Things to do in Deauville

Known as the Parisian Riveria, Deauville is a glamorous Normandy Region community in Calvados department. This place is an ideal spot for tourists who are visiting France to explore its fashion scene, culture, arts, music, and all other sorts of entertainment. This luxurious beach resort will keep you feeling excited throughout the trip.

Deauville France

This commune in northwestern France attracts tourists for its posh hotels, beach resorts, casinos, and many other interesting recreational activities. The villas in this place are nothing less than wonders making quite a statement. And if you want to explore breathtaking architecture, then you will have plenty of things to do in Deauville. When strolling through the streets of this city, you will witness the impressive architecture of buildings and houses that were developed in the mid 19th century. This city is also quite popular for its beach-side boardwalk where you will find many activities to get indulged in including horse-riding, spas, and a bustling food market. If you are travelling to experience pure luxury, then you will find many things to do in Deauville. This French city features two marinas, a yacht school, three gold courses, and endless prestigious boutiques, spas, and Parisian cafes. Every street is lined with interesting shops that you can visit to spend a few Euros. The Casino Barrière is a place you don’t want to miss out on. And that’s not all that this beautiful city has to offer. This city holds several film festivals and sports tournaments that remain a catch for tourists.

Deauville Attractions

When in Deauville, make sure you head to the Villa Strassburger. This outstanding building is a historical site that was built in 1907. This is a site where every history and architecture enthusiasts should definitely visit. This commendable house was designed by Baron Henri de Rothschild and later bought by Ralph-Beaver Strassburger, an American billionaire. When you head to the ground floor of the house, you will witness the skillfully arranged dressed stones and checkered patterned bricks. When you head to the top, you will see the beautiful use of timber into the brick structure. For those of you in search of a relaxing time at the beach, you can head to the Etablissement des Bains de Mer. Here you can enjoy the impressive works of mosaic in fountains and visit the atriums and the galleries. The beach huts available in the place are great for enjoying some downtime after a tiring day of exploration. Head to the golf courses in the city where many golfers spend quality time. Other impressive places that you must visit in this city include the Bains Pompeiens and the Etablissement Elie de Brignac. The city offers a perfect blend of beach fun, outdoor recreation, historical tours, sports, shopping, cultural sighting, gallery hopping and much more.


If you like to party at clubs, then Les Planches is the place for you in Deauville. The club has a great location at Domaine du Bois Lauret and an even better atmosphere. It is completely different from pretty much every other recreational activity in Deauville, which seem to focus more on relaxation and less on partying. This is where you will be able to see the local nightlife in action, as well as the partying locals. One wouldn’t expect a club this fun existed in Deauville, but it appears that when the locals are tired of relaxing, they come here to have all the fun.

The best part of Les Planches is the atmosphere. That is always the hardest thing for clubs to establish; no matter how good the club and the DJs are, if the people aren’t feeling the vibe, then the club is not going to be successful. This club manages to have an atmosphere that will make you dance, even if you aren’t the type of person who usually dances. They also have VIP service if you are so inclined. You will hear party music from all around the world, and the live performances here are very fun.

Deauville Beach is, in our opinion, the perfect beach out there. We have been to many beaches in different countries and cities, and most of them try to emulate a great beach by adding in lots of activities. The real charm of a beach aren’t the activities, going to the beach itself is an activity. Going to a beach filled with too many people and noise is not our idea of fun. A perfect beach trip should have you peacefully sitting at the beach, while you and your friends have fun.

When it comes to the perfect beach experience, Deauville Beach comes as close as possible to perfection. The first think you will notice is how massive the beach is. It seems to go on and on, and an advantage of this is that it is hardly ever overcrowded. There is parking all over the beach, which means you will not have to look for a spot and will find parking easily. The water is clean and inviting, while the sand is fun to walk and play on. Pretty much anything we can want from a beach is here, and if you are interested in beaches then this should definitely be in your list of things to do

Casino Barriere in Deauville is a great casino. If you like hanging out at casinos and some gambling, this is the perfect place for you in Deauville. The first thing you will notice about the casino is that it is absolutely beautiful. People who haven’t travelled a lot think all casinos are grand since they are used to seeing magnificent casinos in television and movies. The reality is that only the best casinos are shown in movies and television, most casinos aren’t so well built. But this one is absolutely beautiful and majestic, a theme we have seen many great casinos follow. You will have a great time here as long as you don’t compare it to Monaco or Las Vegas.

The location of the Casino Barriere is very close to the ocean, which is great. Not only does it make the casino easy to reach, the view from the beach of this casino is very enticing as well. Once you walk inside, you will find a world class casino, with all the standard games you find in most casinos. You will also find some great performances, and a great place to have drinks at. We liked hanging out at this casino, and would recommend the same to you.

Remember how we told you that Deauville seems to be especially focused on relaxation? Well, this is taking relaxation to its maximum level. Thalassotherapie is the local name for Thalassotherapy, in which seawater, sand, and other items found in seas are used to perform soothing physical therapy. There are people who claim that the minerals in the sea can help you out medically as well and believe that this type of therapy can cure a lot of illnesses, however the science isn’t exactly right behind this idea, and the remedial effects have yet to be proven.

Thalassotherapie is still something we would highly recommend because of how great it makes you feel. You do not know relaxation until a cool mixture of mud and seaweed is poured on your back, and slowly rubbed all over it. It is such a great and relaxing feeling; we could practically feel the tensions and stress leave our body. Deauville has some very premium Thalassotherapie centers, where you will be helped by experts. We would highly recommend this as a couple activity as well, it feels really great to get relaxed with your partner.

The Bains Pompeiens, also known as the Pompeian Baths, is a historical structure that is one of the most interesting places to see in Deauville. This architectural-beauty showcases the talent and skill of the people of that time. This bathing establishment was redesigned and has an ancient and modern vibe. Designed by Charles Adda, the Parisian architect, the entire structure is worth exploring.

The Pompeian bathroom is quite innovative with the techniques of concrete used in the building. There are many interesting things to do in Bain Pompeiens including witnessing the gorgeous assembly and use of polychrome mosaic. The beautiful mosaic decoration was done by Bourdet and Alphonse Eugene Gentil. Apart from the ancient touch of design to this place, there are 250 modern luxurious rooms. There are fifty shower, massage, and steam rooms in the facility.

The gorgeous baths are situated around nine courtyards, providing visitors a look into the well-defined architecture. If you want to enjoy complete comfort and relaxation in this luxurious city of Deauville, make sure you get one of the cabins on rent. Cabins are available for rent throughout the month. And when it comes to exploring important historical sites, there are many things to do in France.

L'hotel Royal Barriere is widely regarded as the best luxury hotel in Deauville. If you are looking for comfort and the best service possible, then this should be the hotel of choice for you. Everything about this hotel is luxurious, and thus the experience of staying here is great. You will realize just from the exterior that you are walking into a great hotel; it has the same details that you usually find in high end hotels anywhere in the world. When you step inside, it becomes even better.

The location of the hotel is fantastic at well, right next to the beach, which makes beach excursions really easy and fun.
L'hotel Royal Barriere is loved by tourists because everything works like it is supposed to. The rooms are beautiful and very comfortable. The service staff is used to foreigners and is thus great at accommodating all types of guests. The food is delicious, including both the room service and the elegant restaurant that is built inside the hotel. The best part is that the hotel is very old fashioned when it comes to the design, and it truly makes you feel like you are staying in a majestic place right out of a book.

Whenever you travel to another city, you have the choice of many types of hotels. There are high class hotels, which are pretty much similar anywhere you go. They offer all the modern amenities, great service, but they are a bit bland because they seem to be same no matter where they go.

And then there are the hotels we see a lot – cheap hotels made usually for students. These offer the worst experience and service to the people staying, and are only in business because of how cheap they are. Then comes our favorite type of hotel; the cozy local place which has all the character of the city it is in. L'hotel de Ville is one of these hotels, which is why we love it.

When you’re staying at a high-end hotel, there’s very little difference if the hotel is in Tokyo or India; they will offer the same type of service and will be designed similarly as well. L'hotel de Ville is the type of hotel which is so local that even when you are in your room you get to feel that you are in a foreign place. We would recommend this place if you can sacrifice some of the luxuries to get an authentic Deauville experience.


Deauville Golf

Deauville Golf

Golf may not be for everyone, but we love it, especially when on vacation. There are few things as relaxing and refreshing as playing golf in pleasant weather, and playing at Deauville Golf is one of the best things to do if you’re here for a vacation. There are more than four golf courses in the city, and they all provide something a little different, making sure that you have a great time. The golf courses cater to tourists primarily and thus have more facilities than one would expect. Normally, golf courses are just for playing golf, but the courses here manage to provide you with more entertainment as well.

One thing we noticed about Deauville Golf is that there is a large focus on excellent food at the golf courses. We have had lunches at golf courses often, but they seemed more like an afterthought. Out of the 4 golf courses in Deauville, 3 have excellent restaurants, which serve delicious food. Playing golf since the morning and then sitting down for a proper meal is a great way to spend vacation time. Amirauté Golf Club is the one without a restaurant, probably because it is located so close to the Amirauté Hotel, but it more than makes up for it with the excellent sculptures, which make the course look magnificent.

Deauville is the perfect place if you like golf and horse racing. Hippodrome de Clairefontaine is a great racing course in the city, offering a complete recreational package with something for everyone. If you are travelling with family and want to go to a golf course, then this is the best choice you can make.

We really liked how good this place is for kids and how much it offers for them. Kids enter free and free tea, popcorn, and candy is offered to the kids as well. There are special days and special activities for kids too. There is also a great supervised recreational area for kids so your kids can play safely while you relax and see the horse racing.

The different restaurants at Hippodrome de Clairefontaine make sure that you will be able to find something to eat that you like. They range from calm indoor environments, to outdoor sitting with a view of the races. There is even a proper champagne bar here, which has some great drinks. Every day there is a race, a small art exhibition is set up at the venue too. As we said, this place is the complete package.

Hippodrome Deauville La Touques is a great race course in Deauville. As we keep visiting different places in Deauville, one thing is becoming clear; this place was designed for relaxing vacations. There are people who vacation and want to go for thrilling adventures, but there are also people who want to relax and just have a good time. There’s a theme of recreational points offering peaceful outings, and this race course isn’t any different. Racing courses have a bit of a reputation of not being very decent places in most urban cities. Too many people getting rowdy and getting too involved in the races and the bets. This course, however, is completely different from such courses, which is what made it so enjoyable for us.

Everything about Hippodrome Deauville La Touques is elegant and graceful. The seating is pleasant and the environment sophisticated. The seafood offered here is absolutely delicious; we were surprised to get food this good at a race course. The course itself is also beautiful and very well maintained. There isn’t a lot of focus on the betting aspect of the racing, and you may find it to be a bit boring if you came here only to bet, however, for a relaxing day, this place is perfect.