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View Qutab minar in 360 virtual tour

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If you are in a mood of visiting some ancient and antique place then Qutab minar is the best choice. Here you can enjoy walking for long hours with your friends or girlfriend which is really memorable. You can also sit and enjoy the peaceful ambiance here. Qutab minar is a boundless monument well-known for its remarkable history and details about its wonderful design. To visit this awe-inspiring Qutab minar you have to get down at Qutab minar metro station. Qutab Minar is an extraordinary work of art of Mughal structural planning. The base of this structure measures 14.32 meters and the highest point of the structure measures 2.75 meters. The winged creature eye's perspective of Delhi city from the top is stunning. The base of first story has precise and roundabout flutings, the second one is round. The third story of the Qutub Minar has rakish flutings. The overhangs anticipating out uplift the magnificence of the Minar.