and things to do in Venezuela as you can learn about the colonial ere glimpse of the architectural style that was prevalent during colonial era.


3. Parque del Este - Caracas

Parque del Este

Parque del Este that is translated as the East Park is an must-visit place located in the Sucre municipality in Caracas, Venezuela. There are many fun and exciting things to do in Parque del Ese. Official name of the park is Francisco de Mairandal in the honor of a national hero. The recreational park serves as a great place to relax and enjoy for people of all ages. At the park you can take part in different activities such as take a stroll along the park and enjoy the magnificent landscape of the place, enjoy a picnic, have a photo shoot, or just lie down in the grass and experience the joy and beauty of the place. Parque del Este is spread out over an area of about 200 acres and is managed by the National Parks Institute or INPARQUES. The area where is Parque del Este located was once covered with thick vegetation consisting mostly of old Bucares, old coffee trees, and Lagos Palo Beard. At present, the park is composed of three sections. The first part consists of an open grass field composed of pleasant undulating topography. Second section of the park consists of dense vegetation of forested landscape and winding pathways. And the last section of the park is composed of a series of paved gardens containing water works and tiled murals. Overall this is certainly a great place to visit in Caracas that should be part of your things to do in Venezuela.


4. El Hatillo - Caracas

El Hatillo

El Hatillo is one of the five municipalities of the capital city of Caracas located in the State of Miranda in Venezuela. The best thing about the place is that you can find a number fun, exciting and interesting things to do in El Hatillo. Visiting the place should be added to the list of things to do in Venezuela due to its rich cultural and festive atmosphere. Here you can find various colonial era architectures with unique Latin American Baroque style. The place also hosts a number of festivals during different parts of the year. Holiday celebrations reflect vibrant culture of the place with lots of color and liveliness. A number of artistic places are located in El Hatillo. These include the El Hatillo Art Center, Social Center El Hatillo, and El Hatillo Antheneum. You should check out these places before you book a flight to Caracas as various entertainment events are held here from time to time. Tourists looking for souvenir items will not be disappointed as they can find many items including handicrafts, pottery, and other artistic items sold be vendor in El Hatillo. Turgua Group offers artistic collection of potters, painters, photographers, and blacksmiths that you can by during exhibition that is held in the area.


5. Caracas Zoologico - Caracas

Caracas Zoologico

Caracas Zoologico is a zoological park situated in the south western part of Caracas in Venezuela. Situated in the Parish of Caricuao, the park is a topmost tourist destination in the city. There are many fun things to do in Caracas Zoologica that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. The 36 hectares park is popular among the tourists as they can walk among a number of wildlife that is let loose in the park. Main appeal of the park is to be able to take photographs with the animals. Children can pet and feed the harmless animals with the hand. Besides the various animal species to explore in the park, visitors can also take part in games, sports, and enjoy picnic inside the zoo. The pleasant ambience of the zoo serves as the perfect backdrop where visitors can enjoy the weekends with their families and friends. There are lots of flora and fauna to explore in the zoo that will make a visit to the place certainly worth the time. A train also traverses through the zoo that serves as an educational ride especially for younger member of the family. Overall, this is a wonderful place to visit in Caracas where you can create wonderful memories that will live with you for a long time.


6. Altamira - Caracas


Altamira is the neighborhood situated in Caracas, Venezuela. In recent years, Altamira has become a haven for tourists who come there to stay at the hotels and eat at the restaurants. It is one of the most prosperous neighborhoods of the city. Altamira has a Metro Station as well, which both locals and tourists take to travel to different places. Even though it is a neighborhood, you will come across several things to do in Altamira. If you are traveling to Venezuela, you can stay at the hotels established in and near the neighborhood. By staying close to the neighborhood, you will have access to the El Avila National Park and several eateries located throughout the area. It is the city’s major business center. So, do plan a trip there. When people say things to do in Altamira, the first thought that comes to mind is the fine dining places, the luxurious hotels, and the flourishing business center. You will not regret your time in Altamira, as you will be in close proximity of all the commotion. If you need to travel to other cities, you can take the Metro Station. Your stay in Altamira will be wonderful and exciting.


7. Iglesia de San Francisco - Caracas

Iglesia de San Francisco

Iglesia de San Francisco is must see visit located in Caracas in Venezuela. The church is of great historical importance as it was the place where Simon Bolivar had received the honorific title of 'El Libertador' in 1813. Funeral of the nation's freedom fighter also occurred in the church due to which it is revered by the local people. The government of Venezuela designated this site as a national monument due to its great historical significance. The Iglesia de San Francisco is so named because it was built as an annex to the Palacio de las cademias that was previously known as Convent of San Francisco. There are not many things to do in Iglesia de San Francisco apart from admiring the attracting medieval architecture. Built in the late 16th century, the church consists of richly gilded altars. Architectural style of the church with a rectangle and three naves is a brilliant example of South American Baroque style. Inside of the church is decorated with artistic paintwork of great merit. The church is a great stopover for tourists due to its historical and cultural importance. You must make visiting this church in your things to in Venezuela list if you want to learn about the colonial past of the city. Apart from that the surrounding landscape of the church will serve as a great place for picnicking and photo-ops.


8. National Pantheon of Venezuela - Caracas

National Pantheon of Venezuela

A must place visit in Caracas is the National Pantheon of Venezuela. Also known as Panteón Nacional de Venezuela, it is the final resting place of the freedom fighters and national heroes that made great sacrifices for the country. The pantheon represents a tribute by the locals for the great contribution made by national heroes. Established by the state in the 1870s, the pantheon is located on the northern part of the old town of the city. It has undergone extensive expansions since the time of its establishment with most recent and extensive renovation work taking place during 2010 to 2013. The national pantheon is divided into different naves that are dedicated to different famous Venezuelan personalities. Central nave of the pantheon is dedicated to the father of the nation, Simón Bolívar. Here you can find a bronze sarcophagus of the national hero that is located near the altar. The aisles contains sarcophagus of other luminaries that played a major role during the initial years of the country. You can find lots of interesting things to the National Pantheon of Venezuela. You can enjoy viewing the natural landscape of the nearby grounds of the pantheon. Moreover, the area itself serves as a picturesque spot where you can take snaps as memento of you visit to Caracas. Visiting the pantheon is a must that you must include in your list of things to do in Venezuela.


9. Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex - Caracas

Teresa Carreno Cultural Complex

Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex is a great tourist attraction located in the city of Caracas that you should include in your list of things to do in Venezuela. The architectural complex is a cultural masterpiece of the country that is covered over an area of more than 80,000 m2, which makes it the second largest theater in South America. Also called as the Teatro Teresa Carreño, you can find lots of fun and interesting things to do in Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex. Here you can enjoy watching and listening to opera, concerts, ballet, and lays. What's unique about this theater is the architecture where hexagonal roofs and large columns are placed in a harmonic overlaid position that integrates the wonderful expression of pluralistic nature and joint architecture. There are two concert halls inside the theater named the Ríos Reyna and José Félix. A number of well known local performing arts group organize events that you can enjoy watching during different parts of the year.


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