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Things to do in Copiapó

Copiapó is a Chilean town located in the north of the country. Surrounded by pretty hilly areas and Vineyards, Copiapó provides a pleasant scenic view to the onlookers. The town lays few hundred kilometers away from the Copiapó River and the Copiapó valley. Since Copiapó is located in the region of Atacama, it is also surrounded by dry deserts and many high and small volcanoes on all sides.

Copiapó Chile

Due to its formerly lush green landscape, Copiapó was named San Francisco de la Selva de Copiapó (Saint Francis of the jungle of Copiapó in Spanish). The land of Copiapó is found rich in silver and copper, yet making it a famous mining region and a mining town. Tourists and visitors will often find themselves comforted by the crowd of working miners milling around town. Like most parts of Chile this town also bears many traces, history has left behind. Specifically this town is a city of many firsts for South Americans. The first telephones and the first telegraph lines of the nation were established in Copiapó. The first railway line of South America also begins from here. Moreover the first gasworks of Chile appeared in this town too. One of the most fun things to do in Copiapó is to visit the beautiful beaches of Bahia Iglesias. Enjoying the wildlife of Pan de Azúcar National Park is another most worthy thing to do in Copiapó. The nature lovers would love the picturesque beaches and the all the wild life in the national park, and the non- nature lovers will simply love all the fun this town has in store for them.

Places to visit in Copiapó

The beauty of nature with which the country of Chile is richly blessed has extended to the town of Copiapó as well. For professional and amateur mountain climbers, the city has to offer a terrific challenge in the form of a Volcano called Ojos Del Salado. Another mesmerizing spot for visitors and tourists and an essential place to visit in Copiapó is situated on the foot of Licancabur called the green lake, most commonly known as Laguna Verde by the natives. When the El Niño cycle impacts the weather patterns in South America, it causes rain in the desert in the springtime and as a result the area north of Copiapó gets filled with wildflowers. This “Flowering Desert” is another famous tourists spot and an important place to visit in Copiapó, as it has plenty of unusual species and also attracts loads of photographers with its beauty. Even something as simple as a pass between Argentina and Copiapó is a place worth visiting, more commonly known as San Francisco Pass; it gives a beautiful view of Chilean Borders. The country of Chile is blessed with beautiful landscapes and volcanoes are a big part of it. Behind the colorful lake of Laguna Verde of Copiapó, lies Incahuasi–a volcanic mountain.


Things to do in Copiapó - Laguna Verde

Things to do in Copiapó - Laguna Verde

A rare site of nature with a very unique color, Laguna Verde, meaning the green lake (or a green lagoon) is the famous salt lake of Chile. Visiting this place is a requisite thing to do in Chile and a person must never leave without looking at it first. It is not just the unusual color of the lake water that makes it such a site for human eyes, rather its beauty increases tenfold by the fact that it surrounded on all sides by the high mountains and volcanoes of Chile; one of them being Ojos del Salado which is the highest working volcano of the world.

There are many things to do in Laguna Verde, and one of them involves mountain climbing. The climb might be difficulty, but once on the top the ethereal and beautiful view of the green lagoon will make the hardship totally worth it. The green lagoon is situated 4200 meters above the sea level. Beside mountain climbing tourists and visitors can also visit the site for trekking, high mountain tours, hiking, photography and for understanding the fauna and flora of the place.


Things to do in Copiapó - Ojos Del Salado

Ojos Del Salado is the second highest peak in South America, the highest volcano in the country of Chile and the highest active volcano in the world. Among all the volcanoes and mountain visits, a trip to this one is among the most important things to do in Chile. While the whole area that provides as a border to Chile and Argentina is abundant with number of volcanoes, Ojos Del Salado dominates them all. Most times due to the Atacama Desert in its surrounding, Ojos Del Salado is mostly dry and rocky with only its peak covered with snow; which makes it look all the more beautiful.

Similar to the Laguna Verde Lake near it, this peak is also abundant in salt deposits that appears in its glaciers–hence the name Ojos Del Salado, which, translated roughly from Spanish, means “salty eyes”. Due to the remote conditions of the mountain, the trip is impossible to make without a car, more preferably a jeep.

Though Ojos Del Salado is a volcano it bears no history of any explosions and is termed as an extinct one. However it was recorded to have erupted with gray columns of water vapor and sulfuric gases. The mountain can be climbed from both of its sides, however the Chile side of the mountain is believed to be an easier and much more convenient ascend. When visiting this peak, don’t just look at the view; tours allows various things to do in Ojos Del Salado, including driving up the mountain in a jeep and to sleep in huts along the way.


Things to do in Copiapó - San Francisco Pass

A legendary San Francisco pass situated above the Andes Mountain provides a road connection between Argentina and Chile. When touring by road or bus, one thing to do in Chile is to experience the thrill of travelling through San Francisco Pass. The highest point of this pass is at 15,505 feet high. San Francisco Pass is about 15,577 feet above the sea level. The road is different in both sides of the pass.

The one in the Chile is dusty and rocky whereas the side of the pass in Argentina is paved. While there, one of the things to do in San Francisco Pass is to admire the view it provides as it passes close by the Ojos Del Salado Mountain and gives a wonderful scenic view of the high peak. The pass also takes the travelers next to the Maricunga’s salt flat and also Laguna Verde.

The other mountains that usually come along the way are barren and dusty and provide great opportunities of taking loads of pictures. The pass is very easy to cross since there is hardly any traffic, and the car could even be stopped on the way for looking at the huge mountains from such a close distance. Travelling on road through the pass gives one of a kind experience.


Things to do in Copiapó - Incahuasi

Things to do in Copiapó - Incahuasi

Incahuasi is a stratovolcano and is situated on the borders of the countries of Chile and Argentina. The volcanic mountain is one of the top attractions in the Andes. Usually, when people visit either Argentina or Chile, they make it a point to include a visit to this place in their itineraries.

The mountain itself is quite steep and any and all mountain climbers must take a good look at the peak and evaluate all necessary factors carefully before starting the climb. As challenging as it is, it is one of the most fun things to do in Incahuasi.

It is true that there are many things to do in Chile while touring but one of those things must include climbing, hiking and simply mountaineering on the mountain of Incahuasi. This mountain has a summit the height of which peaks out 6,621 meters above sea level. The volcanic mountain also houses with itself a caldera that is 3.5 kilometers wide and 2 stratovolcanoes.


Things to do in Copiapó - Ojos Del Salado

Things to do in Copiapó - Ojos Del Salado


Things to do in Copiapó - San Francisco Pass

Things to do in Copiapó - San Francisco Pass