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Things to do in Cusco

The name of the city Cusco is an indication of the depth of Spanish influence in the area and how it exists even today. The city is the capital of its region and its province both of which are known by the same name. The city has a total population of 435,114 as per the latest census conducted back in the year 2013.

Cusco Peru

Like most other cities in Peru, the city of Cusco holds historical and practical relevance even to this day. Located at the cusp of eastern end of the Knot of Cuzco, the city that exists today has previously served as the capital of the Inca Empire for over 3 centuries. Some of the buildings and ruins in the area have lived to tell the tale of these times of glory. One of things to do in Cusco for history buffs is to visit some of the major ruins in the area. The history of the city is evident in its valleys, in its streets and in its culture. Some of the buildings in the city are fine examples of Inca arts and architecture. There are a number of different Stonemasons in the Cusco city that you can view. Advantages of the city’s stunning landscape are the photo opportunities that can be enjoyed. Part of the things to do in Cusco includes the chance to take an in-depth look at the sites which have been created by Incan expertise and craftsmanship. On top of that, the city’s historical relevance is signified by the fact that it has been declared by a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Places to visit in Cusco

There are cities which may be much larger than Cusco, but they are seldom cities that have the same number of natural, historical and popular places than Cusco. There are a number of different places to visit in Cusco; some of these locations include monuments, temples and forts like the famous Cusco Cathedral, Museo de Arte Precolombino, Pikillaqta, Raqchi and Qorikancha. All of these places hold historical as well as visual important for people. The Qorikancha for example is a fierce temple that the locals of the city hold in high regard ever since the Inca Empire. It was historically believed to be the place where gold used to flow to the locals. The city of Cusco is filled with such tales. The locals are the best guides, taking you to stunning natural locations that are hard to forget. Cusco is regarded as the place where the world began and it is hard to argue against it with the sceneries on offer. One of the places to visit in Cusco is the Sacred Valley in the region has mountainous regions clothed by terraces and kissed by clouds at their very peaks. Not only is the city a handsome relic of the past, it is also a welcome addition to the future. The infrastructural developments in the region are giving the city as modern outlook to go with the historical outreach.


Things to do in Cusco - Cusco Cathedral

Things to do in Cusco - Cusco Cathedral

The Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin is another name that is given to the Cathedral Cusco. The church is called the mother church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cusco. The building was completed back in the year 1654 and has continued to act the heartland of Catholic Christianity in the region.

One of the things to do in Cusco Cathedral is for people to take a look at the marvelous cathedral building which it has been reported took 100 years to complete. The cathedral has a number of different purposes. While it remains the primary place of worship for locals, for most continental tourists, it is the place to come up close and personal with the best of Cusco art.

The cathedral is so old that it has been regarded as a world heritage site by UNESCO. When one makes their way into the Cathedral there are layers on layers of continental architecture and artworks. These can then be used to learn more about the place’s history. One of things to do in Peru is getting on top of one of the high towers of the Cathedral and enjoying the view of the great city of Cusco below, its streets, its squares and its trademark buildings.


Things to do in Cusco - Moray

Things to do in Cusco - Moray

The Moray area is one of the start attractions of the city of Cusco. These are Incan ruins that continue to intrigue one and all that make a trip to this place. The site is located in the northwest of the city. These ruins have been called a number of names, some calling it the labs of the Inca people and others calling it a place of assemble.

Despite being home to many different ruins, one ruin which is at the top of all things to do in Moray list is the one which has large circular depressions. These circular ruins are considered a work of architectural brilliance. These circular regions are deeper than one another with each one having a well maintained irrigation system.

What is baffling and intriguing about these ruins is that the design of the circles and their depth can create a temperature difference of around 15 degree Celsius from the highest to the lowest. When one walks up to the Moray run area, there are green pastures of land and stunning landscapes proving a welcome sight. High in the things to do in Peru for most people is experiencing the advanced Incan construction first hand.


Things to do in Cusco - Museo de Arte Precolombino

The name Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino in English can be loosely translated to the Museum of Artifacts of Pre-Columbian Arts. Columbia is a neighbor to Peru and there are a number of different cultural cross over between the two regions. The museum despite referring expressly to arts and artifacts from the Columbian region is actually home to some of the best artifacts from all around South America.

Top of the things to do in Museo de Arte Precolombino will be visiting this museum located in the city center of Santiago at least for people who have a liking of arts and architecture. The interesting thing about this museum is that, it is located in Peru, it is named after Colombia and it was founded by a man who was Chilean. When one walks into the museum there are echoes of grandeur.

One is likely to go to the artifacts later, before that, they come across some of the fine architectural works which set the bar for the art work viewing experience. The fame of this museum is such that one of the first things to do in Peru is heading to Cusco and taking a tour of the museum and talking at look at the works of some of the most famous artists and sculptors in the South American region.


Things to do in Cusco - Pikillaqta

Things to do in Cusco - Pikillaqta

A region that is called the Flea place by the locals may not represent the best outing for most people, yet once one enters the Pikillaqta region, the story is different altogether. The area is basically a village that belonged to the Wari people. The center village of the area is after the people known as Wari and this village has been influenced by that place. It is believed that the site is one of the oldest in Peru with occupation of the area being traced back to 550 to 1100 AD.

One of things to do in Pikillaqta is visiting the site and finding out what it was used for and why it was left abandoned. While there are evidences that the superior structure indicates that the region was used for ceremonies, it is unclear why a site like this was abandoned. For history buffs this is the place to be.

Recent excavations have identified remains of some of the people who were inhabitants of the area. High on your list of things to do in Peru should be a visit to this area, which has its own roads and blocks and areas separated for different purposes. Like other Inca ruins this too had a complex irrigation system in place.


Things to do in Cusco - Raqchi

Things to do in Cusco - Raqchi

If the Incans ruled the city as their capital for 3 centuries it is only natural that their traces are still present in the city for all to see. Raqchi is another such Inca ruin. On first viewing the ruin can remind the visitor of the great Stonehenge. On closer viewing though, the area outlines a picture that is much more different. Made from what could be described as red bricks, the ruin contains remains of a temple known as the Temple of Wiracocha.

The site was not given its due share of importance in the first few years but recently its historical significance and architectural importance have made it a hotbed of tourism. There are lots of things to do in Raqchi one of the first few on the list should be visiting these ruins.

When someone visits Peru there are likely to be a number of different things to in Peru planned on their list. The arid plains and the abundance of back stories about the region though have made it a must visit place. On top of that, you are able to get real time experience by touching and exploring the ruins without any one minding your movements.


Things to do in Cusco - Qorikancha

Things to do in Cusco - Qorikancha

The city of Cusco in Peru offers a wide range of attractions and activities that can leave you awe-struck. It not only consists of many natural surroundings, but also has various places of historical significance that can allow you to take a trip through time. The Qurikancha is an enclosed sanctuary that was considered to be one of the most important symbols during the time of the Inca Empire, and today forms a remnant of a past civilization that is visited by scores of tourists.

This is an incredible place to visit to explore a structure dating back more than 500 years. The Inca Empire existed between the 15th and 16th centuries and was well known for their expertise in agriculture, architecture, engineering, and cuisine. They were also known for their worship of many deities, one of which was the sun god, Inti, after whom the Qurikancha was built.

Its walls used to be covered with solid gold sheets; however, most of it was collected from Spanish colonialists. As for the many things to do in Peru, more specifically Casco that you can take part in, you can take a number of wonderful pictures showcasing the sanctuary’s unique architecture. Other things to do in Qurikancha that you can explore are its various nearby attractions, such as going on the Inca Trail or visiting the Tawa Concept to witness the wide art collections.


Things to do in Cusco - Saksaywaman

Things to do in Cusco - Saksaywaman

Saksaywaman is a citadel that is located on the northern part of Cusco in Peru. It has served as the capital of the ancient Inca Empire. The area had been occupied by the Killke tribe since 900 A.D. who added first sections of the complex. It was later expanded by the Inca people from the 13th century onwards. Stone walls were added and huge stones were constructed during the time of the Inca.

History buffs will find a lot of exciting things to do in Saksaywaman. UNESCO designated Saksaywaman as a World Heritage list for recognition and protection and in 1983. The site is situated on top of a steep hill overlooking the city. The fortified complex offers a panoramic view of the valley below. A number of visitors use the large field inside the fortified complex in Saksaywaman for jogging, tai chi and other types of physical activities.

The Peruvians celebrate Inti Rayma near the area in Sacsayhuamán during the months of June. The annual festival celebrates the coming of winter solstice and the New Year. Another festival that is held nearby includes the Warachikuy that is held every year in the month of September. Overall, this is a great place to visit in the Peru. You can have plenty of fun taking part in fun things to do in Saksaywaman.


Things to do in Cusco - Sacred Valley

Things to do in Cusco - Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley, also known as the Urubama Valley, is a river valley located in the Andes region in Peru. It is situated near the ancient Inca capital of Cusco as well as Machu Picchu. In colonial times the place was referred to as Valley of Yucay. There are a lot of interesting things to do in the Sacred Valley.

Indigenous people called the valley sacred due to its location at the heart of the Inca's Empire. Urubama River formed the valley during the ancient times. This river is also known by the names of Willkanuta (house of the sun) and Willkamayu (sacred river). The lands of the Sacred Valley include everything between Ollantaytambo, Piquillaqta, Cusco, and Calca. There are many things to do in the areas that comprise the valley. Get a first-hand look at how the local people make clothes in the small town of Chincheros.

If you fancy exploring mysteries, you can visit the enormous Ollantaytambo ruins. Maybe you can decipher the mystery of how the ingenious people were able to haul up massive rocks without the use of wheels. A visit to the Sacred Valley cannot be completed without a photo op with the llama. These nimble creatures are cousins of the camel that can be seen almost everywhere in the valley. All in all the Sacred Valley is a great place to have a vacation. You will find a variety of interesting things to do in the Sacred Valley.