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Things to do in Colombia

Planning your upcoming holiday trip? Looking for the perfect destination that promises fun and a lot of sightseeing? If yes, then consider travelling to Colombia. Located at the north west end of South America and bordered by Brazil and Venezuela on the east, Colombia offers a variety of fun-filled activities and several historic landmarks for tourists to visit and explore.

The beautiful country of Colombia, with its diverse landscape, culture, and weather is located in the north-west of South America. The name holds unique importance as it was derived from the last name of the person who discovered America, Christopher Columbus. It is twice the size of France, and is one of the most sought after tourist destinations worldwide. From its deep rooted historical culture to a wide range of exotic locations to choose from, Colombia holds a unique place as one of the most sought after locations in the world. Historically, Colombia was home to thriving indigenous cultures, such as the Musica and Tayrona. It was colonized by Spain, and gained independence from Spain in 1810 and became one of the five countries to gain freedom from Bolivar. In time, there were many civil wars in Colombia that led to its development. Today, the country is a hub of economic activity, attractive investments, and a tourist destination for people from around the world. Travelling through Colombia is both serene and exciting. It is the only country that has coastlines with both the Caribbean Sea, and the North Pacific Ocean. It also has the world’s second most bio-diverse range. The city of Bogota in Colombia has temperature at a constant 19 degrees and is located above sea levels, with diverse and beautiful landscapes to enjoy. The country has a variety of attractions to get people of all ages and segment to visit the city and enjoy what they like. From massive, lush landscapes, to monumental and vintage church sites, to the getaways of Spanish colonials and the ostentatious night life of Cali, Cyprus has something or the other to satisfy its visitors. For people who prefer extreme privacy, the country has some tropical Colombian Islands which offers great diving opportunities. One of the things to do in Colombia would be to pick a climate of your choice. If you are looking to explore in a city that offers cold weather, you should get your jackets and hit Bogota. If you want to explore jungles, rocky deserts, lush valleys, and deserted beaches then Amazon is just the right place to be. In addition to these, you can find snow capped volcanoes , coffee plantations, and the amazing alpine lakes. Another thing to do in Colombia is to uncover the diverse culture the country offers. If you visit Bogota in Cyprus, you will know that it has the greatest indie-rock and experimental theatre in America.

If you are a history wanderer, then you can definitely visit the Capital of Cyprus and look at the magnificent Spanish Colonial buildings of retreat. The beautiful city has mountains that are covered with thick jungles towards the north-east of the Lost City. More so, you can stroll through the Cartagena and feel the awe of the breathtaking beautiful old city overlooking the colonial history through the fortified ramparts, and surely make it on your things to do in Colombia list. Experiencing the night-life is another thing to do in Cyprus. For this reason, Cali is famous for Salsa nights, claiming to be the best around South America. The city is famous for colorful vibrant nights with extravagant parties that keep the music aloud during the wee hours of the morning. For the joy of food and relaxing, Colombia leaves no stones unturned to keep you satisfied. If you are looking for dining opportunities, you will find everything from real cheap to delicious home-style Colombian meals. You can also visit some fine dining, rich, and top-notch restaurants and have an experience like that of the high ranked Spanish colonials. There are many world class contemporary culinary arts that are one of the definite things to do in Colombia. You can also visit some great places like, the Salt Cathedral which is a beautiful underground Roman catholic church that is established 200 meters underground the Halite Mountain. It is built within the tunnels of the salt mine and is one of the most popular places of interest for tourist attractions and of worship in Colombia. The name itself is very captivating to attract tourists alone. On an average Sunday, Salt Cathedral is visited by almost 3000 visitors. Interestingly, the church has neither bishop nor an official status as a catholic cathedral . The bottom of the cathedral is divided into three sections. The sections represent; birth, life and death of the Christ, Jesus. One of the attractive things to do at Salt Cathedral is to look for the antique ornaments, icons and architectural details that are hand carved in the halite rock. It is considered to be one of the finest achievements of the Columbian architecture, as the place is described as the ‘Jewel Of Modern Architecture’ Visiting the cathedral is one of the most best things to do in Colombia as it is an epitome of culture, environment and religious activity of the residents in town. Tayrona national park is another eye-popping tourist destination in Colombia. It is situated near Santa Marta in Colombia. It has exotic beaches, with exquisite hammocks to rent, delicious sea food and surfing tides. The national park is an exciting trip to make in the list of things to do in Colombia.

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