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Things to do in Danube

When on a trip to Austria, one cannot miss out on Danube. Danube is the second longest river in Europe and offers visitors a chance to explore its fascinating natural landscapes. This breathtaking river flows through the various hills and mountains of Austria, making exploring more exciting. The Wachau district is a must-visit site in Danube.

Danube River

Amongst the most impressive things to do in Danube is exploring the Wachau district. The area of river between Krems an der Donau and Melk (also known as Wachau) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The combination of gorgeous natural beauty and cultural diversity is the reason that this area was marked as a heritage site. The views from this district are quite impressive including massive vineyards and forests. On every edge of the forest slope stands a breathtaking fortress that is another specialty if Danube. In the Wachau district, you will get a chance to taste the traditional wine of the country. For those looking to witness breathtaking landscapes of this European country, they will have plenty of things to do in Danube. There are several castles in this area that you can explore to get to know more about Austria’s past. You can also take a boat tour in the Danube River and make a stop at the town of Melk. In this small town, you will come across the outstanding Benedictine abbey that you can explore. You can also grab a traditional meal at Restaurant Loibnerhof. This family-owned restaurant features a gorgeous garden as well.

Places to visit in Danube

When in Danube, you need to have a list of all the top places so that you can plan your trip in a better way and get the most out of it. The Danube Delta is a must to explore as it is world renowned river for its biodiversity and appeal. This well-preserved river offers visitors a chance to witness diverse species of birds. Unique birds from Africa and China head to this river for breeding purpose. However, if you want to witness the impressive birds’ species, then you need to plan your trip in the early spring or late summer. There are many more animals and plant variety to explore here. But if you are in search of some other kind of recreation, you can head to the Danube Tower. This 26 ft high tower features a rotating restaurant where you can enjoy food with some picturesque views of the surroundings. When you head to the top of this tower, you will get to witness the panoramic views of the old city of Vienna and Vienna Woods as well. You can also head to the Danube Park, the Melk Abbey, and the Danube Promenade Budapest when in Danube.


Danube Delta

Danube Delta

A visit to Austria will be incomplete if you do not explore the Danube Delta. This river is one of the most impressive international delta and the second-longest in Europe. This river is most famous for the impressive species of birds that it attracts due to its tremendous breeding environment. The forests surrounding the delta are also quite mesmerizing to explore.

Not only is this river a breeding ground for hundreds of species of birds, but also many fish species that are found only in Danube Delta and nowhere else in entire Europe. If you are looking for a day packed with outdoor recreation and fun, then you will find many things to do in Danube Delta. But make sure you visit this place during early spring or late summer to witness the most impressive variety of birds.

The fascinating Danube Delta is one of the many outstanding things to do in Austria. This river is also listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, which is the reason it remains packed with tourists from all around the world. Exploring the Danube Delta should be on top of your list of things to do in Austria and you should also try the seafood offered in the area.


Danube Park

Danube Park

If you want to take a nature tour in Austria, then the best way to do so is to visit the various amazing parks in Danube. The famous Danube Delta is surrounded by ample forests, which are turned into protected parks due to the impressive biodiversity in the area. All of these parks are along the river, which means that you can enjoy many more activities. Visitors interested in outdoor recreation and wildlife will find plenty of things to do in the Danube Park. Visiting the Danube Park should be on top of your list of things to do in Austria.

There are a total number of 17 protected park areas along the river. All of these parks are quite diverse and offer visitors a chance to witness amazing birds and wildlife up close. The Danube Park is a breeding ground for hundreds of bird species that can be found here during spring and summer. When it comes to adventure and thrill, there are many things to do in Austria. The Danube Park is not only a great place to witness unique birds from Africa and China, but also for many wildlife species that can be found in the forest.


Melk Abbey

Melk Abbey

When you are traveling to Danube, you will not be short of places to visit in this part of Austria that is a tourist hotspot for numerous reasons. One such impressive place to visit near the Danube Delta is the Melk Abbey, which is a Benedictine abbey situated in the town of Melk. This abbey overlooks the Danube River, presenting tourists panoramic views of the surroundings.

And if you are looking for breathtaking views to calm your senses, then you will find many great things to do in Melk Abbey. The most impressive thing to witness here is the design of the abbey. The abbey features a Marble Hall that consists of pilasters covered in red marble. If you look up, you will get to see the fascinating painted ceiling that was designed by Paul Troger.

The Melk Abbey is one of the most-visited tourist spots and amongst the best things to do in Austria. If you head to the library, you will see a Troger ceiling that is two floors high and features some impressive paintings. The Abbey Church is a must-visit place in the abbey with its amazing marbles, windows, and frescos by Johann Michael.


Danube Tower

Danube Tower

If you want to see the old city of Vienna from a high viewpoint, then you must head to the Danube Tower. This tower was made in 1964 and is 252 meters in height. This sky high structure features two lifts and if you want to make your trip to the top more fun, you can choose to climb its 775 steps.

This is one of the most iconic landmarks in the skyline of Vienna and is also the tallest structure in the entire country. It also ranks in the 75 world tallest towers list, which is just another reason to visit it. If you stand at the top of this tower, you will get to witness the surroundings and the entire old Vienna from a great viewpoint. If you are in search of pure recreation, you will find many things to do in Danube Tower.

Once you are done admiring the beauty of the surroundings, you can get seated at the rotating restaurant. The 360 degree rotating restaurant offers some great food for the guests while they enjoy the panoramic views of the city from every angle. So, the Danube River should be on top of your list of things to do in Austria.


Danube Promenade Budapest

Danube Promenade Budapest

Danube Promenade is the pedestrian area between the Elizabeth Bridge and the Chain Bridge. This place is quite popular amongst tourists who come to experience the famous restaurants, hotels, bars, casinos, and clubs of Budapest. From the promenade, you can get impressive views of the Buda Castle and Citadel.

When in Danube, you will find many interesting things to do in Danube Promenade Budapest. The promenade offers fascinating views of the Danube River, which is one of the reasons this place remains packed with tourists. The Danube Promenade was built in the 19th century and since its opening, it has remained a hot favorite for celebs and tourists. The promenade was completely destroyed during the Second World War and underwent a reconstruction.

If you head to its southern end, you will find the Inner City Parish Church and the ruins of Contra-Aquincum (a Roman city). You will also witness an impressive statue of Sandor Petofi who was a 19th century poet from Hungary. The Little Princess is another statue that you will find when on the promenade. This bronze statue is amongst many other statues that are found here. Visiting the Danube Promenade should be on top of your list of things to do in Austria.


Ars Electronica Center

Ars Electronica Center

Popularly known around the world as the museum of the future, the Ars Electronica Center is a museum of sorts that displays up and coming electronic pieces of art. Situated on the northern side of Danube, it is located opposite the city hall of Linz.

One of the first few things that standout about the museum is its ability to display artifacts and artworks of the future instead of those from the past. One of the things to do in Ars Electronica Center is to visit the main gallery and the exhibition on display there, known as the New Views of Humankind. Here, you can enjoy viewing up and coming modern technology on robotics, biotechnology, etc.

If you are looking for something more relevant to your taste, then visiting the temporary exhibitions that take place on the first two floors of the center should be on top of your list of things to do in Ars Electronica Center. These display artwork that is more relevant and relatable to every person. There is also the Geo City on display where the museum has connected global developments with local reactions to form a fine specimen of how technology impacts us.