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Things to do in Cardiff

Best attractions to visit in Cardiff

1. Cardiff Bay - Cardiff

Cardiff Bay

If you are planning for your next summer trip, the city of Cardiff is one destination you should definitely consider. One of its many attractions is Cardiff Bay, which is a large area just outside the city centre with a 500 meter freshwater lake, whose water consists of rivers, Taff and Ely. There are many things to do in Cardiff Bay, and is one of the best places to visit for tourists. After a major regeneration project, Cardiff Bay has become easily accessible from three locks, and provides tons of exploration opportunities for tourists. Firstly, you can take a tour around the Cardiff Barage Bay, which extends over 1 kilometer all the way from the northern side of Cardiff docks to the southern side of Penarth. Visitors have the chance of witnessing many famous buildings around the Bay including St. David’s Hotel, Pierhead Building, Senedd, Norwegian Church, Wales Millennium Centre, Craft in the Bay, Techniquest, and more. Other things to do in Cardiff Bay include seeing a number of water attractions, such as the Lightship 2000, Cardiff International Pool, and Cardiff Yacht Club. Cardiff Bay is a spectacular place to visit for a trip around Cardiff’s most famous buildings and witnessing the many water-based amenities.


2. Bute Park - Cardiff

Bute Park

Cardiff has a plethora of famous buildings, museums, and attractions to offer tourists. One of the places you should definitely consider if you decide to visit Cardiff is Bute Park. As the former area of Cardiff Castle, which housed the residence of the 3rd Marquess of Bute, Bute Park is a landmark comprised of exceptional beauty and majesty. There are many things to do in Bute Park, and visitors have tons of attractions to explore upon their visit. Bute Park consists of an extensive area of parklands and gardens. Located near the Taff River, Bute Park offers amazing picturesque views that can revitalize your senses and fill you with immense pleasure and satisfaction. Visitors have the opportunity to indulge in the beauty of its many flower gardens and woodland areas. They also have many other things to do in Bute Park, such as exploring its many attractions, such as Animal Wall, Sculpture Trail, Horticulture and Wildlife, Blackfriars Friary, Herbaceous Border, Mill Leat, Fitness Trail, and Arboretum Collections. There also includes a selection of small cafes and restaurants at which you can stack up on your favorite snacks and eateries. In short, Bute Park is an exquisite place to visit for a nice evening stroll around the park or to spend quality time with family and friends.


3. St Fagans National History Museum - Cardiff

St Fagans National History Museum

If you ever wondered where you could experience the best of Welsh countryside, history, architecture, and Museum, the St Fagans National History Museum fits all these categories exceptionally well. As one of the Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales, the St Fagans National History Museum is comprised of forty different buildings and located in St. Fagans Castle. Visitors enjoy many things to do in St Fagans National History Museum, so if you want to take a trip through time, this is one place you should not miss. Opened to the public in the mid 20th century, the structure of the St Fagans National History Museum has undergone no changes in decades. The magnificence of its architecture is still testament of its incredible array of exhibits and buildings. Some of these include a display of a 19th century terraced house, St Teilo’s Church, Tudor Trader House, Kennixton Farmhouse, Vulcan public house, and a lot more. Other things to do in St Fagans National History Museum include seeing traditional 19th century arts and crafts and exploring acres of beautiful gardens outside castle grounds. In short, the St Fagans National History Museum offers a breathtaking tour of 19th Century Welsh castle grounds, and is a fantastic place to visit with your family and friends.


4. National Museum - Cardiff

National Museum

If Cardiff is one of the cities you are planning to visit this summer, then be sure to check out the National Museum Cardiff. This is not only a museum, but also an art gallery that forms part of the larger network of Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales. There are many things to do in National Museum Cardiff, which is what makes such an attractive place to explore throughout the day. The National Museum Cardiff offers visitors an array of things to see. Its Museum section includes a variety of events and tours that you can participate in for an immersive experience. One event open to the public at the moment is the notorious ‘Treasures: Adventures in Archaeology’ that take you on a fact-finding mission through time to search for treasures in a highly engaging tour. You will see treasures, such as centuries-old human skulls, Egyptian mummy, Roman Empire secrets, as well as those from popular culture including Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull. Other things to do in Cardiff National Museum is the array of old paintings in its art collection, as well those of 19th century French, British, and other European artists. The National Cardiff Museum is an exciting place to visit and offers plenty of enjoyable and educational activities for both adults and children.


5. Millennium Stadium - Cardiff

Millennium Stadium

Many have a passion for watching the daring sport of rugby. What better way to enjoy a game of rugby than by visiting the Millennium Stadium. Located in Cardiff, the Millennium Stadium has hosted a number of rugby games for the Wales national rugby team. In addition, it has also provided the venue for a variety of prominent rugby tournaments including the 1999 Rugby World Cup, Heineken Cup, League Cup, FA Cup, and Rugby League Challenge Cup. Visitors can find many things to do in Millennium Stadium, making it a sensational venue to enjoy a quality game of rugby. As the UK’s third biggest stadium, the Millennium Stadium was specifically constructed for hosting the final of the 1999 Rugby World Cup. Since then, a number of rugby games have been played and spectators have filled the stadium in thousands. As of January 2016, the Millennium Stadium has been renamed as Principality Stadium. The stadium has a total seating capacity of 74,500 and also features a fully retractable roof and a natural turf. Other things to do in Millennium Stadium include eating at one of its seven restaurants or visiting its many hospitality suites. In short, the Millennium Stadium is a breathtaking place to visit and is a fantastic venue to enjoy a game of rugby.


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