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Things to do in Charleston

Charleston is the oldest city in the state of South Carolina. It is part of a large metropolitan area that forms an important part of the state. Charleston has one of the best natural harbors in the world and lies at the meeting point of the Cooper and Ashley Rivers with the ocean. The city was originally named as Charles Town in honor of the King of England, Charles II.

Charleston South Carolina

Charleston remained among the ten largest cities of the continent soon after its establishment. It is growing quickly in the past few years and the current estimates put the population of its metropolitan area to be around 728,000 people. There are many things to do in Charleston such as enjoying the beauty of its natural harbor. The city is a popular destination for tourists and has a number of great restaurants. The city is also famous for having a preserved architecture that takes viewers back in time. One of the best things to do in Charleston is to enjoy the hospitality of its residents. The city is one of the most tourist friendly places in the whole country and many important travel assistance sources define the city as the most polite city of the United States. One of the best things to in America is to see the cultural variations that are present in different states and Charleston offers this amazing sight to tourists. The city has a culture that contains English, French, African and Southern US elements, all combined as one which offers a unique experience to visitors that come to Charleston. The city has its own traditional Southern dialect which makes it an interesting place to visit.

Place to Visit in Charleston

Charleston is a wonderful city to visit because of its hospitality and an abundance of activities for visiting tourists. There are many wonderful places to visit in Charleston during the many festivals that annually occur in the city. Some of the famous festivals are the Spoleto Festival, Cooper River Bridge Run and the MOJA Arts Festival. The city becomes a wonderful place to visit during these times and also caters to the needs of all kinds of tourists. People who have an interest in visual and performing arts will find that there are many places to visit in Charleston for them to quench their thirst of finding talented performers. The city also holds the famous Charleston International Film Festival. One of the best things to do in America is to enjoy the variety of music on offer in different states such as South Carolina. The state is famous for jazz music. The music prepared in this city has influenced the musicians of the whole country. Charleston is also famous for its live theaters and ranks among the most prominent theater locations in the entire country. Charleston also has many important buildings that have a historic significance. The city contains America’s first museum as well, which opened in 1773 as the Charleston Museum.


Things to do in Charleston - City Market

Things to do in Charleston - City Market

The historic City Market in Charleston is regarded as the top attraction in the city, and once you go visit it, you will not disagree with that. The market is open throughout the year from 9:30am to 6:00pm and was built in 1841. It is also recognized as a National Historic Landmark in the United States and is built in the Greek Revival Style.

There are literally tons of things to do in City Market, where you can spend the entire day shopping and browsing around. There is also the Confederate Museum that you can check out, which will provide you with more history about the market and educate you about Charleston. Another of the things to do in City Market is visit the Historic Charleston Foundation, which protects and preserves the cultural and architectural treasures of Charleston.

There are numerous events held in City Market, so you shouldn’t worry about being bored here. There are always lots of things to do in City Market and you can even check out the different Day and Night Market, while you get the chance to meet vendors and shop for different products, gifts and produce. If you are looking for a great experience in Charleston, then plan your visit to City Market today.


Things to do in Charleston - Fort Sumter

Things to do in Charleston - Fort Sumter

Fort Sumter is a sea fort with more than 234 acres of land that is noted for its significance during the American Civil War. Fort Sumter opened in 1861 when the Civil War started and was evacuated in 1865 before the end of the four-year war. In 1948 Fort Sumter was authorized as a protected landscape/ seascape. Today, Fort Sumter is known as a major historical and cultural point of interest in the Charleston harbor.

Taking the public tours is one of the best things to do in Fort Sumter. The Fort Sumter National Monument tour is organized by the National Park Service and is a good way to explore the history and significance of the area. In fact, for the past three years, Fort Sumter has been attracting more than 1 million visitors annually, and today it is recognized as a Visitor Education Center.

One of the popular things to do in Fort Sumter is to head there on a private boat. While 30-minute ferry rides are readily available, a private boat will let you explore the calm surrounding waters and natural setting before you discover the major points of interest in Fort Sumter.


Things to do in Charleston - Drayton Hall

Things to do in Charleston - Drayton Hall

When you come to South Carolina, one of the first things that you should do is visit Drayton Hall in Charleston. It offers a great experience for families with so many different things to see and do over here. It draws in visitors from all over the country and is a favorite amongst tourists who visit the city as well, because of its tradition.

There are so many different things to do in Drayton Hall, which includes taking a guided tour through the historic halls. There are different educational programs on offer over here as well, and they are available in family packages that will teach the young ones about architecture and history of all the collections over here. If you want some more things to do in Drayton Hall, you could take a tour of the historic landscape around the hall as well.

One of the most popular things to do in Drayton Hall is shopping from the museum shop over there. It has got lots of souvenirs and gifts that will remind you about this historic hall. One thing is for sure a visit to Drayton Hall will be a fantastic experience, not only for the kids, but the entire family.


Things to do in Charleston - Middleton Place

Things to do in Charleston - Middleton Place

If you are ever visiting down in South Carolina, then you should definitely check out Middleton Place. It is the oldest Landscape Garden in America and is also a National Historic Landmark as well. The 65 acre landscape garden has been called the most interesting and important garden in the United States, which is reason enough for you to check it out.

There are lots of things to do in Middleton Place, which includes checking out the many gardens over here and also visiting the stableyards. You can also take a tour of the House Museum, which was actually built in 1755! It is also the birthplace of an important person who signed the Declaration of Independence, plus there are lots of portraits, family furniture and books on display here as well.

A trip to Middleton Place is absolutely fascinating and you will get to learn so much about the history of the United States and how the Middleton family played an important role in the formation of America. There are other things to do in Middleton place, which includes visiting the gift shop and grabbing a bite at the on-site restaurant as well.


Things to do in Charleston - Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Things to do in Charleston - Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

One of the most fascinating and entertaining trips to take in South Carolina, has got to be the visit to Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. The thing about the place is that it is incredibly dog-friendly and encourages families to bring their canine companions along with them. There are lots of stunning gardens here, which make it a favorite for people visiting South Carolina.

Amongst the many things to do in Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is taking the tram tours with your dogs and roaming the gardens with them. There is water available for the pets along the way, and if you can carry your dog, you can even take them inside the plantation house. Another of the countless things to do in Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is checking out the dog-hiking trails, which includes a 60-acre hike through blackwater cypress and tupelo swamp.

It is definitely a place where you can spend the entire day relaxing in the sunshine with your kids and pets. One of the must-do things to do in Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is checking out over 900 different types of Camelias. You simply won’t find any other place that is so pet friendly and so entertaining for the entire family.