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Things to do in Curaçao

Curacao is one of the Dutch Islands of the Caribbean. Willemstad is its capital. You will find many fun things to do in Curacao such as visiting the beaches and its sprawling coral reefs. The island is known to be a holiday destination due to its great weather all year round, so that people can come during the summer time and soak up some sun, play in the sand and cool down in the blue waters. You can perform many outdoor activities here such as diving and snorkeling and so much more. It is the best spot for a refreshing family vacation, or even for fun with your friends.

What to do in Curacao

If you are a history lover, there is much to see and many things to do Curacao. Here you will find many Dutch Architectural buildings, and some are a blend of Dutch and Spanish colonial styles too. Majority of these historical and architectural buildings are in or around Willemstad and that’s why it makes it a UNESCO World Heritage Site too. In these old towns, you will find olden styled houses that are painted in bright colors. For a small town, you will get much to see, do and eat here. While you are in town, you can also take a ferry boat ride across the floating bridge and get a gorgeous view of the whole town. This is one of the things to do in Curacao. Another one of the best things to do in Curacao is to see one of the biggest tourist attractions which is the Curacao Seaquarium. You can spend a great day with your friends and family, and kids will enjoy this especially. You will be able to see the immense underwater sea life. The location of the Aquarium is just east of Willemstad and here you will find a marina, a beach, a hotel, and the aquarium itself. The Aquarium is open every day from 8.30AM till 5.30PM.

Places to visit in Curacao

Besides the beaches in Curacao, other places to visit in Curacao are the Hato Caves. During the times of slave trade in Curacao, the caves were used as a hideout for slaves who would come and hide for months inside. Your tour guide will show you the 1500 year old cave drawings and tell you ancient stories and show you around the area. The opening hours of the caves are between 9AM till 5PM, and there are separate charges for adults and children. One of the other places to visit in Curacao is also the Ostrich Farm. You will get to see these mesmerizing birds up close and personal. You will get the chance to feed them, touch them, take photographs with them and even ride them if you are up to the task. While you are at the farm, you will be able to catch a Safari truck that leaves every hour that will take you on a tour. This is a great opportunity to experience the wild life up-close, and is a fun activity to do with your family and kids. It is one of the most exciting things to do in Curacao.


ABC Islands

ABC Islands

The ABC Islands in the Caribbean are one of the most popular places to visit in the region. It is made up of three islands all of whom are known by different names. Their initials when put together form the name ABC Islands. Aruba stands for A in ABC Islands, Bonaire stands for B in ABC Islands, while Curaçao stands for C in ABC Islands.

All three islands are offer specific things to do in ABC Islands. Aruba is well known for its party atmosphere and is considered to be the best place to visit during spring break. Bonaire is known as diving paradise, and provides a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Curaçao includes all the best of both islands and this ensures that you will always have things to do in ABC Islands.

Amongst the many things to do in ABC Islands are the many world-class resorts and hotels that offer their own individual activities. With so many things that are on offer over here, you will definitely have a trip that you are going to remember for the rest of your life. So next time you visit the Caribbean be sure to check out the incredible ABC Islands.


Curaçao synagogue

Curaçao synagogue

The Curacao Synagogue is also known as the Mikve Israel Emanuel Synagogue. It is the oldest surviving synagogue and it is commonly referred to as the Snoa. The Curacao is a major tourist attraction and the most notable visitors to the area include Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands with her family. The synagogue is very nicely designed. It has a historical perspective and its artistic tombstones can be used with multiple different replicas. It is also home to the oldest Jewish Cemetery which is currently being used.


Baya Beach

Baya Beach

The Baya Beach is a beautiful location, it is one of the most famous beaches on the Caribbean Island and it is situated on the south of the peninsula in the south east of the Caracas Bay. It is located next to the Fort Beekenburg. It is made up of multiple different small beaches which are generated through water sports and offers facilities exist for multiple tourists. Tourists in the area can enjoy jet-ski’s, diving materials and canoes and boat rides for people. The area is known for its impressive and entertaining night life.


Seaquarium Beach

If you are travelling to Curaçao, then you need to visit Seaquarium beach, which is one of the most popular beaches on the island. It is also known by the name Mambo beach, but Seaquarium beach is its official name. It is a manmade beach, but features crystal blue waters and bright white sands.

There are lots of things to do in Seaquarium Beach most of which include playing volleyball at the sand volleyball court, and relaxing on the beach with pina coladas. Snorkeling is included in the many things to do in Seaquarium, while the boardwalk over here has got lots of bars, restaurants and shops. Seaquarium beach is ideal for the kids, since there is a calm tide around here.

All the visitors that come over here will find many fun things to do in Seaquarium beach, and it is rightfully popular because of its fun atmosphere. There are many beaches in Curaçao and Seaquarium beach is one that is incredibly popular amongst the masses due to the incredible diving opportunities that it is has to offer. If you are visiting Curaçao, then make sure that you do check out Seaquarium beach and the many incredible fun opportunities it has to offer.


Klein Curaçao

Klein Curaçao

Love underwater adventures? Enjoy exploring the breathtaking marine life? If yes, then make a trip to Klein Curaçao. This is a gorgeous uninhabited island spanning over 1.7 square kilometres in the Caribbean Sea located south east of Curaçao. The island promises visitors fun-filled sea adventures. Visiting this place is more about exploring what lies under the sea.

And this is exactly what makes snorkelling and scuba diving the most popular things to do in Klein Curaçao. Once you take a plunge in the sea, it’s very easy to spot sea turtles and school of colourful fish. Wait there’s more. The island is also famous for the underwater caves and corals. So, let’s just say you’ll have a great time here underwater when you visit Klein Curaçao.

If you’re travelling with friends who don’t know swimming or scuba diving, then don’t worry. They can have a great time exploring the island. This is one of the many engaging and fun-filled things to do in Klein Curaçao. On the island there is plenty to explore like an old lighthouse, beach houses and huts. Visitors love take photographs of the old lighthouse and the stunning landscape hugged by the Caribbean Sea.


Playa Cas Abao

Playa Cas Abao

If you’re planning a beach holiday trip that offers loads of fun and sea adventures then Playa Cas Abao is the place to visit. It’s crystal clear turquoise blue water, beautiful palm trees and of course white sandy beaches make this place paradise on earth. Located in Curaçao’s north west coast,Playa Cas Abao is recognized as the most pristine beaches in the area.

It’s one of the most popular hotspot among tourists and locals alike in Curacao. From water sports to snorkeling and kayaking, there are numerous fun-filled activities and things to do in Playa Cas Abao. You’ll love it so much here that you might want to extend your holidays and spend more time on the Cas Abao beach.

One of the many fun-filled things to do in Playa Cas Abao is snorkeling. Dive into the sea to explore the marine life underneath. Here you can spot corals and colorful fish species and have a time of your life. After that, you can also indulge in delectable meals available at daiquiri bar near the coast. Besides this, you can soak up the sun or go to the beach masseur and enjoy a relaxing massage listening to the soothing waves of the Caribbean Sea.


Caribbean Club

Caribbean Club in Grand Cayman, Central America is the perfect resort to check in and spend your holidays. Its lavish setting and concierge services have earned it the status of a luxury home away from home. It is the most luxurious and exclusive boutique hotel in Grand Cayman. The club features 37 spacious suites and villas of 1 to 3 bedrooms constructed beautifully on the water edge, and overlooking the beach.

There are several interesting and exciting things to do in the Caribbean Club. Tourists love enjoying sailing in the beautiful and crystal clear water in the Cayman Islands. Besides this, you can also enjoy paragliding and snorkeling here. This is an excellent spot to explore life under the sea and view different marine species. Excited already? Then let us tell you that this is only the beginning. Caribbean Club offers more than that!

Dolphin discovery is also one of the many fun things to do in the Caribbean Club. Here you can play with these friendly mammals and even watch them do amazing tricks. If you’re looking for thrill, then consider horseback riding or go on a helicopter tour. Overall, Caribbean Club is a great place to vacation and rejoice.