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Things to do in Denver

Denver is the capital and most populated municipality present in the state of Colorado. Located on the South Platter Ribery Valley from the Western Edge, and situated on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in the East, the place is enthralling and truly one of its kind. The city is above sea level which makes it one of the highest major cities present in the United States. The city has been ranked as a beta-world city. The city of Denver is commonly called as Mile High City, because the sea level is one mile lower than the land surface of the city.

What to do in Denver

Other than the naturally beguiling places present, there are also a range of artificial attractions available. You can find plenty of things to do in Denver. If you have been interested in history, don’t forget to visit the Denver Art Museum. The museum is an inspiring place for art lovers. Other than the beautiful artifacts to view, you can also watch pleasant views from the window and enjoy some scrumptious food at the restaurants present nearby! The city is situated on the midpoint of the Front Range Urban Corridor with the Rocky Mountains on one side and the high plains on the other. The topography of the city is something noteworthy and remarkable. The hilly areas cover the city on the North, West and South while deserts shield the rest of the neighborhoods of Denver. Some famous places you can visit in Denver include Washington Park, Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey Tour, Larimer Square, Clyfford Still Museum, 16th Street Mall and Denver Zoo. If you love adventure, there are numerous things to do in Denver for you! Don’t forget to go for adrenaline producing extreme road tours! With mountains all around, the experience of sitting in a speedy car is mind-blowing. You can always go for the Oxotic Supercar Driving Experience to have the craziest yet enticing experience of your life!

Denver attractions

Your trip to Denver will be incomplete if you don’t go to visit the Rocky Mountain National Park Day. The mesmerizing presence of the White Mountains covered in greenery, combined with beautiful and serene lakes is amazing. This national park is one of the perfect places to visit in Denver. Don’t forget to take a high quality camera with you as every other scene is worth capturing there! Another must visit is taling a day trip to the Denver mountain peaks with the Georgetown Loop Train ride. This area is not just beautiful, but you can also take enjoy the train ride as you view the scenic beauty. Various travel groups also take visitors around this region. With a professional guide, you will be able to understand the history and cultural attributes associated with the city even better. Some other astounding places to visit in Denver include Arizona Biltmore, Wrigley Mansion, Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix International Raceway and Phoenix Municipal Stadium. Beside some really interesting places to visit in Denver, you can also enjoy delicious meals at diverse restaurants. The eateries in Denver are famous for providing the best quality of food along with a pleasant ambiance.


Coors Field

Coors Field

Denver has no less than seven different sports teams. If you are a massive baseball fan, you should head over to Coors Field to catch a game or check out the many attractions on offer there. There are lots of stadium tours that are offered to visitors as well, and the famous ball park sees plenty of action throughout the year, due to the games and events.

There are quite a few things to do in Coors Field, which include catching a game of baseball at one of the most majestic stadiums around the world. You can also get a purple seat at the upper deck, which indicates that you are exactly 1 mile above sea-level over here. The great stadium also hosts lots of events, which add to the list of things to do in Coors Field.

The Coors Field stadium is the official home ground of the Colorado Rockies and if you are a baseball fan then you simply must add a tour of the stadium to the list of things to do in Coors Field. There are many iconic baseball players that have graced the field of this beautiful ballpark, and you can even check out the statues of some of the baseball legends outside the stadium.


Downtown Aquarium

Downtown Aquarium

Denver is a city that isn’t short on attractions and draws in a large number of visitors every single year. Amongst the many places to visit in Denver, you need to check out the Downtown Aquarium in Denver as well. It offers a grand time for the entire family and will be a particular favorite amongst the children, since there are so many unique exhibits on offer here.
There are lots of things to do in Downtown Aquarium, Denver, which include lots of underwater exhibits and separate entertainment and dining complexes.

The aquarium had opened in 2003 and has got more than 500 different species of marine animals. Amongst the many things to do in Down Aquarium, Denver is the interactive Stingray Reef touch tank, the Dive Lounge, the Nautilus Ballroom and the Aquarium restaurant.

The kids are simply going to love it, because also included in the list of things to do in Downtown Aquarium, Denver is the 4-D theatre, which gives the young ones an in-depth look into the life of different aquatic animals. The different geographic exhibits, fully equipped ballroom and upscale bar ensure that the aquarium offers an experience unlike anything in Denver.


Sports Authority Field at Mile High

Sports Authority Field at Mile High

When you are visiting Denver, you should definitely check out the Sports Authority Field at Mile High, which is also the home of the Denver Broncos NFL team. The stadium was opened in 2001 and replaced the previous one, while there are lots of NFL and other sports events that are held here on a frequent basis as well.

There are quite a lot of things to do in Sports Authority Field at Mile High, and one of them is taking the tour of the famous stadium. If you don’t want to take a tour of the stadium, then there are lots of pre-game things to do in Sports Authority Field at Mile High, which include going to Mountain Village, attending the Noble Energy Sports Legends Mall, and the Broncos Team Store.

Amongst the things to do in Sports Authority Field at Mile High is taking the tour around the Broncos team store, while a visit to the Broncos players entrance will also allow you to experience something unique. There are numerous events that are also held at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, which is why there are so many people who visit the place.


Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Denver has plenty of attractions to make your visit to the city worth it. There are lots of entertainment options and one of them is the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. It is a huge hit amongst people, particularly with children and it offers a whole host of attractions to make the visit worthwhile.

The number of exhibitions on display here ensures that you will never be short of things to do in Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Children can have fun at the popular chocolate exhibition, discovery zone, space odyssey and wildlife exhibits over here. Amongst the list of things to do in Denver Museum of Nature and Science is the IMAX theatre, which shows the latest movies and films.

With all the things to do in Denver Museum of Nature and Science, a trip over there makes for a complete family day experience. There is also a food court over there, while you can expect the dinosaur exhibit to be crowded due to its popularity. There are plenty of educational tours for the exhibits as well, so take one with the kids and travel back in time together.


Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver has got many unique sights and sounds that attract visitors from all around the world. One of must visit attractions in Denver has got to be the Denver Botanic Gardens, which offers a surreal experience to visitors who love flowers and plants. There are numerous events and exhibitions on display over here, which is why there is no surprise in its mass appeal.

There are many things to do in Denver Botanic Gardens, which include watching the orchid showcase, as well as, the numerous plant exhibitions and flower shows that take place over here. There are lots of special events, free days, and member events that happen over here, while you can also check out the numerous art exhibitions as well. Amongst the things to do in Denver Botanic Gardens are the adult programs and children & family programs on offer here.

If you want to experience more things to do in Denver Botanic Gardens, then you can check out the collections as well as the horticultural research that is on display over here. There is no doubt about the fact that the Denver Botanic Gardens offers some of the most unique displays of exotic plants, which is why it is so popular.