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Things to do in Chalchuapa

Best attractions to visit in Chalchuapa

1. Tazumal - Chalchuapa


Anyone visiting El Salvador pays a visit to Tazumal. Tazumal is the Mayan ruins site that features amazing building and houses from the first century. This site is quite a tourist attraction for the fascinating pyramids and other ruins of the ancient Indian civilization. This place offers visually appealing ruins that are a must-see. Because the Indian civilization was quite advanced in technology and language, you will get to see many interesting things in Tazumal. There are many interesting things to do in Tazumal, so you’ll never get bored here. This place is packed with several archeological sites and offers visitors a peek into the culture, technology, and language of the Mayan people. The ruins of the site showcase evidence that this place was a notable trading center. If you want to spend a day exploring this place, you will come across many things to do in Tazumal. The site remains open to the public most of the days of the week and there are many dine-in places you can eat at. You will also find many shops in the business district. The most fascinating ruin is the 75 feet pyramid that can be seen from a distance.


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