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Things to do in Dar Es Salam

From what once was a sleepy Zaramo village with the main occupation of fishing, is now transformed into a beautiful and bustling metropolis. You would be surprised to find the city houses four million people. Dar Es Salam is significant in Tanzania mainly because of its direct location to some of the most important sea routes on earth.

Dar Es Salam Tanzania

The country’s commercial and cultural center is also Africa’s busiest port to date. But that is not; there are tons of things to do in Dar Es Salam for everyone. At the northern side of the harbor you will find the Kivuni Front, which has a bustling fish market. You might as well try some of the local catch while you are in the area. The dhows dock at dock, so if you are the sort of person who wants to catch that view you will have to get up early in the morning. Other things to do in Dar Es Salam include visiting the sunny beaches and venturing out the islands that fall under its district. Unlike most other places in Africa, this city has progressed fast; the architecture is a combination of Indian, Arab, German, and African influences. This only gives you a glimpse into the rich history of the place. The colonial Lutheran churches are over shadowed by high rising buildings which show off how much the place has prospered. However outdoor exploration activities only make half of the things to do. In Dar Es Salam everywhere you go you will see golden hue of the sun shimmering off sleek glass surfaces.

Place to Visit in Dar Es Salam

Even though there are many places to visit in Dar Es Salam, travelers often pass it by. These are usually the people who have never been here before. From afar no one can tell that nestled in this particular region is a city with an eclectic vibe, and a colorful mix of diverse cultures. If you get tired from travelling around the place here you can check out the crafts market here as part of things to do in Dar Es Salam for the day. These markets offer hand crafted goods that are perfect as souvenir trinkets. But if you want something specific for yourself you can find it here too. If you get tired you can also stop by one of the restaurants that are located around every corner. Fortunately these offer western cuisine as well as the local food. You might want to try the local cuisine once to make the trip complete. The food here is a fusion of different cultures too, and would probably be unlike anything you have ever tasted before. Don’t forget to make this a part of things to do in Dar Es Salam.


Things to do in Dar Es Salam - Uhuru Monument

The Uhuru Monument or the Uhuru Torch is a notable landmark based in Tanzania in Dar es Salaam. The structure is a huge and white obelisk that has a replica of the aforementioned torch mounted on the top. The monument can be found right in the centre of the city in a park called Mnazi Mmoja and is also fenced to ensure it does not get vandalized.
The word ‘Uhuru’ means freedom in local Kiswahili. This is why the Uhuru torch has great historical significance.

It was mounted as a testament to the Freedom Torch that was placed on Mount Kilimanjaro when the country claimed independence. The years have not diminished the significance of this icon and it has even been embossed on the side of the shilling coin of the country. The event is commemorated by an annual race which was started by the first President and spans across the country. Racers stop at each of Tanzania’s 20+ regions once on an annual basis in places that hold historical significance. It also draws attention to work which benefits the community. So if you want to visit Tanzania this year, it would be best to plan the trip according to when the race will start to get a unique perspective of the country’s past.